Solesbury Property and Tax Records 1779

Samuel Armitage
John Balderson
Hannah Balderson
Mordica Balderston
Johnathan Balderston
Jos. Banes
John Barcroft
Wm. Barcroft
Ambrose Barcroft
Humphrey Baughan
Jacob Beans
Abram Bennet
Zachariah Betts
Enoch Betts
Wm. Betts
Crispin Blackfan
Wm. Blackfam
Hezekiah Bye
Hezekiah Bye
Patrick Canock
Thomas Cary
Ralphn Coogill
John Cooglar
John Coogler
John Corwell
Jonathan Cotteral
Tice Cowell
Jonathan Dann
Samuel Davis
Thomas Dawson
Ebenezer Dean
Jacob Dean
Jacob Doman
James Dubre
Joseph Eastburn Sen.
Robert Eastburn
Joseph Eastburn
Benjamin Eastburn
Thomas Ellicott
Joshua Ely
Geo, Ely
John Ely
Hugh Ely
Yeoman Gillingham
Joseph Hambleson
Wm. Hammilton
Stephen Hammilton
David Hampton
Wm. Hartley
Roger Hartly
Benjamin Hartly
Anthony Hartly
Abram Heed
Thomas Hill
Daniel Hough
John Hough
John Hutchinson
Matthias Hutchinson
Jonathan Ingham Ju.,
Jonas Ingham
Jonathan Ingham, Sen.
Jonathan Kinsey
Richard Jobson
Paul Kister
Samuel Kitchin
Wm. Kitchin
Wm. Kitchin Jun.
Thomas Lewis
Wm. Magill
John Megill
Wm. Michenor. est.
John Mofford
Wm. Neely
Lewis Palmer
Moses Paxson
Henry Paxson
Benjamin Paxson
Mahlon Paxson
Abram Paxson
Jonas Paxton
Aaron Paxton
Isaiah Paxton
Joesph Paxton
Jacob Paxton
Thomas Paxton
Oliver Paxtson
Christian Pearson
James Peller
Isaac Peller
Wm. Pettit
Elnathan Pettit
Daniel Pettit
Wm. Pettit Jr.
Aaron Phillips
Isaac Pickering
Jesse Pickering
John Pickering
Jonathan Pickering
Benjamin Pitcock
Rubin Pownell
Widow Pownell
Aron Quick
Samuel Ramsey
Edward Rice
Joseph Rice
Thomas Rice
Wm. Roberts
Thomas Ross
Thomas Ross Sen.
Thomas Ross
Isaac Scarborough
Wm. Scarborough
James Scarborough
Samuel Schofield
Jonathan Schofield
Timothy Scott
Trubard Sebring
John Shepherd
Thomas Simington
John Simpson
Joseph Skelton
John Skelton
Thomas Smith
Robert Thompson
Widow Todd
Wm. Townsend
Stephen Townsend
Joseph Trisher
John Vanhorn
Widow Vanhorn
Robet Walker
Geo. Wall Jun.
Geo. Wall Sen.
Geo. Wall Comp'y
Joseph White
Wm. White
David Whitson
Thomas Whitson
Ichabud Wilkinson
John Wilkinson
John Wilkinson Jun
Joesph Wilkinson
John Wilson
Wm. Wilson
Isaiah Winter
Thomas Akins
Jos. Armitage
Rob't Armstong
Enoch Bye
Andr'w Collins
Jacob Doake
John Hamilton
Joseph Hamilton
James Hammilton
Ezekiel Hill
Andrew Horner
Joseph Jobson
David Kitchin
John Kitchen
Thomas Lewis
John Lews
Wm. Megill
James Paxton
Isaac Paxton
Jos. Paxton
Moses Pitcock
Lewis Pownell
Rebuin Pownell
George Pownell
John Pownell
Joseph Price
Wm. Smith
Derrich Tenbrook
Jos. Wilkinson
James Witacare

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