CUMBERLAND COUNTY 1863 LETTER WRITTEN IN CARLISLE PENNSYLVANIA Contributed by Kay Cynova Carlisle August 1st 1863 Dear Mother I promised you and aunt to write and let you know all about the folks, but as all is going on as usual and Tom was going home so soon I neglected to write thinking he could tell you all that is nesserery. I recieved two papers yesterday which I suppose came from tom, but I have been looking everyday for a letter from bob and am begining to feel uneasy about him, for, I have never had to wait so long a time unless there was a battle going on. I am very glad I came to Carlisle for the Friends were all glad to see me and I don't feel uneasy about being a burden, for they all have plenty to eat although provisions are higher of course on account of the raid. There has been a great many soldiers passing through ever since I came here and in a few (days this was crossed out) weeks there will be drafted men from 27 counties stationed here, so the town is livelier than I ever saw it. I am still at Annie Cormans, sleeping at her mothers, and have only spent one day with cousin Margaret and part of a day at Cousin sarah's but I have promised to be with them next week. I have not been to grahams yet although the girls came to see me as soon as they heard I was in town. Charlotte McGinness came with Fannie and gave me a pressing invitation to come to see her which I will do but I have to take my time to visit as I have not been able to (visit -crossed out) walk much since I came. If you see Maggie Miller tell her I see Uncle Philip every day and I went to see Lyle last Sunday afternoon. She was just getting ready to hunt me up when I got there, little Katie is a very pretty little girl with a curly head and the babi is a dine girl named Alice very mush like Lyle. I have not seen Dorse yet and know knothing about him or his family. I suppose told you that Annie and Mary Brady got home before he left, they left all the folks well but Cousin Charles wife She has the Dropsey and will never be well, if She gets better MAry Lizzie will come to Carlisle this Fall. Lyle Bretz came home yesterday and was disapointed that she did not see Tom. She left Maggi in Potsville. She is looking for a house there to go to housekeeping. I would like to write you a long letter but I really don't know what to say for I don't see any difference in things here from what they always were. I went to see Lottie yesterday afternoon and I have promised to spend some time with her before I go home. the folks all insist on it that I am to stay till cool weather. There is still a great deal of sickness in town and yesterday Jenni Cheston burried one of her twins. Old Mr. Leiby died night before last and Old Mr. Elliot died this morning. The town dose not look much the worse for the rebels being in it and the people that stayed at home say they would not have been away for anything. They say the Rebs were very much astonished to see so much prosperity in the north and so men walking about. I feel too low spirited to write a very interesting letter so I will have to promis you a better one next time. I want Hugh to write to me and as soon a letter comes from Bob let me have it. Give love to all the folks from your only daughter Emma I want Tom to send me Fathers address as I forgot it and I will write him from here and can tell him the Carlisle news. (Tom and Hugh are two of Emma's brothers.)






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