Peter Rucker b1675 Germany. produced many children who would achieve fame in their own right. Men such as Edmund Winchester Rucker a General under Nathan Bedford Forrest. Fort Rucker Alabama is named for General Rucker. And Joseph Rucker was the first millionaire in Georgia. There is a Ruckerville Virginia and a Ruckerville Georgia named for this family. By now you are probably wandering how Amos Rucker relates to this information. Amos Rucker was a slave of Alexander Rucker. Alexander was the son of Joseph Rucker the millionaire. During the War Alexander was an officer under General Howell Cobb. Note also that Howell Cobb's daughter married the nephew of Alexander Rucker. This family was wealthy and educated. Often in these wealthy families personal servants were assigned to the children. As these children grew up their servants stayed with them. Alexander Rucker was given servant Amos Rucker who was a young man. When Alexander went to war Amos followed him. Amos intended on being Alexander's cook but the circumstances of war afforded Amos a different opportunity to display his love and devotion. Amos had numerous opportunities to leave and go with the Northerners, he was no more than 200 yards away. Instead Amos seeing a Confederate soldier fall to his death pick the dead soldiers gun up and took his place in battle. Amos Rucker fought shoulder to shoulder the rest of the war with the man he affectionately called Marse Sandy Rucker. Amos sustained a cripple leg and a long red scar on his left breast. It is not known if he ever received a medal but he did receive the respect of many of the great Southern leaders in Georgia. An unknown author states it best, "Amos was a soldier tried and found to be brave." After the War Amos lived in Atlanta. He joined the Confederate Veterans Camp of WHT Walker. He attended every meeting but one. He had sent word to them he was too ill to attend and added "Give my love to the boys." He never saw another meeting. The illness took his life. His Compatriots remembered him as the man with a wonderful feat of memory. They noted that Amos at the reunions would orate the roll call of his company from A to Z and in a solemn tone would say "here" or "dead". In 1909 the body of Amos Rucker lay in state with hundreds of both Blacks and Whites with bared head to honor him. His funeral and all related expenses were paid for by Camp Walker. He was laid to rest in a Gray Uniform draped with the Confederate Flag. His Pallbearers included an ex GA governor, an ex Atlanta mayor, city councilmen, police commissioner, ex postmaster, a judge and a doctor. All were Confederate Veterans. A monument was erected to the faithful soldier. Another unknown author scribed "No truer, more loyal heart beat under the Gray than that of Amos Rucker" Amos Rucker was always included in the Rucker family and given whatever he wanted. Amos Rucker was a Confederate Veteran and loyal family member. Amos Rucker was a direct descendant of Peter Rucker b1675 Germany, and the ancestor of Harold Harrison..

Info gathered from: 1909 Confederate Veteran Magazine The Rucker Family Genealogy My personal genealogy

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