Northampton Township Property and Tax Records 1779


John Addes John Cummings Wm. Hibbs John Roberts
Robert Barber Cornelius Daily Jacob Kenel Benjamin Seargent
Aaron Bennet Wm. Dougherty Absolem Knight Ezekiel Shaw
Author Bennet Hellenah Duboris Joseph Knowles Jonathan Shaw
Isaac Bennet Clement Dungyan Derrick Kroson John Shepherd
Isaac Bennet, Wav. David Dungyan Garret Kroson Phebe Spear
Isaac Bennet Elias Dungyan John Kroson Elizabeth Spencer
Jacob Bennet Garret Dungyan James Kysor Samuel Spencer
John Bennet, J., Jeremiah Dungyan J., Richard Leedom Thomas Spencer
John Bennet Sen., Jeremiah Dungyan, Sen., Author Leffertson Abel Spencer
Wm. Bennet James Dungyan Ann Leffertson Thomas Stradler
Abram Black John Dungyan Leffert Leffertson Amos Subers
Caleb Blaker Benja. Dyer Griffy Lewis Widow Tennent
John Blaker Edward Dyer Jonathan Linton John Thompson. Esq.
Peyer Blaker Henry Dyer Joseph Linton Joseph Thornton
Paul Blaker Samuel Dyer Henry Lott Joseph Tombleson
Joseph Carter Benjamin Eastburn Enoch Marpole's est. Hugh Tombs
Wm. Carter James Edams Sidney Miller Jacob Twining
Wm. Chapman Thomas Edams Samuel Mitchell John Watson

Levi Chippin

Henry Eitherton Jesse Palmer David Whiteford

Henry Clybecker

David Feaster George Pearson Thomas Wilson

John Cooper Sen.,

Henry Feaster Robert Pearson George Wisener

Wm. Cooper J.,

John Fenton Wm. Pearson Hen'y Wynkoop Esq.

Wm. Cooper Sen.,

Joseph Fenton Sarah Pennington Garadus Wynkoop Esq.
Gillian Cornell, Sen., g.m. brew'y Jacob Forster Charles Plumly Ab'm Vandwinder
Gilliam Cornell Christian Hagerman John Plumly David Vanhorn
John Cornell John Hagarman, Jr., Wm. Plumly Issac Vanhorn
Rem. Cornell John Hagerman Mallaca Richardson Peter Vanhorn
Christian Corsan Hannah Harrise Samuel Richardson Elizabeth Vanosdoin
Cornelius Corsan Wm. Hayhurst Joshua Richardson Simon Vanosdolin
Robert Corvin Thomas Hellins Wm. Richardson Simon Vanosdoin, Sen.
Mary Coursan Benja. Hibbs Joseph Richison Harmon Vansant
James Vansant


George Addams Benja. Kerrell
John Addes Jacob Kroson
Thomas Barnett Abram Leffertson
Henry Cooper Timothy Megginneas
Thomas Cravin Isaac Mitchener
Cornelious Corsan David Nelson
Daniel Corsan John O'Neal
Amos Drohard Edmond Plumly
Phillip Drohard John Plumly
Jesse Dungyan John Porter
Joseph Dungyan Henry Puff
Joseph Fenton Clem Richardson
Corneloius Fenton Joseph Roberts
Than. Fetberbee Dan'l Stradlin
Stophy Grimes Trainton Vandevender
Wm. Harvey Rovert Vanhorn
John Hayhurst Geo. Willyard
Wm. Hayhurst

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