Richland County Property and Tax Records 1779

Transcribed by Patricia Woodruff April 2001

Name -Acres-Horses-Cattle-Servants

Rasmus Althouse-110-3-7-0
John Bawle-100-3-5-0
Joseph Bawl-50-1-2-0
Jacob Bayttle-128-1-6-0
Michael Been-0-4-4-0
Widow Bidler-100-2-8-0
John Bleam-140-2-6-0
Michael Blyler-150-2-6-0
Henry Boam-0-2-4-0
Emanuel Burk-100-2-5-0
Jacob Burk-200-3-5-0
John Burk-88-3-6-0
Robert Burr-300-1-11-0
William Burr-50-2-2-0
Thomas Cann-58-3-4-0
James Chapman-18-1-2-0
Nathan Dalb-0-1-1-0
Christian Dally-0-0-2-0
Frederick Deal-100-3-4-0
Michael Deal-20-0-2-0
Zekiel Dennis-15-1-1-0
Jacob Densler-14-0-2-0
John Felman-134-2-3-0
Ludowick Fluck's est.-175-3-6-0
Everd Foulk's est.-80-2-4-0
John Foulk-140-2-8-0
Samuel Foulke-179-5-8-0
Theophilus Foulk-120-2-8-0
Thomas Foulk-95-2-5-0
William Foulk-48-2-4-0
Samuel Freed-30-2-2-0
Widow Freeds-110-2-4-0
John Freze-0-1-2-0
John Frick-50-0-0-0
Joseph Galloway, late, est.-500-0-0-0
Henry Glemer-0-0-2-0
Andrew Goho-0-0-2-0
Benjamin Green-28-1-2-0
James Green-0-3-4-0
John Gresly-20-2-2-0
Michael Groman-59-2-3-0
Casper Groose-110-2-2-0
Solomon Grover-110-2-3-0
Jones Hartsel-30-1-1-0
Susannah Haycock-20-1-3-0
William Haycock-70-0-0-0
Peter Hedrick, Jr.-75-1-2-0
Peter Hedrick, Sr.-100-1-4-0
Phillip Hedrick-40-2-2-0
Bernard Heller-60-2-3-0
Jacob Herwick-130-0-0-0
William Hicks-125-3-6-0
William Hinkenbodam-0-1-1-0
Leonard Hinkle-100-3-8-0
Stephen Horn-80-0-5-0
George Iden-100-0-0-0
Abel James-500-0-0-0
Casper Johnson-250-2-12-0
Casper Johnson, Jr.-0-2-3-0
Joseph Johnson-0-2-3-0
Godfrey Kennor-0-2-0-0
Stephen Knisler's est.-250-2-5-0
John Lancaster-150-2-6-0
Peter Landes-60-2-4-0
Jacob Lederach-59-2-2-0
John Lester-150-2-6-0
Samuel Lester-0-2-0-0
Elias Lewis-108-2-5-0
Molly Lewis' est.-130-2-5-0
Michael Martin-22-2-3-0
Widow Melvison-15-0-2-0
Robert Miller-80-3-5-0
David Millinger-140-2-5-0
Andrew Minninger-45-2-3-0
Jacob Mock-70-2-3-0
William Nelson-14-1-2-0
Jacob Ort-60-3-5-0
Mark Overholt's est.-90-2-3-0
Jonathan Penrose-60-1-5-0
John Penrose-60-0-0-0
Joseph Penrose-150-2-10-0
Samuel Penrose-30-0-2-0
William Penrose-30-1-1-0
John Phillips-0-1-2-0
Abel Roberts-500-2-8-0
Amos Roberts-50-0-3-0
David Roberts-150-3-5-0
Everd Roberts-174-2-7-0
Nathan Roberts-220-3-6-0
Joseph Rowlins-32-2-2-0
Peter Sager-125-2-3-0
Jonathan Scott-1-0-1-0
Benjamin Seagel-100-2-4-0
John Shaw-160-2-5-0
William Shaw-50-1-4-0
William Shaw-50-2-4-0
Phillip Shitz-150-2-3-0
Peter Shook-53-1-2-0
Dennis Smith-15-1-3-0
Jacob Smith-30-2-4-0
John Smith-110-1-1-0
Phillip Smith-77-3-3-0
Abram Snider-220-3-6-0
Andrew Sniter-30-2-5-0
Henry Sniter-10-0-0-0
Phillip Stall-30-2-2-0
John Staufer-0-0-1-0
John Staufer-10-0-0-0
Bostian Stiger-23-0-1-0
Andrew Stin's est.-200-2-4-0
Henry Strounk-0-1-3-0
John Thomas' est.-134-3-5-0
Nathan Thomas-130-2-6-0
Samuel Thomas-50-0-1-0
Thomas Thomas-130-1-2-0
John Traighler-140-2-8-0
Henry Trumbower-100-2-4-0
Nicholas Trumbower-94-1-4-0
Emanuel Waggoner-35-2-3-0
Nager Walker-109-3-3-0
James Walton's est.-200-2-4-0
Isaac Watson's est.-175-2-5-0
Joseph S. Weaver-49-1-1-0
George Weisel-100-2-6-0
John Wilhelm-100-2-6-0
Gillian Zimerman-30-0-2-0

John Grife
Jonathan Grife
Nathan Haycock
Henry Hoan
Joseph Muffy
John Nicely
Nathan Pownell
Joshua Richards
 Jacob Rodebach
Amos Silgott
Garles Smith
Jacob Staufer
Benjamin Walker
Jacob Wisel

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