Middletown Township Property and Tax Records 1779

Transcribed by Patricia Woodruff January 2001

Name -Acres-Horses-Cattle-Servants

Robert Adair-6-2-2-0
Joseph Ashton-14-2-0-0
John Atkinson-2-2-0-0
John Bawle-250-6-14-3
Joshua Blaky-200-2-3-0
William Blaky-140-1-3-0
James Boyd-80-5-3-1
Nathan Brelford-50-1-0-0
John Brelford-116-2-7-0
John Campbell-500-4-5-0
James Carver-0-0-1-0
Jonathan Carlile-120-2-2-0
Robert Collison-122-1-5-0
Mercey Comfort-90-2-0-0
Stephen Comfort-210-2-5-0
Gabriael Cox-30-1-2-0
Robert Crosdale-141-3-4-0
Jeremiah Crosdale-0-2-2-0
Sarah Davis-0-3-2-0
John Doubty, weaver-0-0-0-0
Robert Drake's est.-10-2-2-0
Joseph Dyer-4-0-1-0
Jeremiah Gilliam-0-0-1-0
Lucas Gilliam-100-2-1-0
William Goslin-66-2-2-0
John Grant-1-2-3-0
Patrick Grogg-248-6-3-0
Sarah Growden-50-0-0-0
Thomas Harper-0-3-2-0
Hannah Hartshorn-0-1-1-0
Richard Hartshorn-10-2-3-0
Joseph Hayhurst-1/2-0-0-0
Solomon Headly-180-5-15-0
James Hibbs-300-6-8-0
Jonathan Hibbs-180-3-9-0
Isaac Hicks-47-2-1-0
Joseph Hicks-0-0-1-0
John Hillins-77-3-3-0
George Huddleston-4-0-0-0
Henry Huddleston-4-1-1-0
Joseph Huddleston-4-0-0-0
Joseph Huddleston-200-2-2-0
Thomas Huddleston-4-0-3-0
William Huddleston-2-0-0-0
Thomas Huston-280-3-3-0
John Jenks-175-0-12-0
John Jenks, mill-97-0-0-0
Joseph Jenks-140-4-8-0
Thomas Jenks-225-3-8-0
Thomas Jenks, f.m.-50-0-0-0
Margaret Johnson-10-0-1-0
Grace Kirkbride-40-0-0-0
Jonathan Kirkbride-282-10-8-0
Joseph Knight-250-5-0-0
Ebenezer Large-0-1-2-0
Daniel Larue-209-5-10-0
Benjamin Leedom's estate-200-2-2-0
William Lewis-1-0-0-0
Sims Longshore-0-2-1-0
Thomas Longshore-40-1-1-0
Uclidus Longshore-90-2-2-0
Joseph Lovet-181-0-0-0
Daniel Martin-110-3-11-0
David McMinn-0-0-0-0
Henry Mitchell-0-3-5-0
John Mitchell-0-1-1-0
John Mitchell, Sen.-200-1-0-0
Richard Mitchell-2-2-1-0
Samuel Mitchell-240-7-9-0
Joseph Mode-0-0-1-0
William Mode-12-2-2-0
James Moon-250-4-14-0
Vallentine Nelson-100-5-6-0
Mahlon Paxson-0-1-1-0
Thomas Paxson-400-11-12-0
William Paxson-181-7-0-0
Jonathan Paxston-197-3-8-0
Isaac Pearson-0-0-1-0
Sarah Price-6-0-1-0
Joshua Richardson-211-4-5-0
Mary Richardson-30-0-2-0
William Richardson-300-5-8-0
Anthony Rue-0-2-4-0
Lewis Rue-45-1-3-0
Mary Rue-0-0-0-2
Matthew Rue-0-0-0-0
Richard Rue
Jedian Shaw-0-0-1-0
John Smith-1-0-1-0
Isaac Stackhouse-540-4-8-0
Jonathan Stackhouse-0-4-2-0
Jacob Stinger-4-0-1-0
George Subers-144-2-5-0
John Subers-144-5-11-0
Anthony Tate-120-6-7-0
Jesper Terry-0-0-1-0
Isaac Thackary-50-0-1-0
Francis Titus-40-0-2-0
Francis Titus-3-2-2-0
Richard Tombleson-3/4-0-1-0
Samuel Twining-0-0-1-0
Gabriael [sic] Vanhorn-326-4-9-0
Gabriel Vanhorn, Jun.-0-2-3-0
Garret Vanhorn-95-4-5-1
Jacob Vanhorn-0-1-1-0
Peter Vanhorn-128-4-7-0
Garret Vansant-300-7-10-0
John Vansant-5-0-0-0
George Walker-4-0-0-0
Job Walton-200-3-5-0
Amos Watson-3-0-1-0
Isaac Watson-3-1-1-0
John Watson-4-1-1-0
John Watson-250-6-7-0
Jonathan Watson-1/2-1-1-0
Mark Watson-2-1-3-0
Samuel Watson-100-4-8-0
Peter Weasel-0-0-2-0
Barberry Whisloe-4-0-0-0
Joseph White-25-2-3-0
Peter White-170-3-14-0
James Wildman-100-1-3-0
John Wildman-1-3-0-0
Joseph Wildman-150-4-9-0
Manaseth Wildman-60-2-0-0
Obediah Willy-7-2-1-0
Thomas Wily-0-0-1-0
Samuel Winder-0-0-1-0
Isaac Winner, Jr.-0-0-1-0
Isaac Winner, Sen.-0-0-1-0
Samuel Winner-0-0-1-0
John Woolston-0-1-0-0
Jonathan Woolston-125-2-4-0
Joshua Woolston-115-2-5-0
Thomas Wright-20-1-3-0
Negroe Frank-50-0-0-0

John Baily
Peter Baker
Amos Brelford
Joshua Bunting
John Carpenter
Jeremiah Comfort
James Cooper
James DeNormandie
Patrick Gilkison
James Grigg
Christian Kist
Hezekiah Linton
Andrew Mode
Thomas Paxson
John Stackhouse
John Strickland
Miles Strickland
Eber Thackary
Thomas Twining
Peter Vanhorn
George Vansant
Jacob Watson
Francis White
James Wildman
Jason Winder

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