May and June 1997 Queries
Cumberland County PAGenWeb

Date: 29 Aug 1997 From: D. Dunham Searching: OWEN, MCCASKY, SHORTESS, SMITH
I am looking for information about Levi OWEN, from Wales, born 1744. He settled in Rye Twp., later Wheatfield. He was married to Anne SMITH. I know that they had a daughter named Margaret, born 1770, who married Alexander SHORTESS. Margaret died 24 Jan, 1815. Alexander SHORTESS was born 25 Feb 1769. His parents were Thomas and Mary SHORTESS. I have found the name Shortess in some records and it states that they worked at a sawmill. If anyone has census records from 1810, 1820 and 1830 for Perry County, I believe they are mentioned there. I have not found them in any of our local libraries. I am also searching for Frederick MCCASKY also of Wheatfield Twp. Pg. 306 in the 1830 Perry County Census. He was married to Magdalene and they had a least one child, Barbara BORN 2 April 1812. MCCASKY was also in Sawmills. Barbara McCasky married John SHORTESS on 1 Oct 1833. Seems they should be the ones I am looking for, since it would really be a coincidence that they were all in the same place and not be my ancestors. Any help would be deeply appreciated.
Date: 29 Aug 1997 From: Lynne Scherden Searching: BUSHMAN
Searching for information on an Andrew and Mary M. Bushman. Originally from Adams Co. and then apparently moved to Cumberland Co. sometime in 1830's. An Andrew Bushman was an innkeeper in Centerville, Cumb. Co. 1835-1837 and Mary M. Bushman(1776-1850) is buried in Centerville. I'm interested in siblings and parents located in Adams Co.(possibly Germany Township) and MD.
Date: 29 Aug 1997 From: Ruth Mickelson Searching: BRATTON, RILEY
Looking for exact date of marriage for James BRATTON to Bathsheba RILEY ca. 1783 believed to be in Huntington Co, PA following the Rev. War. James was a Captain at Cumberland County. Also, what was James' occupation during this time in Huntington Co before going to Belmont Co, OH? Would appreciate any help on this.
Date: 29 Aug 1997 From: Tom A. Foreman Searching: BUGHMAN, FOREMAN/FUHRMAN, RODDY
Peter John FOREMAN/FUHRMAN (ca 1 Apr 1810-28 Feb 1879) & his first wife, Margaret Agnes RODDY (23 Oct 1813-30 Sep 1848) were my g g grandparents. Both of them were born in Frederick Co., MD, and subsequently were married on 3 Nov 1837 in Frederick Co., MD. Peter was a shoemaker. In the 1840's they lived in Greene Twp., Franklin Co., PA. According to the 1850 census listing for Greene Twp, Franklin Co., they had five children; Joseph (ca 1839-?), Simon Harry (Apr 1840-21 Dec 1883) my g grandfather, John M. (ca 1844-?), William Charles (ca 1845-?), and Martha C. (ca 1848-25 Oct 1914). Margaret Agnes (RODDY) FOREMAN had died on 30 Sep 1848 and was buried alongside her parents in St. Anthony's RC Church Cemetery in Mount St. Mary's, MD. Later on, Peter J. FOREMAN/FUHRMAN and his second wife, Rachel BUGHMAN (ca 1 Jul 1823-31 May 1880) lived in Newton Twp. Cumberland Co. They both were buried in the Rehobeth Cemetery at Walnut Bottom, north of Shippensburg. I am searching for information about this family and their ancestors.
Date: 29 Aug 1997 From: tshu Searching: ROSS
I am looking for anyone related to a WILLIAM ROSS, who died in Cumberland County, or his sons or daughters. According to his will dated Sept 28, 1765 and proved November 9, 1765, he had two sons James (est. from will b 1745 - 1753) and William (Est 1755) Two daughters, and a Son-In-Law. In 1775 James, his wife Jean Steele and William and his wife Sarah lived in Greenwood Twp.
Date: 26 Aug 1997 From: Lynne Scherden Searching: WISE, BRECHBILL
Searching for parents and siblings of John Jacob WISE(1771-1853) and his wife Ann Mary ? (1776-1856). His son William WISE (1812-1869) married Rebecca BRECHBILL (1815-1877) in 1833. Resided in South Middleton Township. Any information on this particular branch of the numerous WISE families would be appreciated. Thanks!
Date: 26 Aug 1997 From: Jerry Wilson Searching: WILSON, CONGER
Looking for information on Zaccheus Wilson, born in Cumberland County in 1733. Married Lizzie Conger.
Date: 26 Aug 1997 From: Richard Kiehl Searching: KIEHL, HOY
Raymond R. KIEHL Born 7/3/1894 to Sarah Jane KIEHL (B. 10/8/1871) Sarah was unwed, looking for fathers name. Sarah Jane KIEHL was born to John George KIEHL(B. 12/7/1834) and Hannah HOY (B. 7/13/1837). Lived in North Middelton Township maybe buried at Stone Churh near Carlisle?? Thanks.
Date: 26 Aug 1997 From: Elizabeth Dolen Deihl Searching: DIEHL, THOMAS
Seeking info on the Jacob Ratt DIEHL (DEIHL) family in Shippensburg in the 1880's. Jacob wed Susannah Cecelia THOMAS ca 1880. She daughter of Henry A THOMAS. Chrn of Jacob and Susannah were: Ira Joseph b. 7 May 1882, Jenny Grace b. 2 June 1883, Harvey Cleveland b. 2 Feb 1885, Charles Elmer b. 27 July 1886 all b. Shippensburg, Lawrence Terry b. 11 July 1888 and Frank William b. 7 April 1892 - both b. Eureka, Woodford, Il. Have the vitals on the family except marriage date of Jacob, his parents names and his place of birth. Jacob b. 30 July 1834 PA. Any help on parentage will be greatly appreciated.
Date: 19 Aug 1997 From: Gary E. Young Searching: McCALL
Interested in Samuel McCALL who is in the 1790 census of Bedford Co.,Pa. Was he the same Samuel McCall who had been in Cumberland/Franklin counties in Peters township from the early 1770's until 1785. In the census he is next to John DICKEY who had married Betsy McCALL in Upper West Concocheaque presby. Church (located in Franklin Co., formerly in Cumberland Co). Did Samuel have sons named Samuel Jr. and John?
Date: 19 Aug 1997 From: Gary E. Young Searching: CULBERTSON, McCALL
Does anyone know where the 7th Company under Col. Samuel CULBERTSON was raised during the Revolutionary War (1780). It was raised in what was then Cumberland County, but might have been in the area that became Franklin Co? One familiar with names in the region could probably tell by studying a company roster. Where did Samuel Culberton reside? John McCALL and Samuel McCALL Jr. served in that company.
Date: 19 Aug 1997 From: Carol Pratt Searching: ELDER, WOOD(S), SHARP
I'm looking for the ELDER, WOOD(S) and possibly the SHARP families of Cumberland Co. I'm not sure if the ELDER family is from Cumberland Co. but I have a Margaret ELDER who married Thomas SHARP. Their son (I don't know of any other children) Andrew b. 1750 m. Mary Ann WOODS in 1783 in Cumberland Co. Andrew SHARP was a Cpt. in the Revolutionary war and died 3 Jul 1794 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA. Any help would be greatly appreciated..
Date: 19 Aug 1997 From: Donna Nichols Searching: STEEL, HUTCHINSON
STEEL, Rev. John. born Ireland 1715, married to Margaret HUTCHINSON . I have a copy of his will probated in 1779 left his plantation in Bedford to his sons John and Robert. I knew nothing of this plantation or about him until I got the will. Would like more information about Rev. John STEEL, including Church affiliation.
Date: 19 Aug 1997 From: Penny (Sharp) Stanley Searching: LAFUZE
Samuel LAFUZE b. 17 Sept 1776, Uniontown, Fayette (then Cumberland) Co., PA; md. Eleanor HARPER (b. 5 Sept 1777, PA?) on 7 July 1795 in PA. Both fathers died during Revolution; names unknown. Samuel & Eleanor had 13 children; 1st nine born in Brownsville, Fayette Co., 10th born enroute to Indiana in 1813; last 3 born Union Co., IN. Children: William Wallace; Elizabeth; Jane; Lydia; Mary; Samuel B., Jr.; John; Eleanor; Margaret; Lavina; Daniel; Johnson; and Ezra. John b. 15 Sept 1807; md. Rebecca SWAFFORD 5 June 1834 in Union Co., IN, dau. of Isaac and (?) Swafford. Have more info children; would like to locate Samuel, Sr. & Eleanor's parents, etc.
Date: 19 Aug 1997 From: Henry Jesse Hoffman, Jr Searching: HOFFMAN, CARMAN
HOFFMAN, JACOB Desperately seeking a Jacob HOFFMAN. Jacob was the father of a Jesse Quimby Hoffman. We do not know where either was born- all certificates say "USA". An early family biography says we came from Pennsylvania. We know son Jesse was born in 1819 (Cumberland?- which could be NJ or PA?). He married a Mary CARMAN, moved through NJ and ended in NYC. Jacob may have had another son, Lewis, married to a "Margaret" with two children, Benjamin and Amanda, both born around 1850. Name of Jacob's wife is a mystery also. Any help would be appreciated.
Date: 19 Aug 1997 From: Mary Minton Searching: SHIPP
Looking for information about Samuel Lane SHIPP, B 21 Nov 1829 in Pine Grove Furnace, Cumberland County PA, especially about his parents Jacob SHIPP who was possibly born in Scotland and Sarah Lane SHIPP who was possibly born in Germany. Samuel SHIPP had a brother John SHIPP B 23 Nov 1825 born in Pine Grove Furnace also. Jacob SHIPP may have been a tanner and/or owned a tannery.
Date: 19 Aug 1997 From: Judy Waisner Searching: SINGER, CLAY
Looking for the parents of William Brown Singer who marr Mary Caroline Clay. Wm served in the civil war for PA. They lived in Cumberland Co., PA.
Date: 19 Aug 1997 From: Gary E Young Searching: McCALL
Interested in Samuel McCALL who was in Cumberland Co., Pa. in the 1770's and 1780's in Allen and Peters township. His land was sold at Sheriff's Sale in 1785 in Peters township. (By that time the land had fallen into the newly formed Franklin Co.) Were Samuel McCall Junior and John McCall who served in the 7th Co. under Col. Samuel Culbertson his sons? Was he the same Samuel McCall who had lived in York County from 1746 until 1769 when he sold his land to his brother Thomas McCALL. Was he the same Samuel McCALL who was in the Bedford Co., Pa. census of 1790?
Date: 12 Aug 1997 From: Karen Kimball Searching: SWEESY
PA Archives list my ancestor Mathias SWEESY as having served in the Revolutionary War in the 3rd Company, Fifth Battalion of the Cumberland Co. Militia under Capt. David MARSHALL in 1780-1781. Before this he served under Capt. James FISHER in the 7th Battalion in 1777. I would like to hear from anyone who can help me find out where the men in this company came from - I'm having a hard time finding any other trace of Mathias.
Date: 12 Aug 1997 From: Dennis Burns Searching: STINE, GRAY, ROSS, BASIOR
Looking for information on STINE, GRAY, ROSS, BASIOR. Greatgreat grandfather was Samuel Stine dod 12/15/1866. Wife Caterine Gray Stine dob 1/1/1794- dod 8/30/1878. Samuel Stine came to Warriors Mark area in 1808 from Cumberland County. Any info would be appreciated.
Date: 12 Aug 1997 From: Sheila Wallace Searching: LONG
Looking for any connections to LONG family who settled along Conodoguinet Creek in mid-1750's. Cookson LONG and Richard LONG who warranted land on the creek in 1762 and 1755 respectively. Also Robert LONG who warranted land in Lurgan Twp in 1752. Cookson, Richard, James LONG were taxed in Lurgan Twp (formerly Cumberland Co). Cookson LONG (b. @1740) m. Rebecca McKNIGHT in Carlisle in 1765. Served as Col. in the Northumberland Co Militia during the Revolution. Moved to Va (now WV) and d. 1786. Another Cookson LONG patented land in Muncytown, Northumberland Co in 1785. George, Samuel, James, Andrew LONG warranted land in Muncytown in 1793.
Date: 5 Aug 1997 From: TJ Shumaker Searching: ROSS
ROSS, William - - I am searching for the descendants & Ancestors of a William ROSS who was married to a Sarah. They lived in Greenwood Twp. in May of 1775. William was the brother of James ROSS who was married to a Jane STEELE. Am also looking for James and Jane.
Date: 5 Aug 1997 From: Debra Eyman-Whitehead Searching: EYMAN, RICHIE, CANADY
WILLIAM RICHIE born around 1800 in PA (county unknown) married an ANNA CANADY. Anna was probably born around 1800 in PA also. This information comes from their daughter, REBECCA (RICHIE) EYMAN's death certificate. Rebecca Richie was born in either Carlisle, Cumberland County or Kittanning, Armstrong County, PA. Rebecca married JACOB WASHINGTON EYMAN in either Cumberland, Allegheny or Armstrong County, PA. Any information appreciated.
Date: 5 Aug 1997 From: Terry Daniels Searching: CROW
Matthias CROW married ________ in FRANKLIN CO. PA their children are Abraham CROW, Henry CROW, Samuel CROW, Barbary McCOMSEY, Nancy Pearce, Mary HULL, Susannah DINSMORE and Elizabeth CROW.I found a Matthias CROW in the 1780 Census in CUMB: PS and Matthias CROW in the 1790 Census in DAUPHIN CO. PA. Any information on this man would be appricated. Family say he was a Rev.War Vetern. He migrated to Ohio in about 1798.
Date: 5 Aug 1997 From: Don Mealman Searching: MEALMAN
Looking for information about Adam Mealman b1729 somewhere in England d. 1827. Came to America with the British and fought in the French & Indian Wars. He later fought in the War of 1812. he is thought to have landed at the Port of Baltimore in 1755. Also looking for a Peter Mealman, grandson of Adam Mealman b. 1818 and died about the time of the Civil War. Probably served in the Union forces in that war. Looking for birth, death, marrage, other information. Born in Franklin County Pa and moved to Rock Island County and then to Henry County Il in about 1846. Father's name was John Mealman.
Date: 5 Aug 1997 From: Margaret Snyder Pugliese Searching: MILLER, UMBERGER, McCORMICK
Andrew G. MILLER, Esq. 1811/1880 marr. Eleanor UMBERGER. They had 5 ch.: William, c.1836, John, c1840, Sarah Eleanor, 4/11/1843, Henrietta, c.1846, Andrew G., c.1849. I first found Andrew MILLER in the 1840 US Census, then 1850 in Upper Dickinson. The family moved to Shippensburg. Sarah Eleanor MILLER marr. Henry Lee SNYDER, USN in a lavish wedding in the Presbyterian Church in Shippensburg, 12/22/1870. Sarah [Ella] subsequently died of childbirth complication in 1/09/1874. The g.parents took charge of the 2 sons: Richard A.L. & George M. SNYDER. By the 1880 Census, A,G, Sr, was dead and 1 son, Andrew g. dau, Carrie O.R. c.1858, and the 2 SNYDER g.sons were under Eleaner's household. Carrie later marr. a man named McCormick. I am interested in who her parents were and her husband and also any of the other offsprings of Andrew Sr. ch. etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Date: 5 Aug 1997 From: Phyllis Roseberry Searching: McCAMISH
I am trying to find any information I can about William MCCAMISH (1740), who lived in Cumberland County, now Franklin County, on Dennis Creek. In 1750, he moved to an area called Welch Run. Old William, as he was called, fought in the French and Indian War. He had two sons that I know of---John and James MCCAMISH. James McCAMISH fought in the Revolutionary War. I would like to know if Old William McCAMISH had anyother sons. I have traced my connection to the MCCAMISH family to a Robert MCCAMISH,who lived in Buffalo Township, Armstrong County,in 1760. Is it possible that Robert is the son of Old William MCCAMISH? I would greatly appreciate any look-up or any information that I could learn about this possible connection. Thank you for your time.
Date: 5 Aug 1997 From: C A Georgen Searching: McCONNELL
Seeking spouse/ancestors/descendants of Edward McCONNELL. He lived in Greenwood Twp, Cumberland Co, between 1763 and 1767. He had at least four children: William McCONNELL (1826-1896), Henry, James and Howe. Edward also had a brother, Henry McCONNELL (b 1785), who married a woman named Hester before 1824. Henry lived in Mt. Pleasant before moving to Juniata Co.
Date: 5 Aug 1997 From: Barbara Long Emery Searching: BROWN, HOOD, SEALS
Seeking info. re. Sarah Elizabeth BROWN, b. 2 May 1770 Shippensburg, PA., d. 19 Apr. 1847, Greene Co., PA. Married July 1784 to James SEALS, b. 14 Nov. 1755, MD., d. 6 Nov. 1832 Waynesburg, Greene Co., PA. Son, William SEALS, b. PA. 26 Oct. 1785, d. 13 May 1846, PA. m. Eleanor HOOD, b. 24 Apr. 1786, Donnegal, Ireland. Thank you.
Date: 31 Jul 1997 From: Darleen Flanagan Searching: LOGAN, McDOWALL, ROBINSON, WILEY/WYLIE
Samuel LOGAN born abt 1750 Cumberland, mar Margaret ROBINSON, dtr of George ROBINSON and Anne WILEY/WYLIE, son of Philip ROBINSON born 1698 North Ireland. Samuel LOGAN's parents were Alexander LOGAN and Mary - (does anyone know her maiden name?). Alexander LOGAN was the son of John LOGAN born abt 1710 Cumberland and Janot (does anyon know her maiden name?). John Was the son of William LOGAN born 13 Apr 1673 Ayr, Ayr, Scotland, died Cumberland County, Pa. Would anyone know the date of his death? Any information on this family as to siblings would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
Date: 31 Jul 1997 From: Darleen Flanagan Searching: RAMSEY
William RAMSAY of Pa (possibly Lancaster of Cumberland) and Fanny - died Carlisle, Pa, had Ens. William RAMSEY born abt 1740 Cumberland, died bef 1807 Cumberland. He married Mary -. Would anyone know the maiden name of his mother Fanny? Would anyone know the siblings of either family? Thank you.
Date: 31 Jul 1997 From: Darleen Flanagan Searching: CROSTHWAIT, CHEW
William CROSTHWAIT was born 1694 Cumberland Co, Pa, died 22 Sept 1743 Orange Co, Va. He married Sarah CHEW. Would anyone know the date of this marriage or the parents of Sarah CHEW and her siblings? Thank you.
Date: 31 Jul 1997 From: Donna Jean Ford Searching: CARSON
Moses CARSON, b. Oct 1746, had land north of Idaville, York Co., PA extending into Dickinson Twp, Cumberland Co., PA. His land adj his brother John CARSON , McGREW, MORROW, VANSUYHOOK, and DUNN. What ever happened to Moses CARSONs land?
CARSON family: Patrick CARSON & Margaret ___ of York Co., PA. Children: 1) Jane m. 1749, John GARRITSON 2) Mary m. 1748, William BEALS 3) Margaret (05 Mar 1733-20 Feb 1775), m. 06 Jul 1755, Stephen FOULK(E) (York Co. to Cumberland Co, PA) 4) Sarah 5) Richard m. 31 Jul 1761, Mary PASSMORE 6) John b. Oct 1742 7) Moses b. Oct 1746, m. Martha MCGREW (d/o Archibald MCGREW, York (now Adams) Co., PA) 8) Hannah b. Oct 1750.
Date: 31 Jul 1997 From: Judy Grier Munson Searching: GRIER
Looking for info on GRIER,Thomas who was born in CARLISLE Mar. 27, 1809. He or his family were farmers and may have been of German descent. He moved to Ohio where he married in 1829. I would appreciate any information on my ggfather.Thanks
Date: 23 Jul 1997 From: Ann Heinz Searching: DUNMIRE
Am searching for the parents of Samuel E. DUNMIRE b. 1818 or perhaps 1830 (Various dates given.) Father is said to be Samuel Dunmire Sr. married to a Rachel Firestone or an Amanda Fingerbinder. Samuel Jr. was in the 13th and 102nd regiments, Pa. Volunteer Infantry. Samuel Jr. was supposedly born in Altoona, Samuel Sr. from Cumberland Co. Samuel Jr.'s children were Samuel Gideon, William Alexander, Sylvester Baker, Daniel Edward, Almeda,Carrie, Harry R., Minerva, Laura, Walter and Warren who died in infancy. Samuel Jr. was married to Nancy Jane Carmichael after he served in the Civil War and had these 11 children. He had been married previously to Caroline McClure for three years prior to marrying Nancy. Samuel Jr. and Nancy Jane are buried in Tarrs cemetry near Ruffsdale where they lived the last 30 years of his life. Finding out who Samuel Jr's parents are has been a major block for many people trying to research this line. Samuel Jr. lists his parents as Samuel and Rachel Firestone in Civil War mustering out records, but he was illiterate and has given at least 3 dob's. Samuel Jr. supposedly also had two half sisters, Sabina and Sadie Haddle.
Date: 23 Jul 1997 From: Ron Robinson Searching: MORGAN
Searching for MORGAN'S in Cumberland Co. Pa. Thomas MORGAN b. abt. 1756 Cumberland Co.,d.1840 Preble Co.Ohio,married Hannah (last name unknown) in Carlisle Pa. 1776, Hannah died 1843 in Eaton, Preble Co., Ohio. Thomas served in the Revolutionary War, he enlisted in Cumberland Co.Pa. in July 1776 and discharged in 1780. Children of Thomas and Hannah: Hester MORGAN m. John Holmes, Lucretia MORGAN m. John HARBISON, Elizabeth MORGAN m. William HARBISON, John MORGAN d.Preble Co. OHIO, Thomas MORGAN m. MOON, Nathaniel MORGAN, David MORGAN d. Furnace Pa, Robert MORGAN d. Dunkard Pa, Thomas MORGAN.
Date: 23 Jul 1997 From: Ron Robinson Searching: HOLMES
Searching for info on HOLMES in Cumberland Co.Pa. William HOLMES b.abt.1710,d.Cumberland Co.(wife unknown) known children of William: James Lamdrum HOLMES, John HOLMES b. abt. 1750 Cumberland Co. (wife unknown). Children of John: John HOLMES b. abt. 1780 Cumberland Co., d. 1852. Married Hester MORGAN b. Cumberland Co. Children of John and Hester: Nathaniel HOLMES b. abt.1803, d.1855 Preston Co. WVa. married Sabina HOLT. Hannah HOLMES m. Lyons. Thomas G. HOLMES. Jane HOLMES b. 1800. Sarah A. HOLMES m. John Martin SHEELER. Eliza HOLMES m. Isreal SHEELER. Harriet HOLMES m. John NEFF. David HOLMES m. Mary Jane Fields. Calvin T. HOLMES. John Morgan HOLMES. THANKS
Date: 23 Jul 1997 From: June Leeper Bruce Searching: LEEPER
LEEPERS, James - Daniel of Cumberland Co. Pa. I continue to search for any information on my Leeper family. James, the father of Daniel, Robert and James......James Sr. was found in the 1850 Huntingdon Co. Census with these sons and wife Eliza Fort. James - born 1800 in Lancaster Co.--Eliza...born 1791 in N.J. Daniel was born 1819 and married Nancy Warren of Adams Co. Their children were John, Amanda, Daniel, George, David, Mary and Susan. Daniel Sr. died before 1900. Is anybody working on this family? Would like to hear from you. Any information would be welcome and I can perhaps give you some in return.
Date: 23 Jul 1997 From: Jan Aldinger Searching: FREDERICK, HALE
Searching for FREDERICK family that ended up in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. All records (mostly census and death certificates) indicate that they were all born in Pennsylvania. Have recently received death certificate of Susan FREDERICK that states that she was born in Mechanicsburg, PA. Mother: Rachel FREDERICK (according to family info. maiden name WAGGONER or WEBER, death certificate (hard to read perhaps WARREN or WARNER)b. ca. 1802 in Pennsylvania. Father: John Charles (this according to family info. Susan's death certificate says Andrew) FREDERICK. Proven Children: John FREDERICK b. 30 April 1835 in Pennsylvania. Susannah FREDERICK b. Oct 1838, Mechanicsburg, PA married Levi HALE b. Pennsylvania served in Pennsylvania, unit in Civil War. Matilda FREDERICK b. ca 1840 in PA. Charles FREDERICK b. Feb 1844 in Pennsylvania. Possible other children: Elizabeth FREDERICK b. 28 April 1824 in PA. Andrew Jackson FREDERICK b. 5 April 1833 in PA. Have not been able to find father in any records at all. I first find mother and children in Dayton in 1860 census living with Elizabeth and John O'NEILL and family.
Date: 23 Jul 1997 From: Jack May Searching: FISHELL
Philip Fishell was from Carlisle. His two sons, Henry (b. Abt. 1777) and Michael left for western new york in 1812. Any information on Fishell family from Carlisle would be helpful.
Date: 23 Jul 1997 From: Carolyn Ford Searching: ERFORD, LOUGHMAN, RUPHLE/RUPLEY
Need information re children of Dewalt ERFORD and Maria/Magdelena RUPHLE/RUPLEY in Cumberland Co. by 1789, E.Pennsborough Twp., where Dewalt d 1806. Maria/Magdelena was dau of Johann Jacob RUPLEY and Barbara LOUGHMAN. Would like to correspond with anyone having knowledge of these names.
Date: 16 Jul 1997 From: Daniel R. Lewis Searching: CRAIGHEAD, DOUGLASS, DUNBAR, GADDIS, HENDEL, KLINE
I am researching the following surnames in Cumberland county: KLINE, HENDEL, DUNBAR, CRAIGHEAD, GADDIS, and DOUGLASS. My interest in the DUNBAR line begins with John Parker DUNBAR. He was the father of Margarett Ann DUNBAR born on 4 Jan. 1827. Her mother's name is listed on the parish records as Agnes. I would like to verify a maiden name for Agnes. Is it possible that Agnes might be Ann Agnes or Agnes Ann? If you are interested in any of these lines or can provide information please contact me. Thanks
Date: 16 Jul 1997 From: Allen Freeman Searching: GRAHAM/??
Looking for information concerning: Birth records or adoption records of Mary Grace Graham
birthdate: March 23, 1942
birthpace: believed to be Pittsburg PA
Adoption records in Carlisle Courthouse (?)
Adopted parents: Frances Evans Graham (mother) birthdate: 8/27/1905 Francis X. Graham (father) birthdate: 8/23/1912
Adoption took place approx 1946-47
Birthparents are believed to be deceased .
Would like birth record , birth certificate, and any information on known living relatives. Allen Freeman, cousin.
Date: 16 Jul 1997 From: Lee Marlin Schneider Searching: MARLIN
Am seeking any information on the parentage of Robert Marlin born approx. 1780 or 83 in Pennsylvania. He married a Sarah E. and they had four sons, John b. 1820 (married Sarah and Eliza Bower of PA), Henry b. 1822, Joseph Brady b. 1825 and Washington b. 1828.) and possibly dau. Margaret b. 1835. The above children supposedly were born in Perry County.
Date: 14 Jul 1997 From: TJ Shumaker Searching: ROSS, STEELE, WILLIAMS
I am looking for a the Ancestors John ROSS who was born @ 1774 and was Married to a Rose Ann WILLIAMS. Although I don't know where they came from, Joseph Eckman ROSS (Below) was born in Westmoreland Co., in 1808. John's Father was James ROSS and married to a Jane/Jean STEELE in Cumberland County. James ROSS is supposed to have a brother named William and their Father's name allegedly is also William. A will is suppose to exist that shows this connection.
John's Children were Joseph Eckman ROSS b. 9/20/1808 m. Elizabeth BECK, Robert ROSS, , Sarah ROSS m. Samuel CAMPBELL James ROSS b. 3/14/1805 m. Catherine ??? Richard ROSS b. 6/10/1806 m Eliza ??? William ROSS b. 11/11/1807 m. Mary ???? Thomas ROSS b. 6/12/1809 married to Sarah ???? John ROSS b 1/6/1811 m Jane ??? Nathaniel ROSS b. 1812 m. to Lidia ???? David ROSS b. 11/20/1815
Date: 14 Jul 1997 From: Clair John "Bill" Thompson, Sr Searching: KELLY/KELLEY, McCOURTNEY
Looking for any info on the Shippensburg family, and places and events, of William KELLY / KELLEY born Ireland died Shippensburg Nov. 1, 1779. His wife, Martha McCOURTNEY born Ireland abt 1757, died Jan 2, 1827 moved her family to Washington Co., PA sometime after William's death (late 1790's early 1800's). Their children: Mary [born abt 1775 "On the Atlantic"] (Richard) MOUNTS, Jane (John) MOUNTS, Sarah (Robert) MARSHALL, Elizabeth (William) MONTGOMERY, John and James. (Ref: Beers, 1893, p. 631). Have extensive Wm. KELLY Washington Co., PA descendant outline and will share with all.
Date: 14 Jul 1997 From: Jeralyn Lillard Searching: WETZEL
I am researching the WETZEL families from Cumberland Co. George Wetzel was a farmer and was there around 1751. He had wife Mary(Maria) had a son George. Thanks for any info that you can share. Jeralyn, FL.
Date: 14 Jul 1997 From: Daniela Moneta Searching: RIDDLE, WILSON
Looking for any information on James WILSON who died in 1788 in Cumberland Co., PA. He was believed to be the father of Nathanial WILSON b. 1766 and William WILSON. These WILSON brothers married RIDDLE sisters and moved to Scott Co., KY in the 1780s, bought land in Montgomery Co., OH in 1800, and settled in Jefferson Co., IN sometime in the early 1800s.
Date: 8 Jul 1997 From: Susan Lloyd Searching: McCONNELL, WILSON
Looking for any info on ARTHUR McCONNELL SR who was b. 1730 Chester or Lancaster/Cumberland Co.and md. ELISABET WILSON B. 1730 ? Their children are : Arthur Jr, George, James, John, Thomas, Margaret, Susan, Sarah, Thomas, Martha?, Any info on this family would be deeply appreciated.
Date: 8 Jul 1997 From: Larry Ellis Searching: BRADY, TROUT
I'm looking for info on ELIZABETH BRADY (born c. 1767), the daughter of SAMUEL BRADY (c. 1735-1811, son of HUGH BRADY of Cumberland Co.). Elizabeth married SAMUEL TROUT of Cumberland Co. Their daughter MARGARET TROUT married ANDREW KOLB of York Co. Any info will be much appreciated, and I will be glad to share what I have on the Brady and Trout lines.
Date: 8 Jul 1997 From: Linda Sayre Searching: LACKEY, MILLER
Am looking for any information re: the birth of Andrew LACKEY, born 1753 PA. Find many LACKEY names in W.Pennsbro Twp. area around 1780's. Andrew had a son Alexander, born 1800 in Hamilton Co.,OH, where he was in 1795 tax report. Andrew married Sarah MILLER. died 1816 Hamilton Co.,OH. Names of neighbors who also went to Hamilton Co: ELLIOT, STEWART, ROWAN. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Date: 8 Jul 1997 From: Bruce Koons Searching: BRUCE, SMITH
Does anyone have marriage, birth, and death records for the Silver Springs Presbyterian Church, Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., PA in early to mid 1800's? Surnames of particular interest: BRUCE, SMITH.
Date: 8 Jul 1997 From: Bruce Koons Searching: BRUCE
Seeking information on Bruce families in East Pennsboro Twp., Cumberland Co., PA during the 1800 to 1860 time frame. Given names of particular interest: William, John, Thomas.
Date: 8 Jul 1997 From: Ray Plunkett Searching: PLUNKETT, HANNA
Isaac PLUNKETT and Lydia HANNA were married 24 May 1796 at Big Spring Presbyterian church by Rev. Samuel Wilson. In 1800, they lived in Frankford Tp. and by 1807 had moved to Allegheny Co. PA. Lydia's father was William HANNA. Isaac was born in Ireland. Would like to contact anyone doing research on this family.
Date: 4 Jul 1997 From: Cathy Langhoff Searching: McCULLEY
I am looking for the McCULLEY family that may have lived in Cumberland Co. My ancestor Issac McCulley is born in VA 1801. I believe his father is Joseph McCulley and that they migrated from PA. This has been my dead end for a long time and I would greatly appreciate any assistance. Thanks.
Date: 3 Jul 1997 From: Elaine Mowry Searching: MOWRY
I am looking for a connection to a MOWRY family, Henry and Charlotte, residents in Carlisle or nearby, around 1827. Son, James MOWRY was born 1827 in Carlisle. The family may have come from Maryland. Henry, Charlotte, and their six children moved on to Ohio by 1850. MOWRY is sometimes spelled MOWERY and MOWREY. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

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