Sellersville Mortality 1898

Eighteen Deaths in the Borough During the Past Year There were eighteen deaths in the borough of Sellersville during the past year, four of the decedents being over 85 years of age. They were Mrs. Hannah Shellenberger 92 years, Tyler Lippincott and Enos Raudenbush each 88 years, and Reuben Cope 86 years of age.

The full list with the date of death and age of each decedent is as follows:

Mrs. Matilda Smith, January 10, 63 years

Aaron Reed, January 13, 36 years

Alfred Henry Nase, March 11, 1 year

Mrs. Annie Barnes, April 15, 26 years

Mrs. Hannah Shellenberger, May 25, 92 years

Mrs. Elizabeth Blilger, June 27, 64 years

Miss Saute Haines, July 17, 20 years

Bliss C. Moore, August 15, 61 years

Miss Lorena S. Keller, August 16, 30 years

Mrs. Kate E. Eretz, September 1, 52 years

Mrs. Amanda Cressman, September 2, 55 years

Tyler Lippincont, September 3, 88 years

Luther Nase, September 2, 1 year

Reuben Cope, September 3, 86 years

Enos Raudenbush, October 8, 88 years

Mrs. Annie Feilman, November 7, 24 years

Lucy A. Nase, October 31 57 years.

Mrs. Nellie Beltz, November 15, 84 years

*This was printed in the Bucks Co. Intelligencer shortly after the first of the year in 1899.

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