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Obits - NancyHill
Waynesburg Republican
March 19, 1879

Mrs.Nancy Hill
The subject of this notice died at the residence of her son, ThomasHill, Jr., near Blacksville in West Virginia, last Friday night, agedseventy-two years.  She left Waynesburg three weeks ago lastSaturday and went to the place where she died, in not very good health,and took a severe cold soon after that brought on pseumonia whichterminated in here death.
The deceased was the widow of the late Thomas Hill, Esq., and thedaughter of Matthias Roseberry, one of the early settlers of GreeneCounty, and who for many years resided in Center Township where hedied.  Mrs. Hill was a woman of great energy and perseverance, andthe mother of eleven children, four sons and seven daughters, who allgrew up to man and womanhood, respected men and women, and all surviveher but one.
Her remains were brought to Waynesburg on Sunday afternoon, and takento the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Albert. A. Campbell, where theystill remain, the burial being postponed till the arrival of a daughterfrom the West, who is expected will reach here this (Tuesday) evening,and tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock, after the funeral services havetaken place in the Cumberland Presbyterian church, of which she was aconsistent member, her body will be interred in Greene Mount cemetery.