Tinicum Township Property and Tax Records 1779

 Transcribed by Laurie VanSant March 2002

Name-Acres-Horses-Cat tle-Servants

Widow Abernatha-160-0-2-0

George Bennet-290-4-5-0

Joseph Brooks-105-1-1-0

John Bally-146-3-7-0

Benja. Brooks-0-1-2-0-

Timothy Beans-150-2-3-0

Henry Crout-150-2-3-0

Samuel Cooper-80-2-4-0

James Carrol-143-4-3-0

John Cooper-150-2-3-0

Wm. Campbell-0-1-3-0

Palser Crow-0-0-2-0

Peter Crop-0-0-2-0

Wm. Davis-200-4-5-1

Auther Irwin-2,314-6-13-2

Andrew Emery-119-2-2-0

Nicholas Custard-194-9-5-0

Widow Frats-40-1-1-0

Christian Frats’ est.-250-7-10-0

Mark Frats’ est., still-210-4-7-0

Abram Frats-50-0-0-0

Christian Frats, g.m.-140-3-5-0

George Fox-150-2-3-0

John Fair-0-0-2-0

John Fair-70-2-2-0

Jacob Fair-143-2-2-0

Gasper Fryly-79-0-0-0

Jacob Fox-0-0-3-0

Benja. Fell-257-0-0-0

Peter George-100-3-5-0

Jacob George-100-3-5-0

Phillip Grover-0-1-2-0

Samuel Ganon’s est.-300-4-8-0

Jacob Haney-160-3-6-0

George Hughes-0-0-1-0

Uriah Hughes-50-0-0-0

Matthew Hughes-150-2-0-0

Elias Hughes-150-2-0-0

Elias Harrise-0-2-4-0

John Hoover-80-2-4-6

Vallentine Housewert-108-4-5-0

Vallentine Housewert’s est.-154-0-0-0

Matthew Herman-197-2-3-0

John Ingle’s est.-100-2-2-0

Moses Kelly-140-3-3-0-

John Kelly-225-3-3-0

Widow Kelly-0-2-1-0

Peter Kulp-0-3-4-0

Palser Keeler-250-5-10-0

Thomas Lewis-37-0-0-0

Ludwick Long-180-3-5-0

John Mains-202-4-4-0

Wm. Mains-170-3-5-0

Wm. McIntire-270-3-4-0

James McCappin-0-3-3-0

John Mehallin-0-5-2-0

John Miller-0-3-2-0

Rev’d Alexander Mitchell-129-3-4-0

Moses Marshell’s est.-236-3-3-0

John Nease-100-2-4-0

Jacob Nease-50-2-2-0

John Notton-112-2-2-0

Charles Nicholas-20-0-2-0

Widow Nonamaker’s est.-100-2-2-0

Joseph Nash-80-2-3-0

John Overholt, mill-250-2-3-0

Martin Overholt’s est. -280-3-4-0

Stats Overholt-0-2-1-0

Martin Overholt-80-2-3-0

Andrew Patterson, g.m.-139-3-7-0

Widow Patterson, g.m.-159-2-5-0

Nicholas Patterson-110-7-7-2

Alexander Patterson-0-3-5-0

John Prawl-25-2-3-0

Emanuel Pitcock-15-0-0-0

Thomas Ramsey-20-5-2-1

Mary Ramsey-175-0-1-0

Robert Ramsey-0-2-1-1-

Lewis Reckmire, B.S.-0-1-1-0

John Swope-0-3-4-0

Benja. Scott-100-0-0-0

Rubin Shiner-150-3-3-0

Peter Snyder-0-2-3-0

Henry Stover-106-0-0-0-

Rachael Stuart-211-3-3-0

Robert Stuart-600-7-6-0

Arnold Shoman-188-2-3-0

Harman Shewman-0-0-2-0

John Shoop, still-239-3-2-0

John Spoder-110-2-5-0

Cornelious Shyer-0-0-1-0

Thomas Stuart-199-3-4-0

John Thompson-225-4-3-0

Jonathan Thomas-170-2-3-0

John Unglemire-0-0-2-0

Aaron VanDebelt-200-4-8-0

Cornelious VanDebelt-130-3-4-0

Joseph White, s.m.-40-1-4-0

John White, g.m., o.m.-160-1-3-0

Jacob Weaver-120-4-4-0

Wm. Wilson-200-3-2-0

Nicholas Wiker-230-4-3-0

Jeremiah Williams-476-2-4-0

Andrew Wilson-0-0-3-0

Michael Wonnan-200-3-5-0

Robert Wilson-230-4-5-0

Michael Walter, B.S.-100-2-3-0

Jacob Yearling-243-5-5-0

Harman Younkin, still-100-2-3-0

John Ball-0-1-2-1-

Widow Hillipoott-150-2-3-0

Peter Stover-100-3-2-0

Nicholas Hole-130-3-3-0

Hoopery Leer-150-3-4-0

Jacob Kist-50-2-1-0

Thomas Kennedy-260-3-3-0

Jacob Barachstraser-0-0-2-0

Isaac Clymer-0-4-4-0

John Reed-1,400-0-0-0

Henry Fry-100-0-0-0



Connard Shennile

Anthony Harry

Simon Harry

Frederick George

Wm. Custard

Hubert Shewman

Wm. Mains

John Culp

Harmon Younkin

Uriah Hughes

Amos Beans

John Miller

John Hill

James Wilson

James Templeton

Natha’l Templeton

Nathan Eakin

Peter Cooper

Peter Long

Elias Shull

Abel Shyer

Tho’s Tyberg

Geo. Overpack

Jacob Crow

Joseph Vanhorn

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