Hinerman Cemetery
Aleppo Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
This is a familycemetery located on the same ridge as the Wise (or Quiet Dell)Cemetery. This  tombstone information was transcribed by the lateBurl and Margaret Mackey of Aleppo Township in January 1972 and waspublished in a 1972 newsletter of the Greene County Historical Society.

George Hinerman

3-11-1876 aged 79 yr 11 mo 6 da
Mary Hinerman
9-20-1873 aged 78 yr 2 mo 10 da
Wife of Geo. Hinerman

Lindsey Hinerman

1828 1915  
Elizabeth Hinerman

Wife of Lindsey
David M. Hinerman

3-25-1857 4-27-1916  
Sarah E. Hinerman, d.
6-15-1876 aged 15 yr 7 mo 3 da
Daughter of A.J. & L.B. Hinerman

Norman W. S. Hinerman
3-20-1867 aged 6 yr 2 mo 5 da
Son of J & A.G. Hinerman

Emeline L. Hinerman
3-15-1864 aged 8 yr 2 mo 5 da
Daughter of  J. & M.G. Hinerman

[either A.G. or M.G. onthe two listings above may be an error]
Mary S.J. Hinerman
1-21-1879 aged 47 yr 3 mo 15 da
Wife of James Hinerman

James H. Hinerman
6-1-1879 aged 68 yr 1 mo 26 da

Golda Hinerman

Daughter of M.S. & Lizzie Hinerman
George W. Hinerman
aged 2 yr 11 mo 12 da
Son of L. & E. Hinerman

Jane Hinerman
8-20-1854 in her 30th yr
Daughter of G. & M. Hinerman

Mary A. Hinerman
died in her 21st year (marker broken)
Daughter of G. &  M. Hinerman

Lindsey R. Hinerman
7-30-1854 aged 4 yr 2 mo 22 da
Son of A.J. & L. B. Hinerman

Caroline  Hinerman
7-18-1854 aged 2 yr 1 mo 6 da
Daughter of A.J. & L.B. Hinerman

Mary A. Hendershot
4-6-1872 aged 19 yr 7 mo 14 da
Wife of William S. Hendershot

There are two or threefieldstone markers;
possibly one marks thegrave of Revolutionary soldier George Hinerman, said to be buried inthis area.