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(copy of original document on file at the Cumberland County Historical Society) dated 23 Mar 1797 - an Article of Agreement between Andrew CARROTHERS (1st party) and John SITES & his son John (2nd party).

"Article of Agreement Made and Agreed upon this twenty Third Day of March one thousand seven Hundred and Ninety Seven Between Andrew CARROTHERS of the one part and John SITES and his son John of the Other Part, the three of Cumberland County and State of Pennsylvania. Witnesseth thatthe Said CARROTHERS Doth (Let?) the House that Uriah HULL formerly Lived in and the fields agoing the Cabin to be Put in Corne in good Time and Good Order, and the said ("SITZES" inserted) is to Deliver the said CARROTHERS the Halfe of the Corne in the Bushel when Husked and Likewise the sd SITES is to Put the same field in fall Grain and Deliver the half of the grain in the Shocke to Saide CARROTHERS and Likewise the Saide SITZS to Put the field agoing the Smith Shope in fawle Grain and Deliver the halfe in the Shocke and Whate -- Buckwhate is Put in the (something left out here?) the Saide SITESS is to Deliver the Half in the Bushel and the fences about the mentioned fieldes the Saide SITES are to Put in Good Order and the Railes that the Said SITES makes and Splites and Puts up the sd CARROTHERS is to Pay the Sd SITIZ three shilling and Six Pence Per Hundred and Likewise the sd SITESE to have the halfe of the Orchard and Deliver the others to sd CARROTHERS in Sider and what Ever Said SITES Culls and Dregs of the Aples the saide CARROTHERS to have the half.


And for the True Performance of Each of (up?) of sd Article and agreement Each of the sd Partis Do Bind Them Selves in this sum of fifty Pounds and Confess Judgement for the same to sue for and Receive At any Courte of (Comance?) Please in the County of Cumberland in testimony wherareof We have set our hands and Sales the Day and yeare above mentioned -


Witnesses Present John Seitzs (saled) Armstrong Carrothers (Johannes Seitz?)

(saled) Robert McQueen Andrew Carrothers (saled)


************* NOTE: Since John SITES who m. Elizabeth KLINE was b. abt. Feb 1776, acc. to his obituary listing his death as 21 Jun 1856, he would have been just 21 yrs. old at the date of this agreement, 23 Mar 1797, so I assuming that he is the younger John listed as son of John SITES. I can't read the second signature at the end of the agreement, but I'm wondering if it says "Johannes SEITZ". This would make sense if John SITES, Sr. was making the agreement with Andrew CARROTHERS for the benefit of his son, helping him get started with some land at the time of his majority. Also, there are three parties to the agreement, and three "sale"s, including John SITES (first seal ... the son?) and Andrew CARROTHERS (last seal). It seems logical that the middle one would be the third party, the other "John SITES", perhaps signing his name in its Germanic form.



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