Falls Town Township Property and Tax Records 1779


Joesph Ashton

Joesph Ashton, Jun.
John Baily
Ann Baily
Jacob Baker
Thomas Barclay
Thomas Barnes
Benja. Belford
John Belford
Hannah Biles
Wm. Biles
Henry Bowman
John Bradin
John Brown Ju., est.
Walter Brown
Geo. Browne's Sen.,
Geo. Browne, Jun.
Mary Browne's est.
Samuel Browne's est.
David Buckler
Daniel Bunting
Jo'n Bunting
Jonathan Bunting's est.
Samuel Bunting
Jon Burges
John Burrows. est.
Charles Clark
Patrick Colvin
Edmond Conner
Thomas Cornish
Daniel Creely
John Croser
Robert Croser
Samuel Danford's est.
John Doble
John Durrach
Joseph Field's est. g.m.
Newberry Field's est.
Benja. Fleming
Thomas Fleming
Peter Girlin
Sarah Growden's est.
Mahlon Hartly B.S.
John Harrigan
Wm. Harvey
Henry Hider
Henry Hill
John Holmes est.
John Holmes & Comp'y
Robert Hustin's est.
Michael Hutchinson's est.
Sarah Janny's est.
John Jarvis est.
Joseph Johnston
Wm. Johnston
John Keen
Joesph Kelly
Henry King
Henry Kirk
Ann Kirkbride's est.
Joseph Kirkbride
Daniel Larew
David Larew
Moses Larew
Joshus Linton
John Linton
Edmond Lovet
Owin Lovet
Benja. Lownsbury
Robert Lucas
Thomas Mahon
John Marjerom's est.
Hugh Martin
Thomas Martin
John Mass
George Merrick's est. g.m.
John Merrick
Adam Middleton
Wm. Millner's est.
John Milnor
Joseph Milnor
Jasper Moon
John Moon's est.
Wm. Moon est.
Samuel Moon
Daniel Morgan
Dennis O'Neal
Wm. Newling's est.
John Nutt
John Nutt, Jr.
Joseph Nutt
Antohony Pane
Daniel Price
Nathaniel Price
Clement Richardson
Joesph Richardson
Thomas Riche
Henry Ritnor
Francis Roberts
John Satcher
Robert Scott
Jacob Shafer
Wm. Shatterthite
James Shaw
Jacob Shingleton
Robert Smith
Charles Smith
Wm. Swift
Richard Thomas g.m.
Thomas Thompson
John Titus
Francis Titus, Sen.,
Francis Titus, Ju.,
Samuel Titus
Timothy Titus est.
Daniel Trimble
John Tully
Jacob Vandergrift's est.
Michael Vanhart's est.
Jacob Vansant
John Warton
John Wartin
Nehemiah Wartin
Daniel Warton
Joseph Warton, Jun.
Benja. Watson
Mark Watson
Francis Weasel
Wm. Welch's est.
Peter Wilkinson's estate
James Winner's est.
Benja. Wood
John Wood
John Wright
John Baldwin Timothy Moon
Natha'l Brown Asha Mott
Israel Bunting Tho's Noble
John Croser John Ritnor
Jacob Downing Lamb Ritnor
Stephen Estrich Jos. Shaw
John Field Amos Shaw
Wm. Gilles Tho's Store
Wm. Gore John Vandegrift
Rob't Green Daniel Weasel
Peter Hanington Francis Weasel
Natha'l Huston Sam'l Weasel
Tho's Hutchinson Dimoke Winders
Peter Larew
Miles Martin
David Millnor
Isaac Millnor
Jonathan Millnor
Mahlon Millnor

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