Warrington 1779

Warrington Township Property and Tax Records 1779

Transcribed by Patricia Woodruff January 2001

Name -Acres-Horses-Cattle-Servants

John Bogart's estate-196-5-6-2
James Bartly-212-6-10-0
Hugh Bartly-0-1-1-0
Thomas Craig-189-2-4-0
Robert Davison-0-0-2-0
Nathaniel Irwin's est.-200-5-6-2
George Forster-0-10-6-1
Robert Forthsith, weaver-0-2-0-0
John Harmonleer's est.-200-6-14-0
Abram Hollis-150-3-10-1
John Hunter, weaver-0-1-2-0
Francis Jodon-100-2-7-0
Francis Jodon-0-3-2-0
Isaac Jones-200-8-8-0
John Jones-61-2-3-0
John Jones, Jr-135-3-7-0
Jonathan Jones-250-5-10-0
Zachariah Lewis-90-2-6-0
Edward Little, weaver-0-1-0-0
Andrew Long-200-6-11-0
William Long, g.m.-240-4-11-2
Charles Marrow-0-2-3-0
Captain Mason-500-0-0-0
John McCollough's est.-2-0-0-0
Andrew McKey-90-3-4-0
Henry McKinstry's est.-52-4-6-0
George Meadary-53-3-4-0
Jacob Paine-109-3-5-0
Archabald Parker-0-1-3-0
James Paul-300-6-11-0
Leah Pestonis-0-1-1-0
William Pestonis-52-1-2-0
Jacob Pricher-0-0-1-0
Thomas Richee-149-2-9-0
John Ritherpoke-0-4-8-0
James Roney's estate-19-2-2-0
Abraham Shoemaker-150-4-7-0
George Simmers-55-3-4-0
John Terrence's est.-205-7-13-0
William Thompson-234-1-11-0
John Vandyke-80-3-4-0
Margaret Walker-140-3-5-0
Richard Walker-250-6-13-5
Robert Wear-300-5-5-0
John Weir-230-4-7-0

Amos Jones
Andrew Long
John Long
Thomas Paul
Abman Vandyke (not sure on the first name)
William Walker

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