Warminster Township Property and Tax Records 1779

Transcribed by Patricia Woodruff January 2001

Name -Acres-Horses-Cattle-Servants

Nathan Beans-112-5-6-0
Isaac Beans-87-4-6-2
Isaac Bellew-80-0-0-0
James Boyd-1 1/4-0-1-0
Isaac Beaner-0-0-1-0
Thomas Cravin-200-5-7-6
Jiles Cravin-150-3-9-0
William Cravin-90-3-3-1
James Cravin-100-3-4-1
Jacob Cadwallader-206-3-4-0
Magdillian Cadwallader-0-0-1-0
Harnard Carrol-100-3-1-0
Gilliam Cornell-15-0-0-0
Robert Comly-140-5-9-0
William Carr-175-4-9-0
Robert Cornell-50-2-1-0
John Crewson-30-3-2-0
Amos Dilworth-140-4-4-0
Sarah Dungyan-38-0-0-0
Thomas Davis-0-0-1-0
Patrick Duffy-0-0-1-0
John Doarland-39-0-1-0
Margaret Earle-200-4-7-7 (did I read 7 servants right?)
Charles Enyard-100-2-3-0
Thomas Folwell-44-0-0-0
Jacob Frye-88-2-5-0
Solomon Fustle-0-1-0-0
Charles Garrison-75-4-7-3
Thomas Griffith-0-1-2-0
Benjamin Gilbert-80-2-1-0
Jese Gilbert-100-2-3-0
Joseph Hart, Esq.-544-6-12-1
Isaac Hugh-131-3-8-0
Captain Joseph Hart-97-2-3-0
Silas Hart-0-3-7-0
Margaret Henderson-230-5-12-0
Margaret Henderson-56-0-3-2
John Hart-0-0-1-0
Charles Holmes-0-0-0-0
William Huston-0-0-1-0
John Horner-0-1-0-0
William Jerret-50-0-0-0
Jonathan Jerret-20-3-8-0
Benjamin Knight-0-0-0-0
Daniel Longstreth-110-5-17-0
Richard Limehouse-0-1-0-0
Evin Lukius-0-0-1-0
William Miller-239-2-10-0
Robert Miller-69-4-6-1
Joseph Miller-84-2-5-0
James McKinsey-0-0-1-0
James McDowell-0-1-1-0
David Marpole-12-0-0-0
William Moeland-100-2-2-0
Jacob Perry-67-2-1-0
John Ratliff-175-1-2-0
Jonathan Ratliff-03-3-0
John Longstreath-0-4-2-0
James Rankin-92-4-4-0
John Ramsay-100-0-0-0

Michael Ritherpoke-20-0-0-0
John Roney-1-1-1-0
Michael Rapp-121-5-11-0
William Rankin-0-1-2-0
John Rogers-0-0-1-0
James Scott-0-1-0-0
Samuel Spencer-100-0-0-0
Anthony Scott-170-0-1-0
Abram S?-0-4-6-0
Nathan Scholfield-0-1-1-0
Matha Thomas-0-0-0-1
William Tomkins-0-0-1-0
William Vansant-0-0-1-0
John Watkins-1 3/4-0-1-0
? Watts-15-0-0-0
Isaac Walton-105-2-6-0
Elijah Walton-96-2-3-0
Jonathan Walton, three stills-380-8-14-3
William Wiat-13/4-0-1-0
William Wilson-0-0-1-0
Harmon Yerkes-180-6-9-3

? Worrell-50-0-2-0


James Brown
Peter Carr
Erza Comley
Jiles Cravin
Lambert Dearland
Charles Dean
Henry Frett
Roney Hambleston
Jesse Jarret
James Horner
John Horner
Jiles McDowell
John Midole
Robert Miller
Andrew McNeely
James Nelson
James Ore
John Patterson
John Rankin
James Scout
James Stevins
Cornelius Vandyke
Harmon Vansant
Christopher Yost

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