Hermanus Emanuel Brumbach arrived in America about 1770, probably through the port of Baltimore. There is a tradition that he was a silver miner in Switzerland, but thus far the facts concerning his foreign life and relationships have not been determined. Hermanus married Maria Catharine Pott, born 1749; died 1833, aged 83, and was buried at Amityville, Berks Co., Pa. Hermanus died in Feb., 1803, and was buried at Amityville, Berks Co., Pa. His will was written in German and signed in a "good firm hand," and is published below.

The assessment for Amity Township, Berks Co., Pa., for 1779, shows that he was a "weaver" and owned 5 cattle. He was also a farmer, and was later assessed in Oley Twp. Register of Property, Berks, 1779--Amity Twp. Hermanus Brumbach, weaver, 5 cattle.; no acres, horses, or Negroes. Under the same name and in Amity Twp., in 1781, he was assessed 12 s. for 1 horse and 2 cattle and there is another assessment (Pa. Arch., 3d,XVIII, p. 439) at about the same time for 2 cattle, 5 sheep (no amount) and the further record "No. in family 6." Emanuel Brombach was enumerated ("Brombash") as having a family of one free white over 16 (himself evidently), seven under 16, and two females. the latter were his wife, Maria Catharine Pott, and a servant or possibly a young daughter. The sons were doubtless John, Matthias, Samuel, Jacob, John 2d, George P. and Abraham. As neighbors there were Elias Wagner and Jon Huffnagel. Hermanus had eight sons who married; the youngest, William died at 57, and all the others attained over 75 years; Daniel exceeded 92 yrs. Five sons: John, Jacob, George, Daniel, and David died in their native county of Berks; Matthias died in Norristown, Montgomery Co., Pa. (no sons); William died in Catawissa, Columbia Co., Pa.; and Abraham died in Henry Co., Ind.


Harrisburg, Pa., Dec. 10, 1906. Manus Brumbach appears as that of a Private in Captain David Weidner's Co. of the 3d. Battalion, Berks Co. Militia, on the List of Names of those who marched from the several Classes of Militias of the Companies named, August 11, 1780. Manus Brombach also appears as Private in Capt. John Ludwig's Co. of 6th Battn., Berks Co. Militias, Commanded by Col. Joseph Hiester, in the service of the U. S. taken from Aug. 10 1780 to 9 Sept. 1780.

WILL OF HERMANUS EMANUEL BRUMBACH (originally written in German)

I Hermanus Brumbach of the Township of Oley, in the County of Berks, and State of Penna., being sick and weak of body, but of sound mind, memory and understanding, thanks be to God therefore calling to mind the mortality of the body that is is appointed unto all men once to die and after this the Judgment--have thought proper to dispose of my temporal estate which God in mercy hath blessed me with, in manner and form following that is to say:

First I will that all my just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid and discharged by my Executors hereinafter named, out of my estate.

Item, I give and devise to my beloved wife Catharine all the remainder of my real and personal estate when all my just debts and funeral expenses being fully paid and discharged for her and to enjoy during her natural life if she remains my widow, but in case she was to marry again, then my will is that all my real and personal estate shall be put on public sale and my executors either for ready money or on payments which they thing pays best, and my wife shall have the Interest of one-third of the real estate during her natural life, and no more and the remainder of the money arising from the said sale to be divided among all my children as followeth namely: Mathias Samuel Jacob John George Abraham Daniel David and William share and share alike at it becomes due. Item I give to my son Samuel the sum of twenty-five pounds in money and one two-year old colt to be given and paid to him by my executors one year after my demise out of personal estate.

Item My will is that my beloved wife is to find victuals and clothing washing and lodging and schooling for all my younger children who have had no schooling without any charge for the same it being for the aforesaid privileges is willed to her.

Item I also will that if either of my children was to die before the age of 21 years then said share shall be equally divided among all my living children share and share alike. Lastly I ordain constitute and apoint my two sons Samuel and Jacob to be joint Executors of this my last Will and Testament.

And finally I invoke and make void all other and former Wills by me heretofore made either by word of mouth or in writing ratifying and confirming this only to be my last. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal dated this eighteenth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and two. 1802.

[Seal] Hermanus Brumback.

Witnesses: Isaac Rhoads George Yoder On Feb. 25, 1803, above witnesses appeared before the Register, swore that Hermanus Brumbach was of sound mind, memory and understanding when his last will was made, ets., and that to the best of their knowledge he was now dead.

Most of the information presented here was taken from A book by Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh. THE BRUMBACH (OR BRUMBACK OR BRUMBAUGH) FAMILY

The early home of this old and honored family of Pennsylvania was in Switzerland. This family has been identified with the interests of Berks county, particularly in the manufacturing line, since prior to the Revolutionary war. Among its prominent members are Daniel C. Brumbach, one of the leading and substantial citizens of Boyertown; and Edwin H. Brumbach, postmaster and merchant at Manatawny.

HERMANUS (OR HERMANIUS) BRUMBACH: Hermanus Brumbach, born in 1751, died in 1803, and was buried at Amityville, Berks county, Pa. His will was probated in 1803, was written in German and signed in a good firm hand. His sons, Samuel and Jacob, were the executors. His wife, Maria Catherine Pott, born in 1749, died in 1832, and was buried at Amityville, Pa. Their 11 children were:

1. A daughter died young.

2. John, born Dec. 5, 1774, died young; buried at Amityville, Pa.

3. Matthias, born Oct. 9, 1776, died Feb. 5, 1852, and is buried at Norristown, Pa. Married Mary Custer.

4. Samuel, born 1780, died 1801; buried at Amityville, Pa.

5. Jacob, twin to Samuel, born 1780, married (first) Dorothy Bear,(second) Susan Gumbert, and died Aug. 7, 1878, at an advanced age,and was buried at Reading, Pa.

6. John (2d), born Nov. 5, 1783, married Catherine Engle; both reported to having attained old age and to have been buried at Boyertown,Berks Co., Pa. No tombstones, and no further details obtained.

7. George, Born June 8, 1787, and died at Pleansantville, Pa. Dec. 5, 1875, in 1809 married Elizabeth Koch (born Aug. 27, 1784,died Aug. 29, 1860)

8. Abraham, born Aug. 2, 1789, married Elizabeth Albright, and died Jan. 23, 1872.

9. Daniel, born Feb. 20, 1792, married Catherine Spohn, and died March 29, 1884, at Shanesville, Pa., and is buried at Hill Church, Pa.

10. David, Born April 5, 1794, died Nov. 16, 1876, married (first)Deborah De Turck (born Feb. 10, 1795, died May 10, 1855),and (second) Mary Muthard (1799-1889).

11. William, born Aug. 6. 1795, married Susan Moser, and died April 27, 1852.

JACOB BRUMBACH: Jacob was born Jan. 8, 1780, near Reading Berks Co., Pa.; learned the fulling business at the De Turck mill near Monocacy, Exeter Twp., and in 1830 purchased a mill upon Antietam creek near where the St. Lawrence Mills are located, and conducted the same until he sold it in 1842 to his sons William and Jacob B. Jacob married Dorothy Bar (Baer?) on Jan. 1, 1809. Dorothy was born on May 28, 1788 at Reading, Pa., and died Nov. 5, 1822. On March 14, 1824 he married Susanna Gumbert, who was born Dec. 16, 1795 and died March 26, 1836.

Jacob was a Democrat, member of the Reform Church, and died May 13, 1873 at age 93-7-5 and was buried at Reading, Pa.

Children from first marriage, eight:

1. Unnamed.

2. Lydia, born March 19, 1811 and died 1882. She married John Wagner.

3. Amos, born Oct. 2, 1812, died young>

4. William, born Jan 9, 1814; died Jan. 19, 1869; married

(1) Sarah Spatz; married (2) Rachel Schneider.

5. Jacob B., born March 25, 1816; died, no children.

6. Rebecca, born March 8, 1819; died 1853; married Isaac Levan.

7. Louis N., born Jan. 26, 1821; Married Mary Elizabeth Lee.

8. Susanna, born Nov. 4, 1822; died young.

Children from second marriage, four:

1. Marianna, born May 7, 1825, died young.

2. Catharine, born Jan., 1827; died 1854; Married William B. Levan.

3. Louisa, born May 9, 1829; died; married Moore Johns.

4. Daniel Gumbert, born June 6, 1831 in Reading, Pa.; died Dec. 29, 1915 in Los Angeles Ca.; married Lillie Michelieu St. Clair, French Canadian by birth; died, Aug. 30, 1895 in Dayton Kentucky.

Reported in the Reading Eagle Daily Friday August 15, 1873 DEATH OF JACOB BRUMBACH

We yesterday announced the death of the old and respected citizen of this city and county, Jacob Brumbach, in his 93rd year. The subject of this notice was born in Amity township, this county, in 1770. His parents, Hermanius (Hermanus) Brumbach and Catherine Pott, were also born and raised in the same township, and were people universally respected for their integrity and uprightness. Deceased was one of twin brothers, both of whom lived until 1801, when deceased's twin brother died, aged 21 years. Mr. Brumbach, in 1809, married Dorothea Bear, of Exeter township, and one year later, in 1810, moved over and took possession of the property at present known as Schartz's mill, on the other side of Schuylkill. At this place carried on the manufacturing of domestic cotton and woolen goods, and did an excellent trade. In the year 1812, in order to increase his business he moved down along the Antietam creek, Exeter township, near the Black Bear tavern, when he continued the same trade. In 1815 he built a very fine residence opposite his factory where resided and continued his business until 1843, and one year later, in 1850, he took up his abode with his son, Jacob B. Brumbach, North 8th street, and continued there up to his death, nearly 23 years.

His first wife died in 1822. By this union, nine children were born. On March 14, 1824 he remarried, the second wife being, Susan Gumbert, whose parents resided above Kutztown. By this marriage 4 children were born, making 13 in all. His second wife died May 26, 1836, since which time until his death deceased remained a widower. In 1867, Mr. Brumbach received an apoplectic stroke, which very nearly resulted in his death. In 1868, it is thought, he received another slight stroke, at which time he fell and fractured his hip. This laid him up and confined him to his bed from which he never arose. During the 5 years of his confinement, all to within a few months prior to his death, his appetite was very good and his constitution appeared very strong. Thursday, August 7th, it is thought he received another slight stroke, from which time he commenced sinking, and so continued until his death, when his soul passed silently away from earth.

Mr. Brumbach was one of the oldest citizens of this community, and from the nature of his business he gained a large circle of friends and acquaintances. He laid the foundation of what was at one time of the most flourishing branches of trade in this county. We have reference to the St. Lawrence Woolen mill, in Exeter township, that were burned about the close of the late rebellion. They were built by son Wm. Brumback, and were largely engaged in the manufacture of cotton and woolen goods. Deceased was a thorough businessman, and never mingled in politics to any extent except to hold several minor township offices from time to time. He was treasurer of the Schwarzwald Church congregation for a number of years.

There are at present four of his children living, three of the first wife and one of the second. There are forty grand children and thirty-five great grand children; the entire family being people held high in the estimation of their friends and acquaintances. The announcement of the funeral may be found elsewhere.


Catharine was born in January, 1827 and died in 1854. She married William B. Levan. They had six children, surnamed Levan:

1. Mary Elizabeth, married Robert Burke and they had 10 children.

2. Josephine, died young.

3. Anna Catharine, married Israel Wentzel, Reading, Pa.

4. Oscar Scott, married Kate Ardrain; they had 2 children.

5. Emma Virginia, died 1861.

6. Ellen Louisa, 1861.