Submittedby Carol L. Patterson
Obits - ClarkGrim
Pub. 24 Dec 1903,
Waynesburg Republican


Clark Grim, of Delphene,Died on Monday, As the Result of An Accident at Inghram Bros.' Shop.
     Clark Grim, who was injured by falling downthe elevator shaft atInghram Bros.' shop about ten days ago, an account of which was givenin our last issue, died on Monday last at the Farmer's Hotel, on Greenestreet.  He never recovered from his injuries but remained in apartially paralyzed condition until his death.  He was aged aboutsixty-five years, and is survived by a wife and family.  The bodywas taken to his home near Delphene, this county, Wednesdaymorning.  He was a prominent and wealthy citizen of the westernpart of the county.