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Lookup Volunteers

If you have reference dealing with Delaware County and would be willing to do lookups for others, please let us know! Send e-mail to Cyndie Enfinger

When asking for a lookup, please provide as much information as possible, giving full names and dates if possible. The subject line is already filled in for you, so the volunteer can identify the message easily. Please do not send in a blanket request, for example: looking for all of the Jones in Delaware County-we are volunteers, not paid researchers! Your request should be limited to one name per request and please be sure to thank the volunteer for their time!

These volunteers have generously offered their time and energy. Many others visit this site, so please try to keep your requests simple.

  •  Information on family history for former students of Girard College can be obtained by sending e-mail to Thomas DiFilippo, tjdif511@cs.com. The available data base includes students who entered from 1848 to 2003 and includes nearly 23,000 names. For information about Girard College and Stephen Girard its founder, visit web page http://www.girardweb.com and read or download free 136 pages of the book Stephen Girard, His College and Estate by Thomas J. DiFilippo written in 2000.
    Thomas J. DiFilippo, Volunteer Archivist at Girard College

  • HALL Marriages between 1600-1850 from unnamed book.
    Volunteer: Anna

  • I'd be glad to do research for anyone searching for info on Marple Township and related families and the 1696 Thomas Massey house and the Massey family.
    Volunteer: Rich Paul

  • "History of Chester" by John Hill Martin printed 1877
    Volunteer: Elaine

  • "Cyclopedia of Delaware County" by Samuel T. Wiley (1894)
    Volunteer: Cyndie (Please do not change subject line)

  • "Delaware County, Pennsylvania Births (1682-1800)" by John Humphrey (1995)
    Volunteer: Randall McDaniel (Please do not change subject line)

  • "History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania" by Henry Graham Ashmead (1884)
    Volunteer: Cyndie (Please do not change subject line)

  • "History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania" by George Smith, M.D. (1862)
    Volunteer: Cyndie (Please do not change subject line)

  • "History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, And Its People" by John W. Jordan, LL. D. (1914). 
    NOTE: I only have Volumes II & III
    Volunteer: Cyndie (Please do not change subject line)

  • Genealogy Lookup Forum
    Website: http://www.rootsweb.com/~genealogylookup/index.html

  • Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness
    Website: http://www.raogk.org/pennsylv3.htm


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