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Posting Queries on message boards are a very advent way of getting your information across to other possible researchers.   Below is a comprehensive list of Message Boards that you can post a query on.   If you are not sure how to format a query, please click here for basic instructions.

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GenConnect has set up a new Board system that is combined with Myfamily message board system which combines the query, bios, will, etc. into one board. You can access here the Queries Board However with this new system you can view the messages, search, etc.,  but in order to post you will need to register and create a username name, password, give first and last name, and your email address.

Genforum - This Message board is for the state of PA Click Here for the County Message Board or Click Here for the surname list. - This site contains message boards on Surnames, States, and Counties.  Very good resource here.

How to post a query:

  1. Be sure to place in the subject line the name of the person you are looking for, or the surname and general area.

  2. Be clear in your description. Make sure that you add names and dates and any other information that is pertinent.

  3. Use an email address so that others can contact you, even if it takes a year.  Resources for email address's to use are: or or




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