Will OF Issac Edwards


Submitted by Tinsley September 2001

Last Will & Testament of Isaac Edwards

 Proved January 24th 1835  

Registered in will book No 11 page 302  #6798    

 Be it remembered that I, Isaac Edwards of Northampton   Township in the  County of Bucks and State of Pennsylvania, Gentleman, do   make my last  Will and Testament in the following manner. Viz  Imprimis: I will and order that all my just debts and   funeral expenses  be paid by my Executors out of my estate  Item: I give to my two grandchildren, Sarah Burrows and   Asbury Burrows  children of my daughter Rebecca five hundred dollars each   to be paid by  my son John payable with five percent per annum Interest   when they shall  respectively arrive at the age of twenty one years,    Interest to  commence at the expiration of one year after my decease.    But in case  either of my said grandchildren shall die before attaining   the age  aforesaid without lawful issue, the survivor shall receive   the share of  such decedent, And should both die under the age aforesaid   and without  lawful issues, then these legacies shall lapse and become a   part of the  residue of my estate and be disposed of as such.  Item: I give to my daughter Martha the wife of Henry   Harding five  hundred Dollars payable to her immediately after my   decease.  Item: I give to my son Isaac my wearing apparel and body   linnen.  Item: I give to my grandson Henry the son of my son Jacob   my watch and  silver tea spoons.  Item: as I have already given and advanced to my sons John,   Jesse,  Isaac, George and Jacob the proportions of my estate which   I consider as  the full shares which they should respectively have,   Therefore I give to  my two grand sons Henry and John, the sons of my son Jacob,   the whole  residue of my estate whatsoever and wheresoever the same   may be found to  them or the survivor of them, in case of the death of   either under the  age of twenty one years and without lawful issue.  And Lastly I appoint my son John Edwards and my friend John   Paxton of  Bensalem Executors hereforwith the customary and necessary   powers to  carry the same into execution. 

 In Testimony whereof I have   set my hand  and seal hereunto.  Dated the twentieth day of March in the   year of our  Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty.  

 Executed in the Presence of us  the words to be paid by my son  John being _______ before the  execution between the Six and  seventh lines                                                 

  Isaac  Edwards
  Sam Hart
William Hart


Codicil:  I Isaac Edwards the within named testator, do   hereby make and  publish this codicil to be added to my last Will and   Testament in manner  following  viz I give and bequeath my Mahogony Desk to my grandson   Henry Edwards  son of my son Jacob.  And Whereas in my said Will I have   appointed  my  son John Edwards one of my Executors - I do hereby declare   that my will  is and I hereby appoint my friend William Carr Esq of   Warwick Township  to be Executor of this my Will and codicil with the within   named John  Paxton, instead of my said son John, And Lastly it is my   will and desire  that this my present codicil be annexed to and made a part   of my last  Will and Testament aforesaid.  In Witness whereof I have   set my hand and  seal hereunto the 10th of September 1832.    


Signed sealed and declared by  the Testator to be a codicil to his                   

Isaac   Edwards  Last will and Testament who at the                


same time recognized such part of  his preceding will as remained  unaltered by this codicil.                         

Sam Hart [signature]                       

Amy Hart [signature]    


Bucks County ss - On the twenty fourth day of January AD   1835 personally  appeared before me Register of Wills of Bucks County Saml   Hart and Amy  Hart the subscribing Witnesses to the annexed instrument of   writing  purporting to be a codicil in last will and Testament of   Isaac Edwards  deceased and being first Duly affirmed did depose and say   that they were  present and saw and heard Isaac Edwards the Testator sign   and seal  publish and declare the annexed paper writing as and for a   codicil to  his last will and Testament and that at the time of his so   doing he was  of sound Mind and Memory and of disposing understanding to   the best of  their knowledge and beliefs.                                           

 Andrew Heller,   Register                                           



Bucks County, ss.  Be it remembered, that on the twenty fourth day of January   AD 1835 the  annexed last Will and Testament of Isaac Edwards was duly   proved, when  Letters Testamentary thereon were granted to John Paxton &   Wm Carr Esqs.  on the 11th day of February 1835 - the Executors therein   named they  having been duly affirmed well and truly to administer all   and singular  the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the said   deceased, and  that they would render into the Register's Office of the   said county  within one month from this date, a just and conscionable   appraisement  thereof, and that they would within one year, or when   thereunto legally  required, render into said office a just and true   calculation and  reckoning of their whole administration; and that they   would diligently  and faithfully regard, and well and truly comply with the   provisions of  the act of the General Assembly of this commonwealth,   entitled "An Act  relating to collateral inheritances," passed the 7th day of   April, 1826.

 Andrew Heller  REGISTER.


  Estate inventory taken December 29, 1834 by Lawrence   Vandegrift and  Joseph Addis.  The total of $3309.04 included personal   property and  loans owed by George Fetters, Isaac Hobensack, Jacob   Edwards and Charles  Harding.




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