Submittedby Thurmon King
James and Sarah Farney Family

Green County
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Before me the subscriber, a justice of Peace in and for said Countypersonally
Came the undersigned who upon there Solomn oathdeposeth and sayeth thatthey have a perfect knowledge of James Farney and Sarah his wife whoformerly resided in the neighborhood that the Said James & SarahFarney had while in the
Neighborhood the following named Children Viz.-- Delia Mary SarahJoseph Margaret & Jemima and that they the said James and SarahFarney lived together as man and wife and always ackno--edged theChildren as their legal Issue and that Sarah the above named wife ofJames Farney died when the Children was young and the girls wasdespersed after the death of there mother among the neighbors to beraised and that the said James Farney before leaving the neighborhoodmarried the second time and that Some Twenty five years ago or more thesaid James Farney removed from the County and took his Son Joseph withhim we understand he went to and Settled in ?Ross? County Ohio as thedaughters of James Farney was despersed and scattered about we haveunderstood that they were intermarried as follotheh Delia to ThomasHemphill Mary to David Dennis Sarah to John Harris Margaret to [blank]Rutherford and Jemima to James Redbarn that the girls all remained inthis County until married and
Since marriage have all removed westward except Sarah We haveunderstood  that James Farney and his son Joseph both died someyears ago in Ohio

Sworn &Subscribed                 Chas. Boyles
the 7th Day ofDec.                          Her
AD 1844 beforeme             Jemima   X   Vickingpaugh
Jas. GamionJ.P.                              Mark

Green County        I John PhelanP----?------- of the Court of Common Pleas in and for said County do
Certify that James Gamion Esq. before whom the within depositionpurports to have been taken was at the time thereof an acting Justiceof the Peace in and for said County duly commissioned and sworn, thatfull faith and credit are due his offical acts and that the forgoingsignature urporting to be his, is genuine.
               In testimony wherof I have  here
               ?? Subscribed my name and affixed
               the Seal of the said Court at
               Waynesburg this the 20th day
               of December A. D. 1844
                                       John Philan