Southampton Township Property and Tax Records 1781


Transcribed by Laurie VanSant June 2002


Wm. Atkinson-0-0-1-0

James Beans-70-3-3-0

Thomas Beans-112-3-3-0

Jesse Beans-0-4-3-0

Isaac Bolton-200-4-6-0

Joseph Bond-0-2-4-0

Martha Biles-210-4-0-0

Wm. Biles-84-2-2-0

Seth Beans-70-3-2-0

Matthew Beans-43-2-2-0

Thomas Bulger-0-3-3-0

Jonathan Claton-150-0-0-0

Gilliam Cornell, g.m.-101-0-0-0

Jacob Carroll-5-0-0-0

Wm. Carter est., g.m.-144-4-4-0

Wilhelm Cornell-188-3-6-2

Gilliam Cornell-100-2-2-0

Joseph Durland, cordwinder-0-0-1-0

Joseph Daniel-0-0-1-0

James Evans-150-4-3-0

John Fenton, est.-100-3-3-1

Henry Feaster-30-0-0-0

Thomas Folwell-255-5-6-1

John Folwell-211-2-2-0

Charles Garrison-70-0-0-0

John Groom-0-2-2-0

Thomas Groom-112-1-3-0

James Gary, weaver-0-0-1-0

Geo. Hillyard, est.-0-1-1-0

Abraham Harding-100-3-3-0

Sarah Harding-296-0-1-0

Jonathan Harding -0-2-2-0

Jonathan Hellings-0-0-1-0

Daniel Hogeland-307-3-4-0

Derrick Hogeland-310-5-5-2

Leonard Krewson, weaver-25-1-1-0

Henry Krewson-240-4-4-0

Garret Krewson, weaver-38-2-3-0

Derrick Krewson-200-2-6-3

Derrick Krewson, Jun.-0-1-1-0

Widow Knight-96-3-3-0

Abram Knigth-80-2-3-0

John Kelly estate, g.m.-12-0-0-0

Absolem Knight, B. smith-20-1-2-0

John Leedom-159-5-4-0

Jacob Lewis, weaver-0-0-1-0

Joseph Longstreth-200-4-7-0

Rev'd Matthew Light-119-0-0-0

Sam'l Lawrence-0-2-2-0

Daniel Lewsley est.-150-3-3-0

Jacob Myers, weaver-0-0-1-0

Joshua Prawle-70-3-2-0

Phines Paxson, tavern-100-2-1-0

Solomon Parks, silversmith-0-2-0-0

Peter Praul-250-3-3-1

Nathan Praule-0-0-1-0

Henry Ridge-40-0-0-0

George Randle-0-0-1-0

John Stogdill est.-250-3-6-0

Miles Strickland-0-2-1-0

Jacob Strickland, B. smith-0-1-1-0

Abel Stackhouse-0-2-0-0

Joseph Swiney-0-1-1-0

Jacob Strickler-50-2-2-0

Edmand States, joiner-100-1-1-0

Peter Strickler, cordwinder-0-0-0-0

Nicholas Vanosdoln-150-5-6-0

Jacob Vansant-150-3-4-0

Jacob Vandyke-150-5-5-3

Daniel Vanpelt, weaver-0-1-2-0

Rev'd Wm. Vanhorn est.-112-0-0-0

Ezra Crosdale-113-2-2-0

Simon Vanosdoln-123-3-5-3

Nicholas Vansant-144-3-3-1

Joseph Vanpelt, weaver-55-2-2-0

Godfrey Vanduran, nailer-0-1-1-0

Author Wats, s.m.-39-3-4-1

Stephen Watts-117-2-5-0

Thomas Worthington-70-2-3-0

Martha Willet-173-2-2-0

Obidiah Willet-0-3-1-0

Jonathan Willet-198-4-6-0

Thomas Wamsley-156-3-5-1

Thomas Wilson-170-3-3-0

Henry Wamsly-100-3-3-0

John Ingle-0-3-3-1

Jonathan Scott, turner-0-0-1-0

Single Men

Isaac Vanpelt

Henry Krewson

Lambert Durland

Joseph Leedom

Jonathan Thomas

Joseph Bond

Isaac Bond

Wm. Baily

Benja. States

David Knight

Simon Vanosdoln

Wm. Sweny

Sineh Strickler

John Shepherd

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