Haycock Township Property and Tax Records 1779

Transcribed by Patricia Woodruff March 2001

Name -Acres-Horses-Cattle-Servants

Stephen Ackerman-75-2-5-0
William Albert-100-2-3-0
Jacob Allem-120-2-9-0
Daniel Althouse-0-2-2-0
Daniel Appelback-100-1-2-0
Andrew Armstrong-125-0-0-0
Jacob Beans-30-0-0-0
Leonard Bidliman-175-4-7-0
Joel Bryan-150-3-4-0
William Bryan-300-4-7-0
Gasper Burger-0-0-2-0
Nicholas Burger-70-2-3-0
Nicholas Carry-200-3-2-0
Widow Coder's est.-75-2-0-0
Michael Deal-75-2-3-0
William Deal-150-3-5-0
Josiah Dennis-100-2-2-0
Levey Dennis-0-0-1-0
Elizabeth Desh-180-1-3-0
William Dixsy-0-2-3-0
John Doan-180-2-3-0
George Emy-250-4-6-0
John Frats-115-3-4-0
George Fulmer-140-2-4-0
Joseph Fulmer-115-3-4-0
Vallentine Gere-0-1-1-0
Connard Good-25-0-3-0
Jacob Good-140-2-5-0
Jacob Grove's est., f.m.-45-2-2-0
Phillip Haning-180-4-3-0
John Hart-50-0-0-0
John Hartsel's est.,-100-1-4-0
Connard Hefler-100-2-2-0
Peter Heft-150-2-3-0
Patrick Hines-0-0-2-0
John Hoffman-0-0-0-0
Ludowick Hoffman-0-0-2-0
Gasper Horn-50-2-3-0
Alexander Hughes-50-1-2-0
Christopher Keller-75-1-3-0
Henry Keller, Jr.-35-1-3-0
Henry Keller, Sr.-100-1-2-0
John Keller-150-3-7-0
Peter Keller-75-2-4-0
Andrew Kichline-25-0-0-0
Frederick King-45-2-3-0
Benjamin Kinsey-0-0-1-0
Aaron Klinker-270-5-8-0
Adam Litsbury-75-2-3-0
Henry Louks-50-1-2-0
John Ludwick-20-2-3-0
John Mill-200-2-4-0
John Miller-10-0-0-0
John Morrison-0-6-9-0
Jacob Mosht-50-0-0-0
Henry Mostler-150-0-0-0
Vallintine Mostler-0-1-2-0
Peter Moyer-125-0-0-0
Widow Moyer-100-2-3-0
Jacob Nicholas-140-2-4-0
John Nicholas' est.,-20-1-2-0
Vallintine Nicholas-125-3-8-0
Ludwick Nuspickle-45-0-0-0
Martin Oyer-70-2-3-0
Phillip Pearson-175-2-7-0
Jacob Pelsey-0-0-1-0
John Pisor-25-2-3-0
Christian Pooss-25-1-2-0
John Pope-75-2-5-0
Frederick Remour-150-2-5-0
Godfry Remour-45-2-3-0
Jacob Roar-300-3-8-0
Benjamin Scott, Jr.-0-1-2-0
Connard Severn-100-4-5-0
George Shafer-0-0-1-0
George Shakefoot-50-2-2-0
George Shive-0-2-3-0
Martin Shive, Sr.-325-2-4-0
Martin Shive, Jr.-0-2-4-0
John Shock-140-3-6-0
Phillip Shrier-100-2-5-0
Michael Smell-200-4-6-0
Christopher Smith-75-1-4-0
Phillip Stekkle-25-0-1-0
Phillip Stewa-200-4-3-0
John Stoakes-425-5-12-0
Balser Stoneback-25-2-2-0
George Stoneback-75-2-4-0
Henry Stoneback-75-2-3-0
Michael Stonebach-100-2-5-0
Jacob Stowfer-100-2-3-0
Daniel Strawhen's est.,-30-2-3-0
Jacob Strawhen, Sr.-350-4-6-0
Jacob Strawhen, Jr.-0-2-3-0
John Strawhen-0-2-4-0
William Strawhen-0-2-4-0
Phillip Tatesman-25-1-3-0
George Taylor-200-0-0-0
Nicholas Toothsinger-50-1-3-0
Adam Trough-18-0-0-0
George Wemyer-50-2-5-0
Isaac Yost-125-2-3-0
Mawness Yost-130-2-3-0
Michael Yost-260-3-8-0
Henry Younkin, still,-50-3-5-0


James Bratty
Jacob Cooder
Manasath Frats
Henry Herring
John Hetsler
John Keller
Christian Nicholas
Henry Nicholas
John Roar
Benjamin Scott
John Shankler
Phillip Tatesman
John Younkin

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