Masons RidgeCemetery
Dunkard, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
Masons Ridge cemetery is on a knoll the high sideis to your left as you come in the side gate.
The upper left corner seems very crowded and did not really seem to belaid out in rows.
The lower end show impressions of grave but no markers.
Read by Connie J. Cable and Maybelle V.Vance 15 APR 2004 and 21 APR2004
This reading is in alpha order.  Wehave added some information gleaned from other sources i.e.  Death Records of Greene County,  and calculatedevents.
Someoneobviously cares for this cemetery.  The grass is mowed and it isingood shape.  Whoever does that need's a big THANK YOU!

Connie Cable

Charles COSS
16 Jul 1815 14 May 1902 (age 86y 9m 28d)

Levina COSS
3 May 1815 17 Nov 1897 age 82y 6m 14d

Charles COSS
8 Feb 1943 age 57y 7m 18d
(b. 21 Jun 1885?)

Charles  W. COSS
20 Jun 1885 8 Feb 1943 (age 57y 7m 19d)
ossw Birdie

Birdie R. COSS
11 May 1892 1 Feb 1972 (age 79y 8m 21d)
ossw Charles W.
There is a praying angel at the foot of these graves

Conrode COSS
14 Jan 1902 age 52y 6m 19d
(b.  26 Jun 1849?)
ossw Susan
"Farewell my wife and children all from you a father Christmust call."

Susan COSS
22 Feb 1850 1 Nov 1905 (age 55y 8m 10d)
ossw Conrode

Elizabeth COSS
6 Nov 1853 5 Jun 1879 (age 25y 6m 30d)
w/o C. E.  COSS

Sarah  E.  COSS
24 Mar 1878 d/o C & L Coss
age 26y 9m24d
(b.  28 May 1851)

1837 1907 (age 70y)
Footstone  "Father"
(h/s Elizabeth Cowell)

Elizabeth COWELL
1840 1912 (age 72y)
His Wife
Footstone  "Mother"
w/o Isaac Cowell

Martha  D.  COWELL
15 Dec 1866 18 Jan 1888 (age 21y 1m 3d)
Footstone  "Sister"

William  T.  COWELL
5 Apr 1843 24 Jun 1876 (age 30y 2m 19d)
Civil War
Footstone - M. D. C.??

Washington  FOX

12 Feb 1881 age  4m
(b. Oct 1880)
s/o G. M.& M. E. Fox

Dinsmore  FREELAND
4 Dec 1897 19 Jul 1898 (age 7m 15d)
(This stone has a dove in flight.)

Mary  GETTYS                 

9 Apr 1814 27 Dec 1900 (age 86y 8m 18d)
(Hard to read)
(Death record reads: Gettys, Mary; white male; 85 years;single; Dunkard Twp.; December  27, 1900; Dunkard Twp; Generaldebility,  Several weeks; Masons Ridge B. G.)

10 Feb 1898


24 Sep 1899


15 Nov 1885

17 Apr 1861 age 17y 5m 15d
(b. 2 Nov 1843)
(This wasextremely hard to read)

Curtis MASON
1894 (1845)
(Deathrecord reads: Mason, Curtis; white male; 49; single; Dunkard Twp.;Pumper; July 27, 1894; Perry Twp.; Consumption 4 mos.; Masons Ridge)

28 Jan 1860 age 60yr 11m 18d
(b. 10 Feb 1799)
h/o SarahMason

19 Mar 1861 age 49y 5m 11d
(b. 8 Oct 1811)
"His Wife"
w/o John Mason

John  B.  MASON
22 Jul 1816  
No Death Date
(age 84y 6m 20d)
(Death record reads: Mason,  John B.; white male; 85yrs; married; Perry Twp., GreeneCo., Pa.; Farmer; February 11,  1901; Dunkard Twp.; Heart &Lung trouble 3 weeks; Mason's Ridge)
ossw Hannah Mason

Hannah  MASON
6 Feb 1898 age 80y 2m 2d
(b. 4 Dec 1817)
ossw JohnB. Mason

John  N.  MASON
29 Jul 1857 age 16y 3m 20d
(b. 9 Apr 1841)

Joseph MASON
11 Apr 1822  
No Death Date
(age 83y 6m 25d)
(Mason, Joseph; white male; 83 years; Whiteley Twp.; farmer;November  5, 1905; Dunkard Twp.; Old age six days)
ossw Elanore Mason

Elanore MASON
12 May 1816 8 Jul 1897 (age 81y 1m 26d)
ossw Joseph Mason


12 Oct 1936 age 86y 10m 12d
(b. 30 Nov 1849)

1 Jan 1888 age 94y 9m 25d
(b. 7 Mar 1793)

(Naomi MASON)
(28 Aug 1870) (age 78y 1m 27d)
(b. 1  Jul  1792)
(We Did Not Find Evidence of Naomi.  But she issupposed to be here.)

Sarah  M.
28 May 1857 age 2y 4m 22d
(b. 6 Jan 1855)
d/o J & S

This is a list of people that according to Greene Countydeath records should be buried at Mason's Ridge
Willis  Dinsmore
24 May 1906 7m
s/o Walter and Belle Dinsmore; Single white male; PerryTownship. Cause of death: spasams lasting 1 mo.

Lesley  Freeland
14 Jan 1904 18y
s/o William and Elizabeth Freeland; Single white male; PerryTownship. Cause of death: Bright's disease lasting 2 weeks.

Lilly Freeland
21 Feb 1904 3y
d/o William and Elizabeth Freeland; Single white female;Perry Township. Cause of death: Crooup lasting 4 days.

Lafayette  Freeland
16 Sep 1905 27y
He was a farmer; single white male and lived in PerryTownship. Cause of death: Typhoid lasting 2 weeks

Stephen  Freeland
9 Dec 1905 87y
He was a farmer; Married white male and lived in PerryTownship. Died of old age.

Louisa Freeland
7 Oct 1898 74y
She was house keeping.  Married white female and livedin Mount Morris.  Cause of death: dropsey lasting six weeks.

William  Freeland
4 Jul 1909 54y
He was a farmer; Married white male and lived in PerryTownship.  Died of Consumption lasting 2 months.

Spencer  Freeland
1 Oct 1902 52y
He was a farmer.  Single white male and lived in PerryTownship.  Died of a Tumer; length of illness 15 day's.

Latonie Howard
15 May 1895 7m
d/o John and N. E.Howard.  Single white female; Davistown, Dunkard Township. Causeof death: Spinal Disease lasting 3 weeks.

Brice Howard
16 Jan 1906 90y
He was a farmer; Married white male and lived in DunkardTownship. Died of old age and dropsey lasting 2 weeks

Leonard Howard
29 Sep 1915 16y
Born in Dunkard Township.  He was a farmer; singlewhite male and lived in Davistown. Died of consumption lasting 3 mos.

Bessie  G.  Kenedy
9 May 1901 6m
d/o P. W. and EmmaKenedy. Single white female; born in Greene County died in PerryTownship. Cause of death: fever lasting 3 weeks.

Warren Kennedy
10 Nov 1908 6y
s/o Patrick Kennedy and Bertha Freeland. Single white male;Perry Township. No cause of death.

Mark  Lemmunyon
19 May 1900 76y
Born in Dunkard Township. He was a farmer; single white maleand lived in Greene Township. Died of consumption lasting 3 mos.

Abigain Stone
27 Dec 1893 67y
She was a housekeeper.  Single white female born in Adams Co., Pa. and lived inDunkard Township. Cause of death: Heart Failure lasting 2 months.

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