Bucks County Tax Collector's 1854-55



[From the Bucks County Intelligencer, January 1856]

Townships & Boroughs            Years           Collectors Names

Bristol Borough          1854            Giles S. Winder
                                   1855            Robert Patterson
Bristol Township        1854            William Bennett
                                  1855            Je[?]e Brelsford
Bensalem                  1854            Joseph Stanton
                            1855            Andrew Ott
Buckingham               1854            David F. White
                    1855                Do.
Bedminster                    1853            John D. Hockman
                     1854                Do.
                                 1855            Jacob Deiterly
Doylestown Borough        1854            Reuben P. Scheetz
                                   1855            Charles Wigton
Doylestown Township           1854            Benjamin F. Gearhart
                      1855                Do.
Durham                         1853            William M. Long
                               1854            John Deemer
                              1855            John Adams
Falls                              1853            Robert P. Lovett
                              1854            John Briggs
                               1855            John Nelson
Haycock                             1850            Thomas D. M'Carty
                             1853            Peter Shive
                                   1854            William Borger
                                      1855            Samuel Deihl [?]
Hilltown                          1854            Enos Hunsberger
                       1855                Do.
Upper Makefield         1854            Jesse Wiggins
                                           1855            William D. Morgan
Lower Makefield              1853            William B. Lovett
                               1854            John Cook
                                1855            John Girton
Middletown                    1849            William Severns
                                     1853            Isaac C. Briggs
                                         1854            James Mannington
                       1855                Do.
Milford                           1854            Reuben K. Heist
Newtown Borough        1854            Enos Tomlinson
                                   1855            Reuben Stone
Newtown Township        1854            Amos Martindell
                       1855                Do.
Northampton                       1854            Charles K. Bonham
                                         1855            Gilliam Cornell, Jr.
New Britain                          1854            Abraham R. Meyers
                                  1855            William Kratz
New Hope Borough    1854            Charles Wertz
                                 1855            Henry Scholl
Nockamixon                    1853            Daniel Afflerbach
                                    1854            George Schlick
                                  1855            John H. Black
Morrisville Borough     1854            Robert Crozer
                                   1855            William Bailey
Plumstead                 1851            Enos Morris
                                        1854            Nathan Robinson
                                          1855            Bernard V. Hellyer
Quakertown Borough 1855            Enos P. Ness
Richland                     1854            Charles Mills
                        1855                Do.
Rockhill                       1854            Jacob Gauble
                                 1855            Aaron Fluck
Southampton                1854            James M. Fox
                                  1855            William Ryan
Solebury                      1854            John Bonham
                         1855                Do.
Springfield                     1853            Owen B. Hess
                                  1854            Samuel Dorr
                                            1855            Jacob Frankenfield
Tinicum                        1853            Isaac Somers
                                          1854            Hugh W. George
                                     1855            Samuel Keller
Warminster                  1853            Charles Prior
                                        1854            William H. Phair
                         1855                Do.
Warwick                           1854            Thomas Watkins
                          1855                Do.
Warrington                     1854            James Niblick
                                             1855            Thomas S. Radcliff
Wrightstown                 1851            John T. Price
                                     1854            Jonathan Price
                                    1855            Charles Moss

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