Last Name Maiden Name First Name Middle DOB Location of Birth Age at Death DOD Municipality Father's Name Mother's Name Newspaper Date Published Nickname Spouse School Church Attended Preceded Military
Almeida Breinig Doris L.  Allentown PA 94 3/28/2015 Allentown PA Paul G. Breinig Elda C. (Dreisbach) Breinig The Morning Call 3/31/2015 Captain Louis A. Almeida 1937 graduate of Allentown High School / Guilmont Organ School in NYC served in the Women's Army Corps during WWII
Altemus Priolo Teresa M.  Bethlehem PA 97 4/27/2015 Fort Wayne IN Luigi Priolo Maria Priolo The Morning Call 5/5/2015 Charles R. Altemus
Antolick Sawka Stella Northampton PA 95 5/5/2015 Catasauqua PA Ilko Sawka Barbara (Rybak) Sawka The Morning Call 5/7/2015 Joseph Antolick Sr Assumption of the Virgin Mary Ukranian Orthodox Church, Northampton
Apple Krell Berniece K.  Tamaqua PA 92 5/27/2015 Bethlehem PA George Krell Charlotte (Ditchy) Krell The Morning Call 5/29/2015 Moni Dr. John M. Apple US Army Nursing Corps Nurse served during WWII
Arnold Clauser Grace  M.  2/28/1920 Allentown PA 94 2/18/2015 O. Frank Clauser Mary L. (Nester) Clauser The Morning Call 2/20/2015 Robert August Arnold St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, Allentown
Arnold Csuvay Margaret E.  10/21/1923 Allentown PA 91 3/16/2015 Upper Saucon Twp Andrew Csuvay Emilia (Paulos) Csuvay The Morning Call 3/18/2015 Wilbert M. Arnold Friedensville Evangelical Lutheran Church, Center Valley
Asbath Hoch Anna H.  10/23/1918 Palmerton PA 96 5/15/2015 Bethlehem PA Stephen Hoch Rosa (Unger) Hoch The Morning Call 5/18/2015 Stephen Asbath Sr
Auch Warren R.  Philadelphia PA 92 5/2/2015 Trexlertown PA Russel Auch Hazel (Blake) Auch The Morning Call 5/4/2015 AnnaMae (Noll) Auch Retired US Army Air Corps Lt Colonel served during WWII
Badman-Spier Miller Gretchen Sommerville NJ 100 3/25/2015 Wescosville PA Charles Miller Martha (Spohmheim) Miller The Morning Call 3/27/2015 Raymond Badman / George Spier Jordan UCC, Allentown
Balascak Schlaner Margaret A.  Limeport PA 93 3/3/2015 Allentown PA Frank Schlaner Theresa (Drauch) Schlaner The Morning Call 3/5/2015 Michael Balascak St. Ann's Catholic Church, Emmaus
Bankhard Virginia M.  5/4/1918 Bethlehem PA 97 6/19/2015 Bethlehem PA Henry Alfred Bankhard Sr Mabel Elizabeth (Ruth) Bankhard The Morning Call 6/24/2015 Jinny 1936 graduate of Liberty High School Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem served in the Women's Army Corps during WWII
Bankos McMellon Mary M.  92 2/25/2015 Allentown PA Francis McMellon Agnes (Prescott) McMellon The Morning Call 2/28/2015 Victor Bankos 1972 graduate of Gwynedd Mercy University Cathedral Church of St. Catharine of Siena
Bassler Sr John C.  90 2/4/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 2/5/2015 Arlene R. (Malone) Bassler Muhlenberg College Christ Lutheran Church, Allentown
Bechtel Scheffey Eleanor Pottstown PA 108 6/16/2015 South Whitehall Township PA William Y. Scheffey Ella M. (Henricks) Scheffey The Morning Call 6/18/2015 Jesse Bertolet Bechtel 1924 graduate of Pottstown High School Christ United Presbyterian Church, Drexel Hill / First Presbyterian Church, Allentown
Beck Ralph H.  9/26/1924 Allentown PA 90 5/1/2015 Allentown PA Stanley Beck  Hazel (Maley) Beck The Morning Call 5/5/2015 Buddy Marjorie (Berkenstock) Beck St. Mark's UCC, Allentown US Marine Corps veteran served during WWII
Bedics William J.A.  12/25/1916 98 4/15/2015 Bethlehem PA Joseph Bedics Anna (Kovacs) Bedics The Morning Call 4/18/2015 Theresa K. Bedics St. Joseph Slovenian Catholic Church US Coast Guard veteran of WWII
Beer Macsek Helen M.  9/18/1919 95 1/30/2015 Bethlehem PA Mathias Macsek Anna (Rituper) Macsek The Morning Call 2/1/2015 Emil Beer St. John Windish Lutheran Church
Beers Antrim Annabelle M.  Allentown PA 90 8/16/2015 Emmaus PA William Antrim Rose (McClellan) Antrim The Morning Call 8/18/2015 Walter Beers St. John's Lutheran Church, Emmaus
Behrman Stearn Alethea 95 2/5/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 2/13/2015 United Methodist Church, Allentown
Beidelman Boehrer Modesta Fianna 90 7/3/2015 Bethlehem PA John Boehrer Olive (Riedy) Boehrer The Morning Call 7/8/2015 Curtis P. Beidelman St. Andrews Church, Allentown son, Gary Beidelman
Beleykanich Edward 10/21/1924 Bethlehem PA 90 7/9/2015 Bethlehem PA Vasil Beleykanich Bertha (Lazorchok) Beleykanich The Morning Call 7/10/2015 Ss. Peter and Paul Byzantine Church US Navy veteran of WWII
Bellesfield Roland Ernest 12/16/1920 Lower Macungie Township PA 94 2/6/2015 New Tripoli PA William Bellesfield Florence (Bieler) Bellesfield The Morning Call 2/8/2015 Served in the US Army in WWII
Benkovic Vegh Irene V.  10/28/1918 New Jersey 96 4/6/2015 Bethlehem PA Anthony Vegh Elizabeth (Nemeth) Vegh The Morning Call 4/8/2015 Aloysius Benkovic First Presbyterian Church, Allentown
Berkenstock Lewis R.  Summit Lawn PA 96 1/27/2015 Emmaus PA Thomas Berkenstock Ellen (Kramer) Berkenstock The Morning Call 1/28/2015 Hilda A. (Toth) Berkenstock Served in US Navy during WWII
Berkowitz Melvin I.  Allentown PA 95 7/8/2015 Houston TX William Berkowitz Leonore (Schneider) Berkowitz The Morning Call 7/10/2015 Sylvia (Rosenberg) Berkowitz Congregation Sons of Israel, Allentown / Temple Beth El, Allentown
Bernhard Stettler Dorothy S.  Allentown PA 92 4/17/2015 Allentown PA Mark Stettler Helen (Reinhard) Stettler The Morning Call 4/19/2015 1939 graduate of Allentown High School US Marine Corps veteran of WWII
Bickel Bertram W.  Mt. Carmel PA 90 2/13/2015 Bethlehem PA George Bickel Edith Bickel  The Morning Call 2/16/2015 Charis (Henry) Bickel served in the Navy during WWII
Billiard Sauerwine Gertrude Mae Hellertown PA 95 3/16/2015 Bethlehem PA Henry Sauerwine Emma (Rothrock) Sauerwine The Morning Call 3/18/2015 Allen Norman Billiard Sr St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Binder James  Nicholas 8/24/1924 Berlinsville PA 90 6/8/2015 Bethlehem PA Clement Binder Louise (Spadt) Binder The Morning Call 6/11/2015 Betty (Hoffman) Binder East Hills Moravian Church US Army veteran of WWII
Biondi Ray W.  6/16/1917 New Castle PA 97 4/25/2015 Lower Macungie Township PA William A. Biondi Jeanette (Dye) Biondi The Morning Call 4/27/2015 Southeastern University School of Law
Bisbing Lewis Trudy R.  Bethlehem PA 92 2/7/2015 Bethlehem PA Paul Lewis Mary (Cropper) Lewis The Morning Call 2/10/2015 St. Stephens Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Bleiler Donald N.  Allentown PA 90 7/31/2015 Allentown PA Irwin D. Bleiler Dorothy S. (Billig) Bleiler The Morning Call 8/4/2015 Martha (Reiss) Bleiler US Army Air Corps veteran of WWII
Bobersky Andrew 12/14/1924 Egypt PA 90 2/9/2015 Bethlehem PA John Bobersky Mary (Federchok) Bobersky The Morning Call 2/11/2015 Andy 1943 graduate of Whitehall High School Christ United Church of Christ, Schoenersville served in the US Navy during WWII
Bodey Siegfried Fern A.  Allentown PA 91 5/8/2015 Allentown PA Harold Siegfried Alice (Gangaway) Siegfried The Morning Call 5/10/2015 Richard E. Bodey
Bogunovich George M.  Bronx NY 99 5/4/2015 Bethlehem PA Frank Bogunovich Ethel (Dobos) Bogunovich The Morning Call 5/6/2015 Notre Dame of Bethlehem R.C. Church US Navy veteran of WWII
Bonales Anthony New York City NY 95 8/9/2015 Whitehall PA Anthony Bonales Martha (Acin) Bonales The Morning Call 8/11/2015 Tony Louise Marie (Pollio) Bonales St. Joseph the Worker Roman Catholic Church, Orefield US Army veteran of WWII
Borath Mary T.  Allentown PA 98 7/31/2015 Allentown PA Joseph Borath Mary (Berendias) Borath The Morning Call 8/2/2015 Mitzi Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church
Bourguignon Strahler Ruth  Fountain Hill PA 93 7/9/2015 Bethlehem PA George Strahler Myrtle (Cronce) Strahler The Morning Call 7/11/2015 Theodore Bourguignon East Hills Moravian Church, Bethlehem
Boyle Michael B.  Berlinsville PA 96 6/11/2015 Whitehall PA James Boyle Margaret (Erschen) Boyle The Morning Call 6/13/2015 Anna H. (Druther) Boyle Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church, Allentown US Army veteran of WWII
Brader Dutt Gloria A.  Bethlehem PA 91 5/29/2015 Allentown PA Willard Dutt Anna (Kuehner) Dutt The Morning Call 5/30/2015 William S. Brader Edgeboro Moravian Church
Brader Snyder Lorraine M.  Allentown PA 90 7/26/2015 Allentown PA Samuel Snyder Lucy (Moser) Snyder The Morning Call 7/28/2015 Franklin W. Brader
Bragg Rodgers June Frances Bethlehem PA 90 8/4/2015 Bethlehem PA Herman A. Rodgers / stepfather Patrick J. Enright Mary (Billiard) Rodgers The Morning Call 8/6/2015 Hubert T. "Bud" Bragg 1944 graduate of Bethlehem Catholic High School Holy Infancy Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Brecker Brecker Rita H.  Ashland PA 97 5/11/2015 Bethlehem PA Joseph Brecker Helen (Smith) Brecker The Morning Call 5/14/2015 Ss. Simon & Jude Church, Bethlehem
Breisch Wagner Elizabeth E.  Bethlehem PA 91 5/24/2015 Gracedale PA Calvin Wagner Emma (Becker) Wagner The Morning Call 5/27/2015 Howard J. Breisch Sr Salem Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Brennen Lieberman Margaret 1/12/1915 Allentown PA 100 8/16/2015 Allentown PA Joseph Lieberman Amelia Lieberman The Morning Call 8/18/2015 Peg Atty Brennen 1933 graduate of Allentown High School / 1937 graduate of Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia St. Thomas More Church, Allentown
Breunig George F.  Alburtis PA 91 3/15/2015 Emmaus PA George F. Breunig Elsie (Ruth) Breunig The Morning Call 3/22/2015 Old Zionsville UCC, Old Zionsville US Navy veteran of WWII
Broadhead Margaret J.  Tamaqua PA 94 6/26/2015 Whitehall PA Harvey Knox Anna Barbara (Geiger) Stokes The Morning Call 6/27/2015 John Broadhead 1938 graduate of Tamaqua High School Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, Whitehall
Broderick Charles R.  8/10/1921 Reading PA 93 7/30/2015 Allentown PA / Sarasota FL James Broderick Ruth (Kramer) Broderick The Morning Call 8/2/2015 Bobby Gloria Broderick daughter, Sheryl
Broderick Minarik Margaret H. Bethlehem PA 93 1/20/2015 Bethlehem PA Cyril Minarik Rose Minarik The Morning Call 1/22/2015 Louis J. Broderick Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church
Brown Donald C.  Coplay PA 97 2/16/2015 Allentown PA William A. Brown Ada Susan (Lory) Brown The Morning Call 2/18/2015 Loyes L. (Long) Brown St. Peter's UCC, Allentown served in the US Army during WWII
Brown  Mulrain Muriel E.  Jersey City NJ 95 4/16/2015 Bethlehem PA Charles Mulrain Alice (Grant) Mulrain The Morning Call 4/18/2015 Donald A. Brown Sr Assumption BVM, Colesville
Buchman Hinkle Evelyn E.  Allentown PA 98 4/22/2015 Allentown PA Claude Hinkle Sallie (Williams) Hinkle The Morning Call 4/23/2015 Woodrow A. Buchman Greenawalds UCC, Allentown
Buchvalt Kulbaba Rose M.  8/22/1924 90 4/26/2015 Bethlehem PA Wasyl Kulbaba Rose E. (Thesli) Kulbaba The Morning Call 4/28/2015 Frank J. Buchvalt Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Buhay Stephen Pennsville PA 92 6/28/2015 Orefield PA Wasyl Buhay Paranka (Babiak) Buhay The Morning Call 6/30/2015 Amelia (Romanchuk) Buhay St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church, Northampton US Army veteran of WWII
Buhman Hoch Ruth  N.  Chapel PA 96 6/30/2015 Zionsville PA The Morning Call 7/3/2015 East Greenville High School Grace E.C. Church of Hosensack, Zionsville daughter, Mary E. Duka
Cancellieri Rapey Anne R.  11/2/1915 Manhattan NY 99 1/25/2015 Upper Saucon Twp Theodore "Fred" Rapey Mary (Tymchyshyn) Rapey The Morning Call 1/26/2015 Salvatore Cancellieri
Carpenter Hartman Arline M.  6/7/1923 91 4/2/2015 Allentown PA Harold Hartman Carrie (Yob) Hartman The Morning Call 4/3/2015 James F. Carpenter Sr
Carthey Wilbur O.  11/12/1923 Davenport IA 91 6/28/2015 Allentown PA Frank Carthey Christine (Schemmel) Carthey The Morning Call 6/29/2015 Ramona (Heffner) Carthey University of Northern Iowa  First Presbyterian Church, Shippensburg US Army veteran of WWII
Caskey White Dolores Las Vegas, NM 94 3/24/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 3/26/2015 James W. Caskey Trinity Episcopal Church worked with Army Air Corps during WWII
Casper Brennan Katherine Allentown PA 90 7/5/2015 Whitehall PA Andrew J. Brennan Marjorie B. (O'Brien) Brennan The Morning Call 7/7/2015 Kitty Emmett J. "Buddy" Casper Allentown Central Catholic High School Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Allentown
Chandler Moore Carolyn M.  Roxborough PA 90 6/3/2015 Macungie PA Walter G. Moore Mildred W. (Cope) Moore The Morning Call 6/4/2015
Chouk Warrick Mary Northampton PA 95 3/13/2015 Bethlehem PA Stephen Warrick Pauline (Lopuch) Warrick The Morning Call 3/14/2015 Frank Chouk St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church, Northampton
Chuk Nemsits Mary A.  2/12/1920 Bethlehem PA 95 7/9/2015 Bethlehem PA Charles Nemsits Julia (Lebar) Nemsits The Morning Call 7/10/2015 William J. Chuk Sr SS Simon and Jude Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Clause Moyer Mary A.  Bethlehem PA 94 7/2/2015 Coopersburg PA Marcus Moyer Sr Lena L. (Walters) Moyer The Morning Call 7/6/2015 Ellis J. Clause Morning Star Moravian Church, Coopersburg
Cleaver Arthur L.  9/17/1921 Allentown PA 93 5/9/2015 Allentown PA Lloyd Cleaver Charlotte (McCullough) Cleaver The Morning Call 5/11/2015 Archie US Army veteran of WWII
Conard Johnson Carolyn Elizabeth 1922 Brooklyn NY 93 8/3/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 8/5/2015 George Powell Conard II Adelphi Academy / 1943 graduate of Wellesley College First Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem
Conrad Hoffman Helen  D.  Alburtis PA 102 3/10/2015 Allentown PA Michael M. Hoffman Stella M. (Hersh) Hoffman The Morning Call 3/13/2015 Ernest D. Conrad Lutheran Congregation of Huff's Union Church, Alburtis
Conrad Heller Nina  E.  91 1/29/2015 Charles Heller Ethel (Royer) Heller The Morning Call 2/3/2015 Samuel C. Conrad Calvary Baptist Church, Bethlehem
Cook Testa Alice Jane Akron OH 97 2/4/2015 Allentown PA Frank Testa Elsie (Riley) Testa The Morning Call 2/5/2015 William R. Cook Cathedral of St. Catharine of Siena Catholic Church, Allentown
Cope Hawk Barbara C.  Fernridge PA 93 5/10/2015 Bethlehem PA Milton Hawk Gertrude (Miller) Hawk The Morning Call 5/11/2015 Bobbie Howard H. Cope St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Cope Edward S.  Akron OH 93 1/31/2015 Allentown PA William P. Cope Martha Cope The Morning Call 2/2/2015 son, Jeffrey B. Cope Served in the US Army Air Corp during WWII
Crego Nina D.  93 7/6/2015 Whitehall PA The Morning Call 7/8/2015 Warren H. Crego First Presbyterian Church, Baldwinsville NY
Creitz Moyer Dorothea Ida 7/31/1923 New Tripoli PA 91 5/18/2015 Germansville PA Edgar J. Moyer Ida E. (Bachman) Moyer The Morning Call 5/20/2015 Ebenezer United Church of Christ, New Tripoli
Creitz Harold F.  6/11/1924 Neffs PA 90 Schnecksville PA Elvin O. Creitz Sr Jeanette K. (Rex) Creitz The Morning Call 2/12/2015
Cressman Haines Louise V.  3/3/1923 Allentown PA 92 7/9/2015 York PA Harry Haines Verdi (Mest) Haines The Morning Call 7/10/2015 Mark E. Cressman 1941 graduate of Allentown High School Advent Lutheran Church, York
Crocus Helen 90 5/4/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 5/6/2015 St. Anne's Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Cummings Carmichael Jacqueline G.  4/6/1923 North Plainfield NJ 91 3/4/2015 Bethlehem PA John B. Carmichael Catherine T. (Corley) Carmichael The Morning Call 3/8/2015 Cornelius E. Cummings Bellevue School of Nursing, NY University St. Anne's Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Daley Ziegler Helen M.  Allentown PA 90 8/4/2015 Allentown PA  George A. Ziegler Mary (Valinch) Ziegler The Morning Call 8/6/2015 James T. Daley
Daley Lenker Nancy L.  York PA 90 7/17/2015 Allentown PA Harry R. Lenker Mary (Free) Lenker The Morning Call 7/21/2015 Henry "Hank" F. Daley Jr Penn State University Nativity Lutheran Church, Allentown
Damweber Jr Julius F.  7/22/1924 Allentown PA 90 5/5/2015 Allentown PA Julius F. Damweber Sr Hermina (Ring) Damweber The Morning Call 5/9/2015 Allentown Central Catholic High School Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church, Allentown US Army veteran of WWII
Dean Sr Frederick I.  8/14/1919 Coplay PA 95 2/4/2015 Coplay PA Frederick Dean Gertrude (Ribakowsky) Klingler The Morning Call 2/7/2015 Fritz Emily (Vandergrift) Dean
DeBlasio Podleszek Callisto Carmela C.  Italy 94 Whitehall PA Rocco Callisto Reperta Callisto The Morning Call 2/2/2015 Arnold DeBlasio / John Podleszek Jr
DeFanti Charles Joseph Allentown PA 103 8/4/2015 Coplay PA Massimiliano DeFanti Angelina (Cariesi) DeFanti The Morning Call 8/5/2015 Duke Anna Mary (Duracinsky) DeFanti Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church, Allentown
Deily Baer Reba M.  Allentown PA 93 4/3/2015 Allentown PA John G. Baer Leah M. (Gackenbach) Baer The Morning Call 4/5/2015 John L. Deily Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church, Allentown
Dell'Olio Louis M.  Manhattan NY 92 7/22/2015 Orefield PA Mauro Dell'Olio Grace (Pellegrino) Dell'Olio The Morning Call 7/24/2015 St. Joseph the Worker Roman Catholic Church, Orefield WWII veteran
DeLong Gensler Alice  G.  9/24/1922 Allentown PA 92 3/14/2015 William M. Gensler Anna (Steigerwalt) Gensler The Morning Call 3/16/2015 Clair D. DeLong 1940 graduate of South Whitehall High School / Cedar Crest College / Penn State University Trinity United Church of Christ, Lewistown
DeNofa Nick 2/26/1921 Bethlehem PA 94 5/25/2015 Bethlehem PA Domenic DeNofa Sadie (Gatta) DeNofa The Morning Call 5/27/2015 Eleanor (Ringo) DeNofa US Army Air Corps veteran of WWII
Depta Nikles Elsie A.  Allentown PA 90 6/27/2015 Allentown PA Joseph Nikles Hedwig (Hauser) Nikles The Morning Call 6/30/2015 Andrew J. Depta Jr St. Timothy's Lutheran Chuch, Allentown
DeQuinqua Peter A.  Scranton PA 90 4/4/2015 Allentown PA Dominick DeQuinqua Mabel (Garzarella) DeQuinqua The Morning Call 4/9/2015 Scranton Technical High School US Army veteran of WWII
Derr Sell Mildred A.  Emmaus PA 94 1/27/2015 Emmaus PA Morris Sell Amy (Fegley) Sell The Morning Call 1/29/2015 Chester H. Derr Emmaus High School Zion's Lutheran Church, Old Zionsville
Deutsch Schmall Frances Allentown PA 98 4/1/2015 Allentown PA Charles Schmall Frances (Eberhardt) Schmall The Morning Call 4/3/2015 William C. Deutsch Sr St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Allentown
Deutsch Pelzman Hilda 12/6/1924 Northampton PA 90 7/4/2015 Nazareth PA Michael Pelzman Mary Pelzman The Morning Call 7/6/2015 John "Poodles" Deutsch Holy Family Catholic Church, Nazareth
DeWalt Lewis Leah A.  Freemansburg PA 90 5/16/2015 Bethlehem PA Allen K. Lewis Ruth N. (Silfies) Lewis The Morning Call 5/18/2015 Harold (J.J.) DeWalt Sr 1942 graduate of Liberty High School St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Di Stefano Meyers Lillian C.  Philadelphia PA 97 8/20/2015 Bethlehem PA Harry Meyers Lillian (Devaney) Meyers The Morning Call 8/21/2015 Albert B. Di Stefano
Diehl Kern Rachel A.  1/17/1920 Washington Township 95 5/27/2015 Allentown PA Benjamin L. Kern Mabel E. (Walter) Schmale Kern The Morning Call 5/29/2015 Wilbur O. Diehl Union United Church of Christ, Neffs
Dietrich Ernest F.  Lynn Township PA 90 4/25/2015 New Tripoli PA Edgar H. Dietrich Mabel (Fenstermaker) Dietrich The Morning Call 4/28/2015 Alice M. (Fetherolf) Dietrich 1943 graduate of Slatington High School Lutheran Congregation of Jerusalem Red Church, Kempton
DiFrancesco Carmen P.  Atlas PA 92 4/16/2015 Coopersburg PA Odorizzio DiFrancesco Amelia (Rossi) DiFrancesco The Intelligencer 4/21/2015 US Army veteran of WWII
Dillman LaBarre Jean L.  Bangor PA  91 2/2/2015 Bethlehem PA Reimer LaBarre Helen (Frantz) LaBarre The Morning Call 2/3/2015 Alan C. Dillman 1941 graduate of Bangor High School Christ UCC, Bethlehem Served in the US Navy during WWII
Dillmann Oland A. New Orleans LA 92 1/19/2015 Allentown PA Anthony O. Dillmann Elodie (Eliser) Dillmann The Morning Call 1/21/2015 Jean M. (Horldt) Dillmann Grace UCC in Allentown Served in US Navy during WWII
DiMenichi William H.  Fountain Hill PA 93 5/3/2015 Bethlehem PA Isidore DiMenichi Edna (Minnich) DiMenichi The Morning Call 5/5/2015 1st wife Helen (Donchez) DiMenichi St. John UCC Church, Farmersville US Marine Corps veteran served during WWII
Dimitriadis Georgia A. Filia, Mytilene Greece 94 2/7/2015 Allentown PA Christo Adamtzikis Ralio Adamtzikis The Morning Call 2/9/2015 Alexandros Dimitriadis St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral
Dimmig Neibauer Elizabeth C.  3/13/1915 Bethlehem PA 99 2/25/2015 Joseph Neibauer Cecelia (Zaun) Neibauer The Morning Call 2/27/2015 Paul E. Dimmig  St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Fountain Hill
Dodson Cann Kruger Helen  Oneita Harrisburg PA 97 1/25/2015 Allentown PA Urban Kruger Oneita (Hake) Kruger The Morning Call 1/31/2015 Philip Cann
Doherty Bowe Mary Ann C.  2/6/1920 New York City NY 95 5/10/2015 Bethlehem PA John Bowe Ellen (McDonnell) Bowe The Morning Call 5/12/2015 Thomas J. Doherty Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Bethlehem
Dorney  Litzenberger Eleanor Allentown PA 90 7/12/2015 Bushnell FL Alfred Litzenberger Edith (Reppert) Litzenberger The Morning Call 7/19/2015 Willard Dorney St. Paul's UCC, Trexlertown
Dorney-Sandt Stauffer Mabel 1908 Upper Milford Township PA 107 5/19/2015 East Texas PA Oscar Stauffer Agnes (Knappenberger) Stauffer The Morning Call 5/21/2015 Warren Dorney / Wilbur Sandt Cedar United Church of Christ, Cetronia
Dorsey John B.  93 7/31/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 8/2/2015
Dougherty Pastorek Betty B.  Tarentum PA 92 4/17/2015 Allentown PA Joseph Pastorek Sophia (Sakmar) Pastorek The Morning Call 4/24/2015 St. Peter's Catholic High School, Mansfield OH / Kutztown University Cathedral St. Catharine's of Siena Church, Allentown
Dougherty Treskot Mary   A.  Ironton PA 90 6/30/2015 Allentown PA Harry Treskot Fannie (Marcieu) Treskot The Morning Call 7/1/2015 Daniel A. Dougherty Trinity Memorial Lutheran Church, Allentown
Drabick Stephen 12/29/1922 Ormrod PA 92 2/8/2015 Whitehall PA Daniel Drabick Mary (Maslany) Drabick The Morning Call 2/10/2015 Jeanette K. "Jeanie" (Karabin) Drabick St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church, Northampton served in the US Air Force during WWII
Dreisbach Earl  I.  Allentown PA 92 3/23/2015 South Whitehall Township Earl R. Dreisbach Irene S. (Eberwein) Dreisbach The Morning Call 3/25/2015 Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, Whitehall US Air Force veteran of WWII
Druckenmiller Smith Ruth  K.  Allentown PA 93 7/6/2015 Allentown PA Charles Smith Catherine (Crouthamel) Smith The Morning Call 7/9/2015 Harry H. Druckenmiller
Dugan Sr Patrick J.  Utica NY 92 1/28/2015 Bethlehem PA Patrick J. Dugan Hellen (Kawa) Dugan The Morning Call 2/1/2015 Jane Ann (McCormick) Dugan Ithica College US Marine Corps
Dunbar George Elizabeth Allentown PA 99 3/11/2015 Coopersburg PA Tony A. George Lenna (Morz) George The Morning Call 3/13/2015 John F. "Doc" Dunbar
Durback Feichtel Anne J.  Stiles PA 93 7/27/2015 Allentown PA Frank Feichtel Theresa (Samer) Feichtel The Morning Call 7/29/2015 Lawrence T. Durback Central Catholic High School St. Paul's R.C. Church, Allentown
Eaton James Asbury Birmingham AL 94 3/13/2015 Emmaus PA Joseph Jackson Eaton Lucy (Downey) Eaton The Morning Call 3/17/2015 Alice (Peter) Eaton University of AL / 1943 graduate of the US Naval Academy  Faith UCC, Allentown / First Presbyterian Church of Allentown US Marine Corps Captain served in WWII
Eck Fatzinger Pearl A.  Allentown PA 91 7/11/2015 Bethlehem PA Elmer Fatzinger Alice L. (White) Fatzinger The Morning Call 7/14/2015 James R. Eck Calvary Temple, Allentown
Edelman Kanuck Justine P.  3/17/1924 Bethlehem PA 90 3/12/2015 Bethlehem PA John Kanuck Anna (Polenchar) Kanuck The Morning Call 3/13/2015 Walter E. Edelman Jr Incarnation of Our Lord Parish, Bethlehem
Edith Bruni Zelko Allentown PA 90 2/28/2015 Allentown PA Adam Bruni Wilma (Yanger) Bruni The Morning Call 3/3/2015 St. John's Evangelical Congregational Church, Allentown
Ehret Geraldine J.  11/25/1923 Cetronia PA 91 3/6/2015 Bath PA Raymond Ehret Naomi Ehret The Morning Call 3/17/2015 Rose (Todora) Ehret West Bethlehem congretation of Jehovah's Witnesses
Elison George W.  93 4/28/2015 Allentown PA Walter Elison Ethel Elison The Morning Call 5/8/2015 Audrey Elison Penn State University First Presbyterian Church, Allentown / St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Friedensburg 1st Lt of the US Navy served in WWII and Korea
Eroh Bowman Mary Ellen Slatington PA 94 3/10/2015 Robert Bowman Ada (Smith) Bowman The Morning Call 3/15/2015 Russell J. Eroh
Evans Ellwood Genevieve M. Allentown PA 92 1/13/2015 Palmetto FL Lawrence Ellwood Mabel Unangst The Morning Call 1/25/2015 Albert "Bud" Evans Whitehall High School
Evans Mary E.  95 1/1/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 2/28/2015 Daniel L. Evans Jr St. Martin's Episcopal Church, St. David's
Falcone Prewitt Marie 1922 Bronx NY 7/8/2015 Macungie PA The Morning Call 7/9/2015 Ronald J. Prewitt
Falk Gangewere Frances V.  Freemansburg PA 95 3/2/2015 Bethlehem PA Stanley Gangewere Anna (Lynn) Gangewere The Morning Call 3/3/2015 Willard G. Falk Rosemont Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Fandl Lewis K.  Zahling Austria 104 6/7/2015 Lanark PA Lorenz Fandl Mary (Zenz) Fandl The Morning Call 6/10/2015 Helen (Madle) Fandl
Faringer Ruth  M.  Allentown PA 94 4/21/2015 Allentown PA Alfred H. Faringer Harriet S. (Layman) Faringer The Morning Call 4/23/2015 1939 graduate of William Allen High School
Fasching Edward J.  6/24/1923 Allentown PA 91 2/22/2015 Elverson PA Joseph Fasching Theresa Fasching The Morning Call 2/24/2015 Margaret Fasching Ross Leffler School of Conservation WWII US Navy veteran
Feaver Douglas D.  Toronto Canada 93 4/6/2015 Bethlehem PA Charles Feaver Margaret Feaver The Morning Call 4/9/2015 University of Toronto / Johns Hopkins University First Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem
Fenstermaker Lee E.  East Allen Township PA 90 2/20/2015 Catasauqua PA Clarence Fenstermaker Mimi (Mann) Fenstermaker The Morning Call 2/23/2015 Virginia (Freeman) Fenstermaker Salem United Church of Christ
Fidorack Overfield Ruth  W.  Bethlehem PA 95 8/5/2015 Bethlehem PA Gerald M. Overfield Lillian E. (Warg) Overfield The Morning Call 8/6/2015 Michael G. Fidorack Liberty High School / 1941 graduate of Moravian College / 1952 graduate of Lehigh University Salem Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Fink Bartley Maryrose A.  9/10/1921 Lansford PA 93 7/24/2015 Bethlehem PA Harry Bartley Sr Rose (Gillespie) Bartley The Morning Call 7/26/2015 Arthur Fink St. Ann High School, Lansford / 1942 graduate of The Sacred Heart Hospital School of Nursing St. Anne's Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Finkbeiner George R.  Philadelphia PA 90 2/21/2015 Bethlehem PA George Christopher Finkbeiner Elsie (Perl) Finkbeiner The Morning Call 2/24/2015 Edythe (Grauer) Finkbeiner served in the US Navy during WWII
Fischl Krug  Marie I.  Coplay PA 93 4/18/2015 Macungie PA Edward Krug Augustine (Schimeneck) Krug The Morning Call 4/23/2015
Fishburn Brehm Virginia L.  Carlisle PA 91 5/5/2015 Macungie PA Charles A. Brehm Mary M. (Hoch) Brehm The Morning Call 5/10/2015 Davidson K. Fishburn Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, Emmaus
Fleck Carl E.  Reading PA 100 3/11/2015 Allentown PA Herbert H. Fleck Dorothea M. (Nuebling) Fleck The Morning Call 3/15/2015 Miriam E. (Tobias) Fleck 1932 graduate of Wyomissing High School St. Timothy Evangelical Lutheran Church, Allentown served in the US Army during WWII
Fogarty John S.  5/11/1924 Brooklyn NY 91 8/3/2015 Bethlehem PA John Joseph Fogarty Julia (Buggy) Fogarty The Morning Call 8/7/2015 Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyn twin brother, Thomas Seabee in the US Navy during WWII
Ford Henn Pauline A.  Hellertown PA 98 7/13/2015 Fountain Hill PA Robert Henn Sally Henn The Morning Call 7/14/2015 Elwood J. Ford First United Church of Christ, Bethlehem
Fornal Ulrich Lillian M.  Germansville PA 94 1/18/2015 Allentown PA Robert H.I. Ulrich Hilda M. (Walter) Ulrich The Morning Call 1/21/2015 Henry Fornal
Foster Franklin Preston Islip NY 92 2/17/2015 Bethlehem PA Franklin S. Foster Elizabeth (Johnston) Foster The Morning Call 2/18/2015 Islip High School in NY SS Simon and Jude Catholic Church, Bethlehem served in the US Air Force during WWII
Fox Herman E.  4/6/1923 Allentown PA 91 3/3/2015 Allentown PA Michael Fox Elizabeth (Pollich) Fox The Morning Call 3/7/2015
Francisco Margaret E.  Brooklyn NY 91 5/7/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 5/8/2015 Henry G. Francisco Fontbonne Hall Academy, Brooklyn Women's Army Corps veteran of WWII
Frederick Donald R.  East Greenville PA 90 8/1/2015 Allentown PA Ralph H. Frederick Annie C. (Jacobs) Frederick The Morning Call 8/4/2015 Bettie J. (Schiffer) Frederick 1943 graduate of Allentown High School St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church US Army Air Force veteran of WWII
Frederick Emmerich Edith E.  Allentown PA 95 1/17/2015 Allentown PA Eugene Emmerich Louise (Wurtz) Emmerich The Morning Call 1/21/2015 John A. Frederick Jr.  First Presbyterian Church of Allentown
Frey Lapp Snyder Helen R.  7/1/1923 Quakertown PA 91 6/16/2015 Allentown PA John Snyder Bella (Hofecker) Snyder The Morning Call 6/19/2015 Norman L. Frey / Harry Lapp East Rockhill Chapel, Quakertown
Frisch Luizer Rose J.  Northampton PA 96 3/28/2015 Coplay PA Frank Luizer Caroline (Rothdeutsch) Luizer The Morning Call 3/30/2015 Frank J. "Sonny" Frisch St. Peter's Catholic Church, Coplay
Fritchman Reiss Marjorie R.  90 3/1/2015 Bethlehem PA William Reiss Lena (Ottenbaucher) Reiss The Morning Call 3/7/2015 Chauncey J. Fritchman 1943 graduate of Bethlehem High School
Fritzges Flora May Mankato MN 90 1/28/2015 Catasauqua PA Edgerton Ross Mary (Bowyer) Laughlin The Morning Call 1/31/2015 Robert H. Fritzges Sr  1942 graduate Shickshinny High School  St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Catasauqua
Galassi Troia Filomena Mociano Italy 94 8/3/2015 Bethlehem PA Pietro Troia Amalia (Marchioni) Troia The Morning Call 8/5/2015 Alfonso Galassi Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, Northampton / Notre Dame Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Gardner McGorry Margaret M.  Jim Thorpe PA 93 7/8/2015 Allentown PA Matthew McGorry Hannah (Herman) McGorry The Morning Call 7/14/2015 Harry A. Gardner St. Thomas More Church, Allentown
Gaumer Geho Eleanore J.  Allentown PA 91 4/7/2015 Allentown PA Lloyd D. Geho Millicent M. (Butz) Geho The Morning Call 4/10/2015 Lester L. Gaumer 1941 graduate of Allentown High School Christ Lutheran Church, Allentown
Geiger Glasser Arlene A.  Spring Creek PA 95 4/30/2015 Catasauqua PA Harry D. Glasser Sarah E. (Long) Glasser The Morning Call 5/1/2015 Carl W. Geiger Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Catasauqua
Geiger     Ealer Katharine E.  Williamsport PA 99 3/27/2015 Bethlehem PA Henry Ealer Hannah (Wasser) Ealer The Morning Call 3/29/2015 Daniel R. Geiger 1933 graduate of Williamsport High School St. John's UCC, Fullerton
Geiger Sr William T.  Coplay PA 97 2/24/2015 Whitehall PA Charles Geiger Clara (Miller) Geiger The Morning Call 2/26/2015 Evelyn (Miller) Geiger / Janina (Chalupka) Geiger St. John Lutheran Church, Coplay
Gellis German Agnes C.  11/3/1922 Washington Township 92 4/4/2015 Allentown PA Oliver German Annie (Renninger) German The Morning Call 4/8/2015 August Gellis Good Shepherd UCC, Slatington
Gentile Malatesta Fausta 8/12/1920 Italy 94 5/21/2015 Bethlehem PA John Malatesta Josephine (Caprara) Malatesta The Morning Call 5/24/2015 Frank Gentile House on the Rock Family Church, Wind Gap
Geosits Keppel Hilda K.  3/22/1913 N. Coplay PA 101 2/11/2015 Whitehall PA Joseph Keppel Mary (Solderitch) Keppel The Morning Call 2/13/2015 George Geosits St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, Coplay
Gerew Mertz Florence M.  1/26/1921 Mahoning Valley PA 94 4/25/2015 Bethlehem PA John Mertz Augusta (Everett) Mertz The Morning Call 4/28/2015 Hal Gerew
German Weaver Eleanor  G.  12/22/1921 Omrod PA 93 4/18/2015 Allentown PA Oliver Weaver Eva S. (Fatzinger) Weaver The Morning Call 4/20/2015 Wilson O. German
Gesoff Merkin Hilda I.  Allentown PA 98 6/22/2015 Macungie PA Harry Merkin Rose (Goldstein) Merkin The Morning Call 6/23/2015 Hildi Meyer S. Gesoff Temple Beth El, Allentown
Gibisser Markulics Kathryn A.  East Allen Township PA 97 6/12/2015 Allentown PA Peter Markulics Anna Markulics The Morning Call 6/16/2015 Frank J. Gibisser
Gilbert Paul  K.  94 8/22/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 8/22/2015 US Navy veteran of WWII
Gilly Ihle Dorothea M.  Fountain Hill PA 91 7/12/2015 Bethlehem PA Wilhem Ihle Clara (Glose) Ihle The Morning Call 7/14/2015 William Gilly 1942 graduate of Fountain Hill High School
Gledhill Frances R.  98 12/9/2014 Clermont FL The Morning Call 4/25/2015 Richard Gledhill
Goodlin Dorothea W.  97 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 2/15/2015 Dot Charles O. Goodlin St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Gore Moody Pauline Dillon SC 93 8/12/2015 Bethlehem PA Mack Moody Katie (Robinson) Moody The Morning Call 8/16/2015 Floyd Gore
Gorgone Fehnel Mary I.  Wilson Borough 96 1/21/2015 Allentown PA Victor Fehnel Mabel E. (Rice) Fehnel Miller The Morning Call 1/24/2015 Peter Gorgone / Glenn E. Bassler
Gower Clark E.  1922 Kunkletown PA 5/25/2015 Fullerton PA Quinton Gower Rosa Gower The Morning Call 5/26/2015 St. John's Lutheran Church, Fullerton US Navy veteran of WWII
Gower Shup Dorothy M.  Bethlehem PA 93 3/25/2015 Bethlehem PA Oliver Shup Hannah (Croman) Shup The Morning Call 3/27/2015 George F. Gower Emmanuel EC Church
Gower William F.  Summit Hill PA 90 8/4/2015 Allentown PA Percy Gower Arlene (Ohl) Gower The Morning Call 8/5/2015 Allen High School Signalman in the US Navy during WWII
Greatsinger Ayres Helen E.  Ilion NY 90 4/7/2015 Bethlehem PA Thomas Ayres Edna Ayres The Morning Call 4/9/2015 Elmira Southside High School
Green Reinsmith Carrie A.  Slatedale PA 92 2/7/2015 Slatedale PA William Reinsmith Cora (Snyder) Reinsmith The Morning Call 2/10/2015 Clarence L. Green Salem United Methodist Church, Slatedale
Greenwood Dorothy E.  Philadelphia PA 4/17/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 4/24/2015 1940 graduate of Frankford High School
Griffis Wachstetter Betty L.  Bethlehem PA 91 2/27/2015 David Wachstetter Beatrice (Lee) Wachstetter The Morning Call 2/28/2015 1945 graduate of Moravian College for Women Central Moravian Church
Grois Stanley E.  Derby CT 95 3/27/2015 Emmaus PA Marion Gruszkowski Genevieve (Sumaski) Gruszkowski The Morning Call 3/29/2015 St. Anne's Catholic Church, Emmaus US Army veteran of WWII
Groman Kratzer Dorothy M.  Allentown PA 94 4/22/2015 Salisbury Township PA Claude Kratzer Edna (Yeager) Kratzer The Morning Call 4/25/2015 Martin L. Groman Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, East Salisbury
Grosman Gerson Rio de Janerio Brazil 94 6/22/2015 Allentown PA Felipe Grosman Bertha Grosman The Morning Call 6/24/2015 Gerry Colegio Anglo Americano Keneseth Israel, Allentown Brazilian Allied Forces Army veteran of WWII
Gross Frank Norma L.  Allentown PA 92 5/14/2015 Allentown PA Arthur H. Frank Ida M. (Pool) Frank The Morning Call 5/16/2015 Edward L. Gross 1944 graduate of Susquehanna University St. Mark Lutheran Church, Allentown
Grube Rex Cora A.  Allentown PA 95 4/2/2015 Allentown PA Charles O. Rex Emma L. (Kreiss) Rex The Morning Call 4/4/2015 Wilmer H. Grube Jerusalem Western Salisbury UCC, Allentown
Gruber William L.  Allentown PA 90 8/3/2015 Emmaus PA Franz Gruber Theresa (Thomas) Gruber The Morning Call 8/4/2015 US Marine Corps veteran of WWII
Grund Petrusic Ann P.  93 Before 8/15/15 Bethlehem PA John Petrusic Theresa (Csrenko) Petrusic The Morning Call 8/15/2015 Frank (Fritz) Grund St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Gruver Christy Bertha B.  Binghamton NY 92 5/18/2015 Allentown PA Alex Christy Bertha Christy The Morning Call 5/19/2015 William H. Gruver
Gunn James 94 6/7/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 6/10/2015
Haas Dietrich Betty Edith 2/19/1925 Allentown PA 90 8/14/2015 Gladys PA Raymond Dietrich Flossie (Stoudt) Dietrich The Morning Call 8/16/2015 Edward George Haas
Haines Paul  K.  Cetronia PA 90 2/28/2015 Allentown PA Ira Haines Ida (Grim) Haines The Morning Call 3/4/2015 1947 graduate of Ursinus College Cedar UCC, Cetronia served at the Battle of the Bulge in WWII
Hammel Reinhardt Rosalie 9/11/1919 95 5/1/2015 Whitehall PA Frederick Reinhardt Amelia Reinhardt The Morning Call 5/6/2015 Stephen E. Hammel
Hanawalt Cook Doris I.  12/5/1919 Harrisburg PA 95 6/27/2015 Allentown PA Robert Cook  Leah Cook The Morning Call 6/30/2015 William Hanawalt Polyclinic Hospital School, Harrisburg daughter, Carol Rothenberger
Hancharick Gawlik Maryann S.  Bethlehem PA 98 2/6/2015 Bethlehem PA Idzi Gawlik Maryanna (Czuba) Gawlik The Morning Call 2/11/2015 Paul Hancharick St. Anne's Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Hanna George M.  90 6/28/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 7/2/2015 The Baron Hilda Hanna Served in the US Army during WWII - Battle of the Bulge
Harakal Novak Anna K.  Canton OH 90 3/20/2015 Allentown PA Michael Novak Anna (Kozusko) Novak The Morning Call 3/23/2015 John Harakal Jr St. John the Baptist Slovak Catholic Church, Allentown
Harlacher Wildgen Veronica B.  Fountain Hill PA 101 3/17/2015 Bethlehem PA Peter Wildgen Margaret Wildgen The Morning Call 3/19/2015 Alvin J. Harlacher Bethany Church UCC, Bethlehem
Hebb Hahn Mildred E.  10/28/1917 Fountain Hill  97 2/8/2015 Allentown PA Charles Hahn Violet (Benner) Hahn The Morning Call 2/10/2015
Heckman Donald H.  9/18/1924 Lower Nazareth Township PA 90 5/6/2015 Allentown PA Jacob Heckman Laura (Hahn) Heckman The Morning Call 5/9/2015 Dryland UCC Church, Newburg Served in the US Army during WWII - Battle of the Bulge
Heil Harold J. Macungie PA 90 1/21/2015 James Heil Verna (Kerchner) Heil The Morning Call 1/23/2015 Pennsburg United Church of Christ Served in the Army during WWII
Heintzelman Earl  W.  Lowhill Township PA 90 3/12/2015 New Tripoli PA The Morning Call 3/14/2015 Weisenberg Lutheran Church, New Tripoli
Heiskell Spraley Mary Louise Dayton OH 94 1/29/2015 Allentown PA Clement F. Spraley Sr Irene V. (Hochwalt) Spraley The Morning Call 1/31/2015 1938 graduate of Julienne High School / University of Dayton St. Thomas More Church, Allentown
Heisler McCleary Barbara M.  Johnstown PA 90 2/14/2015 Bethlehem PA M. James McCleary Elinor (Patterson) McCleary The Morning Call 2/17/2015 Jere Y. Heisler 1948 graduate of Penn State University Cathedral Church of the Nativity
Helinsky Walter Bethlehem PA 92 5/27/2015 Allentown PA Frank Helinsky Katherine (Schultz) Helinsky The Morning Call 5/31/2015 Albertina (Hottenstein) Helinsky Grace United Church of Christ, Allentown US Army Engineers veteran of WWII
Helman Ruff Ardith M.  Weissport PA 91 6/4/2015 Center Valley PA John C. Ruff Mabel C. (Fisher) Ruff The Morning Call 6/7/2015 Buppy Harold J. "Bud" Helman Sr
Hercik Cmorey Mary A.  4/17/1920 Bethlehem PA 94 4/4/2015 Fountain Hill PA Andrew Cmorey Anna (Kral) Cmorey The Morning Call 4/6/2015 Frank A. Hercik St. Ursula Catholic Church, Fountain Hill
Herczeg Lysek Helen G. Allentown PA 93 1/20/2015 Bethlehem PA Martin Lysek Victoria (Tarnowski) Lysek The Morning Call 1/22/2015 Frank Herczeg
Hertzog Miller Margaret A.  Emmaus PA 102 2/14/2015 Allentown PA Levi Miller Edna (Reifinger) Miller The Morning Call 2/20/2015 Earl C. Hertzog
Hertzog Walck Dollinger Virginia M.  Bethlehem PA 91 8/14/2015 Bethlehem PA Robert Dollinger Elsie (Shimer) Dollinger The Morning Call 8/17/2015 Robert Hertzog / Chester Walck Messiah Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Hess Frank B.  2/10/1925 Nazareth PA 90 6/28/2015 Bethlehem PA Raymond R. Hess Helen E. (Johnson) Hess The Morning Call 6/30/2015
Hess Krueger Lilly Allentown PA 96 8/16/2015 Topton PA Carl Krueger Theresa (Schmid) Krueger The Morning Call 8/18/2015 Allen W. Hess Friedensville Evangelical Lutheran Church, Center Valley
Hilbert Sechler Dorothy E.  Wescosville PA 91 3/17/2015 Topton PA Albert L. Sechler Lizzie M.A. (Yeager) Sechler The Morning Call 3/21/2015 LeRoy J. Hilbert Trinity Lutheran Church, Topton
Hochella Deutsch Pauline Teresa 2/9/1925 Nazareth PA 90 Bethlehem PA Kosmos Deutsch Frances Hofer Deutsch The Morning Call 2/27/2015
Hochella William 8/5/1923 Bethlehem PA 91 7/24/2015 Andrew Hochella Mary (Chopko) Hochella The Morning Call 7/25/2015 Bill Pauline Theresa (Deutsch) Hochella 1941 graduate of Liberty High School / 1948 graduate of Moravian College US Navy veteran of WWII
Hodge Sr Patrick J.  Allentown PA 92 6/23/2015 Allentown PA Patrick Hodge Mary (Kostic) Hodge The Morning Call 6/25/2015 Virginia M. (Roth) Hodge St. Paul's Catholic Church, Allentown USMC Corporal during WWII
Hoffman Harold F.  7/10/1922 Allentown PA 92 7/8/2015 New Market VA The Morning Call 7/24/2015 US Navy veteran of WWII
Hoffman Yarema Julia Y.  91 3/19/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 3/22/2015 St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Allentown
Hofmann Easterday Joyce E.  Cherryville PA 97 6/10/2015 Allentown PA Charles Easterday Lillian (Miller) Easterday The Morning Call 6/11/2015 William F. Hofmann Lehigh Township High School St. Paul's UCC, Allentown daughter, Darlene Transue
Holtzman Oswald Dorothy M.  Allentown PA 94 2/24/2015 Blandon PA Lloyd L. Oswald Margaret (Glose) Oswald The Morning Call 2/25/2015 William C. Holtzman
Hood Sr George R.  3/4/1922 Pottsville PA 93 6/14/2015 Allentown PA James Hood Edna (Bickert) Hood The Morning Call 6/16/2015 Thelma M. (Ritzman) Hood 1939 graduate of Milton Hershey School Retired as 2nd Lt of the US Army serving in WWII
Hoppes Lazarus Dorothy D.  Ruchsville PA 90 6/19/2015 Coplay PA Homer P. Lazarus Lasta A. (Butz) Lazarus The Morning Call 6/20/2015 Robert E. Hoppes Sr Union United Church of Christ, Neffs
Hoppes Sr Robert E.  4/15/1923 Washington Township 91 2/10/2015 Coplay PA Leon Hoppes Helen (Frantz) Hoppes The Morning Call 2/12/2015 Union UCC, Neffs Sergeant in the US Army during WWII
Hovatter Virginia M.  Barbour County WV 91 4/9/2015 Allentown PA Teddie R. Hovatter Sr Mae (Shahan) Hovatter The Morning Call 4/13/2015
Hunsicker Schwenk Evelyn Mae 3/19/1921 Catasauqua PA 93 1/16/2015 Louisville KY William Schwenk Dora (Highland) Schwenk The Morning Call 1/22/2015 LeRoy Hunsicker Son, Lee Hunsicker
Hunter Fahy Bertha F.  10/13/1924 90 3/1/2015 Bethlehem PA Simon Fahy Julia (Vooz) Fahy Strohl The Morning Call 3/5/2015 W. Allen Hunter First Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem
Hutchinson Shetron Ruth E.  Middletown PA 94 1/31/2015 Bethlehem PA Franklin Shetron Margarette (Nickey) Shetron The Morning Call 2/2/2015 Herbert E. Hutchinson / Lewis P. Emerich
Jagielski Julian A.  8/11/1919 Poland 95 3/23/2015 Bethlehem PA Anthony Jagielski Josephine (Samosko) Jagielski The Morning Call 3/25/2015 Incarnation of Our Lord Parish Veteran of the Polish Army 
Jarallah Laurice Damascus Syria 90 1/26/2015 Allentown PA Aziz Jarallah Salwa Isawi The Morning Call 1/28/2015 Adib Nassan
Johnson Elizabeth M.  Allentown PA 91 3/3/2015 Bethlehem PA George J. Desh Violet (Kester) King The Morning Call 3/5/2015 Betty Albert S. Johnson Moravian College for Women College Hill Moravian Church, Bethlehem
Jones Benjamin F.  Allentown PA 98 4/18/2015 Bethlehem PA Joseph W. Jones Sr Virginia F. (Cephias) Jones The Morning Call 4/21/2015 Geraldine (Collette) Jones St. Paul Baptist Church, Bethlehem
Jones Griffiths Jane G.  Slatington PA 106 8/1/2015 Allentown PA John G. Griffiths Ellen (Jones) Griffiths The Morning Call 8/4/2015 Elias A. Jones Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Allentown
Jones Robert E.  Sandy Lake PA 94 3/18/2015 Allentown PA George Washington Jones Harriet (Taylor) Jones The Morning Call 5/10/2015 Alice Lanning (Scott) Jones 1942 graduate of Lafayette College Episcopal Church of the Mediator, Allentown
Joyce Frey Irene A.  3/4/1923 Fountain Hill PA 92 7/11/2015 Bethlehem PA Oliver Frey Ida (Derrick) Frey The Morning Call 7/13/2015 Thomas F. Joyce Jr St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Joyce Jr Thomas F.  2/4/1922 Minooka (Scranton) PA 93 7/24/2015 Bethlehem PA Thomas F. Joyce Sr Mary (Flemish) Joyce The Morning Call 7/28/2015 Irene A. (Frey) Joyce St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Bethlehem US Navy veteran of WWII
Judd Edward L.  2/3/1919 Hellertown PA 96 4/12/2015 Whitehall PA Clayton Judd Annie (Landis) Judd The Morning Call 4/15/2015 Althea A. (Gorski) Judd 1937 graduate of Hellertown High School Dubbs Memorial UCC, Allentown
Kachline Heintzelman Lydia M.  Upper Milford Township PA 93 3/28/2015 Claremont CA Erwin O. Heintzelman Anna C. (Laubach) Heintzelman The Morning Call 4/9/2015 Clifford Hiester Kachline Lutheran Congregation, Whitehall
Kacsur George J.  Allentown PA 97 5/6/2015 Whitehall PA John Kacsur Anna (Krafchsik) Kacsur The Morning Call 5/9/2015 Anna (Siwy) Kacsur St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Allentown US Army veteran of WWII
Kahler Emily E.  90 7/19/2015 Nazareth PA The Morning Call 7/23/2015 Warren "Windy" Kahler
Kalacska Julia 95 7/13/2015 Ridley Park PA / Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 7/15/2015 John Kalacska
Kale Regis T.  6/12/1923 Allentown PA 91 4/24/2015 Bangor PA Francis T. Kale Verna (Young) Kale The Morning Call 4/26/2015 US Army veteran of WWII
Kalinowski Binasiewicz Valeria H.  Reading PA 92 3/5/2015 Center Valley PA Stephen Binasiewicz Helen (Zielinski) Binasiewicz The Morning Call 3/8/2015 Stanley A. "Kelly" Kalinowski Reading High School St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church, Reading
Kaslik Desch Arlene E.  Macungie PA 90 7/21/2015 Kutztown PA Claude Desch Laura (Christman) Desch The Morning Call 7/23/2015 Matthew F. Kaslik Kutztown State Teacher's College Salem United Church of Christ, Pocono Pines
Kauker Stephen C.  91 7/27/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 7/28/2015 1st wife Pauline (Kraponick) Kauker US Army veteran of WWII
Keim Luella Elizabeth 1/6/1919 Bethlehem PA 96 8/14/2015 Bethlehem PA Walter Keim Minnie (Fatzinger) Keim The Morning Call 8/17/2015 1936 graduate of Liberty High School Salem Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Kercher Poh Ethel P.  Allentown PA 95 2/3/2015 Allentown PA Clayton Poh Mayme (Werley) Poh The Morning Call 2/5/2015 Karl W. Kercher
Kern White Pearl E.  Egypt PA 91 3/31/2015 Allentown PA Gilbert White Mae (Guth) White The Morning Call 4/3/2015 Arthur W. Kern Jerusalem Western Salisbury Church, Allentown
Kern Sr Arthur W.  Allentown PA 92 6/1/2015 Allentown PA Arthur F. Kern Katie (Mell) Kern The Morning Call 6/4/2015 Pearl E. (White) Kern Jerusalem Western Salisbury Church US Army veteran of WWII
Kerschner Guinther Rachel Mae Allentown PA 95 8/14/2015 Allentown PA  Harold J. Guinther Anna Margaret (Bolton) Guinther The Morning Call 8/15/2015 Lewis Franklin Kerschner St. Paul's UCC, Trexlertown
Kessler Rundle Elizabeth Ida 4/17/1924 Nazareth PA 91 7/3/2015 Nazareth PA George H. Rundle Mary (Redline) Rundle The Morning Call 7/6/2015 Betty
Kester Bereziak Sophia Palmerton PA 95 2/14/2015 Ilko Bereziak Anna (Wintonik) Bereziak The Morning Call 2/16/2015 Susie Allen W. Kester St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Catholic Church, Palmerton
Khalil Ibrahim Amar Syria 93 4/24/2015 Allentown PA Youssef Khalil Tamini Khalil The Morning Call 4/26/2015 Aziza Azar-Khalil
Kidd Shuck Emma Mauch Chunk PA 107 6/22/2015 Slatington PA Charles L. Shuck Sr Rohama (Whiteman) Shuck The Morning Call 6/24/2015 Victor H. Kidd St. John's Lutheran Church, Slatington
Kistler Weller Evelyn M.  Danielsville PA 91 3/4/2015 Allentown PA John Weller Carrie (Kromer) Weller The Morning Call 3/7/2015 Alton R. Kistler
Klase Richard Samuel 6/27/1924 Bethlehem PA 90 3/15/2015 Slatington PA Henry W. Klase Mary (Tombler) Klase The Morning Call 3/17/2015 St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Slatington US Army veteran of WWII
Kleckner Elaine M.  91 2/2/2015 Macungie PA George Kleckner Helen (Leiser) Kleckner The Morning Call 2/8/2015
Kleppinger Robert J.  Belfast PA 94 1/23/2015 Allentown PA Frank A. Kleppinger Sally F. (Schappel) Kleppinger The Morning Call 1/25/2015 Served in US Army Air Corps during WWII
Kline Kenneth A.  Emmaus PA 92 2/10/2015 Emmaus PA Alfred G. Kline Annie (George) Kline The Morning Call 2/12/2015 St. John's Lutheran Church, Emmaus served in the US Army during WWII
Kline Richard E.  98 1/29/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 1/30/2015 Mae I. (Gehris) Kline Salem United Methodist Church, Zionsville
Klinger Young Geraldine Pocohantas AR 92 3/7/2015 Bethlehem PA John William Young Mary Lutitia (Million) Young The Morning Call 3/10/2015 Jerry Burton Klinger Sr Calvary Baptist Church, Easton
Knecht Nonnemaker Melba M.  Allentown PA 101 8/11/2015 Macungie PA Edwin Nonnemaker Lovie (Roth) Nonnemaker The Morning Call 8/12/2015 Howard L. Knecht Cedar Lutheran Church, Allentown
Knerr Schoch Leona K.  Alburtis PA 98 2/1/2015 Breinigsville PA Calvin K. Schoch Mary H. (Hilbert) Schoch The Morning Call 2/3/2015 Charles H.F. "Beechy" Knerr Church of the Good Shepherd UCC
Knoll Zeigler Arline R.  Allentown PA 98 6/4/2015 Slatington PA Reuben R. Zeigler Goldie (Nuss) Zeigler The Morning Call 6/6/2015 George M. Knoll MD 1938 graduate of the Sacred Heart Hospital School of Nursing
Koch Clarence  J.  White Haven PA 99 3/25/2015 Whitehall PA The Morning Call 3/27/2015 Mary Koch
Koch Merton O.  Easton PA 91 4/29/2015 Bethlehem PA Merton C. Koch Anna Mae (Beidelman) Koch The Morning Call 4/30/2015 Rider and Lafayette Colleges Calvary Baptist Church, Bethlehem Retired US Navy Commander served during WWII
Kochenash Segan Kathryn Ironton PA 90 6/15/2015 Whitehall PA Anthony Segan Mary (Drociak) Segan The Morning Call 6/17/2015 Kit Joseph Kochenash St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church, Northampton Siblings Michael, Nicholas, Walter, Joseph, John  and Ann Segan
Kokolus Sulick Anna 7/2/1921 Egypt PA 94 7/4/2015 Orefield PA Michael Sulick Anastazia (Korytko) Sulick The Morning Call 7/6/2015 Michael H. Kokolus St. Joseph the Worker Roman Catholic Church, Orefield
Kollmer Arthur Edward Glendale NY 91 8/3/2015 Whitehall PA Adolph Kollmer Frieda (Windel) Kollmer The Morning Call 8/5/2015 Ruth Frances (Kunz) Kollmer Community Bible Fellowship Church, Whitehall / United Church of Christ, Hasbrouck Heights NJ / Corinth Unite Methodist Church, Smithfield NC
Kollo Emma Germany 104 3/11/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 3/15/2015 Mollie Charles A. Kollo
Korczewyj Paraszczak Maria  A.  2/20/1925 Roliv Ukraine 90 3/30/2015 Bethlehem PA Ivan Paraszczak Anna Paraszczak The Morning Call 4/1/2015 Nestor Korczewyj St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Kovacs Reiter Theresa 5/26/1920 Northampton PA 95 6/9/2015 Bethlehem PA Frank Reiter Theresa Reiter The Morning Call 6/11/2015 Joseph Kovacs St. Anne's Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Kowalick Walter 10/12/1924 Great Meadows NJ 90 3/28/2015 Bethlehem PA Joseph Kowalick Eva (Laszek) Kowalick The Morning Call 3/30/2015 1942 graduate of Hackettstown High School / 1948 graduate of Rider College Served in Patton's 3rd Army in WWII
Kozo Sosnowsky Anna 12/25/1922 Chester PA 92 8/22/2015 Bethlehem PA John Sosnowsky Mary (Yeromey) Sosnowsky The Morning Call 8/25/2015 Francis G. Kozo St. Ursula's Catholic Church, Fountain Hill
Kraipovich Meredith Isabelle M.  Pottsville PA 91 3/23/2015 Allentown PA William L. Meredith Wilda (Kanute) Meredith The Morning Call 3/28/2015 Anthony Joseph Kraipovich 1941 graduate of Tamaqua High School / McCann's Business School
Krajczar Mingora Agnes L.  Bethlehem PA 91 2/1/2015 Bethlehem PA Joseph Mingora Agnes (Fistner) Mingora The Morning Call 2/3/2015 William J. Krajczar Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church
Krause Wilhide Gladys Emma 10/14/1919 Allentown PA 95 2/12/2015 Allentown PA Ralph Wilhide Elsie (Billet) Wilhide The Morning Call 2/15/2015 Honey graduate of Allentown High School / The Joyce Art School of Beauty, Allentown Emmanuel Assembly of God Church, Allentown
Kreller Max A.  Bound Brook NJ 99 5/9/2015 Allentown PA Arno Kreller Lina (Helbig) Kreller The Morning Call 5/11/2015 Hazel A. (Sell) Kreller 1938 graduate of Lehigh University First Presbyterian Church, Allentown
Kroboth Jr Frank 8/3/1922 Nazareth PA 92 6/27/2015 Coplay PA Frank Kroboth Sr Theresa (Deutsch) Kroboth The Morning Call 6/29/2015 St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, Coplay US Army veteran of WWII
Krout Overbeck Joyce O. 90 1/19/2015 Wilson Borough, Easton PA The Morning Call 1/21/2015 Reuben Krout Wilson High School St. Peter's UCC, Tatamy
Krowitz Rupert Daisy D.  9/23/1924 Chambersburg PA 90 3/10/2015 Allentown PA Cameron Rupert Lydia Bell (McClure) Rupert The Morning Call 3/13/2015 Michael B. Krowitz
Kuller Kahn Beatrice New York City NY 93 8/12/2015 Allentown PA Henry Kahn Eda (Abrams) Kahn The Morning Call 8/14/2015 Abraham Kuller Temple Beth El, Allentown
Kuna Washeleski Adella J.  Simpson 90 4/9/2015 Allentown PA Joseph Washeleski Amelia (Yusavage) Washeleski The Morning Call 4/10/2015 Peter Kuna Fell Township Schools St. Rose of Lima Parish, Carbondale
Kunkle Edith  M.  90 4/10/2015 Whitehall PA The Morning Call 4/12/2015 Earl D. Kunkle
Lacy  Evelyn G. Allentown PA 95 1/30/2015 Topton PA Daniel B. Lacy Clara A. (Deery) Lacy The Morning Call 2/4/2015
Laros James  A.  7/13/2015 Vestal NY / Easton PA / North Wales PA The Reporter 7/16/2015 Virginia (Culpepper) Laros Duke University US Navy veteran of WWII
Laudenschlager Jagnesak Helen A.  5/7/1920 Emmaus PA 94 3/30/2015 Emmaus PA Andrew Jagnesak Mary (Sagat) Jagnesak The Morning Call 3/31/2015 Foster S. Laudenschlager 1938 graduate of Emmaus High School / 1942 graduate or Penn State St. Ann's Catholic Church, Emmaus
Leh Buchman Caroline M.  9/19/1923 Walberts, South Whitehall Township PA 91 2/9/2015 Whitehall PA Fred W. Buchman Clara M. (Everett) Buchman The Morning Call 2/11/2015 Ernest P. Leh Union UCC, Neffs
Leopold Peters Edna M.  9/17/1921 North Whitehall Township PA 93 5/11/2015 Whitehall PA Frank J. Peters Lillian A. (Mickley) Peters The Morning Call 5/13/2015 Woodrow F. Leopold Union UCC, Neffs
Lesavoy Gorelick Granet Adele Jersey City NJ 97 2/19/2015 Allentown PA Samuel Granet Anna (Gilbert) Granet The Morning Call 2/20/2015 Eugene Lesavoy / Morris Gorelick Congregation Keneseth Israel, Allentown
Leslie Marvin C.  Greenwich Township 90 5/29/2015 Macungie PA Russell Leslie Blanche (Baer) Leslie The Morning Call 5/31/2015 Ziegels United Church of Christ, Breinigsville
Lett Kuebler Mildred J.  Newark NJ 90 5/7/2015 Macungie PA C. Herman Kuebler Josephine (Brenner) Kuebler The Morning Call 5/9/2015 George J. Lett 1942 graduate of Central Catholic High School St. Thomas More Church, Allentown
Lilly Allen L.  6/23/1922 Coplay PA 92 4/5/2015 Allentown PA Milton H. Lilly Ruth M. (Reinhard) Lilly The Morning Call 4/7/2015 Calvary Wesleyan Church, Bethlehem US Navy veteran of WWII
Linde Jr John  Eric Orefield PA 93 4/18/2015 Orefield PA J. Eric Linde Sr Esther W. (Lindborg) Linde The Morning Call 4/21/2015 Ruberta "Ruby" M. Linde Penn State University Union UCC, Neffs US Army veteran of WWII
Long Dorothy B.  98 2/24/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 2/26/2015 Raymond F. Long Dubbs Memorial UCC, Allentown
Long Mohn Grace  M.  Bethlehem PA 96 6/25/2015 Bethlehem PA Howard E. Mohn Stella E. (Strohl) Mohn The Morning Call 6/27/2015 James G. Long 1936 graduate of Liberty High School Salem Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Luce Paul Edminster International Falls MN 94 6/2/2015 Allentown PA Richard Sandborn Luce Lillie Edminster Luce The Morning Call 6/6/2015 Cornell University Retired US Navy Officer 
Luipersbeck Evanega Helen 11/9/1923 Olyphant PA 91 4/11/2015 Whitehall PA John Evanega Mary (Vinchur) Evanega The Morning Call 4/14/2015 Stephen J. Luipersbeck St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church, Whitehall
Lukens Comegys Ritter Dorothy M.  Easton PA 95 5/27/2015 Bethlehem PA Frank Ritter Catherine (Shaffer) Ritter The Morning Call 5/29/2015 Rev Robert S. Lukens Sr / Grafton Massey Comegys Moravian College Trinity Episcopal Church, Bethlehem
Lundberg Robert H.  10/7/1923 Pelham Bay NY 91 3/11/2015 Center Valley PA Harry Lundberg Lillian (Knudsen) Lundberg The Morning Call 3/14/2015 Martha C. (Eckis) Lundberg Ziegels Lutheran Church, Breinigsville  US Navy veteran of WWII
Lynn Welch Jane E.  2/28/1921 Easton PA 94 4/2/2015 Orefield PA John R. Welch Mary E. (Detweiler) Welch Hartzell The Morning Call 4/4/2015 Fredrick B. Lynn Jr
Mack Magdasy Irma Bethlehem PA 97 7/16/2015 Bethlehem PA Thomas Magdasy Caroline (Nahm) Magdasy The Morning Call 7/18/2015 Wilbur Martin Mack
Manganelli Neal 12/29/1916 Hazleton PA 98 4/27/2015 Allentown PA James Manganelli Mary (Forte) Manganelli The Morning Call 4/28/2015 Mary Manganelli / Theresa Manganelli US Army veteran of WWII
Marsh Robert K.  Allentown PA 90 3/3/2015 Allentown PA Arthur D. Marsh Shirley W. (Gollmer) Marsh The Morning Call 3/4/2015 served in the US Coast Guard during WWII
Martin Kelly Gloria Troy NY 95 5/9/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 5/10/2015 Charles Martin
Maslanka Zelasko Helena M.  6/20/1923 Sugar Notch, Luzerne County 91 5/27/2015 Nazareth PA Anthony Zelasko Veronica (Yasinski) Zelasko The Morning Call 5/28/2015 Victor J. Maslanka Holy Family Catholic Church, Nazareth
Matera John J.  Elizabeth NJ 95 1/18/2015 Allentown PA Jacob Matera Mary (Krypel) Matera The Morning Call 1/21/2015 Served in the US Army in WWII
Max Flamish Viola 3/23/1923 Allentown PA 92 4/27/2015 Allentown PA Joseph Flamish Mary (Yanger) Flamish The Morning Call 4/29/2015 Julius "Patty" Max
May Walter M.  New York City NY 97 3/27/2015 South Whitehall Township Walter H. May Janet (Forbes) May The Morning Call 3/29/2015 A. Hazel May 1939 graduate of M.I.T.
Mazza Jerome C.  7/16/1922 Little Italy NY 92 3/7/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 3/13/2015 veteran of WWII
McElroy Francis Snyder 7/31/1922 North Catasaqua PA 92 5/5/2015 Allentown PA Jennie Snyder The Morning Call 5/8/2015 Reds St. Timothy's Lutheran Chuch, Allentown US Army veteran of WWII
McElwain Bernard D.  5/31/1921 Mauch Chunk PA 94 6/20/2015 Allentown PA Harry McElwain Rose (Rottet) McElwain The Morning Call 6/23/2015 Abbie C. (Clark) McElwain Immaculate Conception High School Cathedral of St. Catharine of Siena Catholic Church, Allentown US Marine Corps veteran of WWII
McGee Richard E.  Allentown PA 91 8/19/2015 Allentown PA James B. McGee Dorothy (Croll) McGee The Morning Call 8/22/2015 son, Thomas P. McGee
McHugh Kanusky Mary A.  Allentown PA 92 5/6/2015 Macungie PA Steve Kanusky Johanna (Hudimac) Kanusky The Morning Call 5/8/2015 Thomas C. McHugh St. Ann's Catholic Church, Emmaus
McIntosh Lucas Katherine L.  Easton PA 91 8/20/2015 Bethlehem PA Charles Lucas Catherine Lucas The Morning Call 8/21/2015 Kitty Paul Lewis / Robert H. McIntosh Easton Catholic High School St. Bernard's Oratory Church, Easton
McKinley Robert H.  2/17/1924 Bayonne NJ 91 7/27/2015 Whitehall PA Walter McKinley Louise (Sellander) McKinley The Morning Call 7/29/2015 Doris G. (Koneski) McKinley First Presbyterian Church, Allentown Served in the US Army during WWII - Battle of the Bulge
Mechalakos George 7/17/1923 Easton PA 92 8/22/2015 Easton PA James Mechalakos Jane (Stamatakos) Mechalakos The Morning Call 8/25/2015 1938 graduate of Easton High School / Lafayette Collete Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Easton US Army veteran of WWII
Meck Florence E.  92 3/9/2015 Macungie PA The Morning Call 3/10/2015 GlenRoy P. Meck
Medinger Caplan Christine Weiser ID 91 5/22/2015 Allentown PA Manly Caplan Kathleen (Coldwell) Caplan The Morning Call 5/28/2015 Henry Medinger First Presbyterian Church, Allentown
Medvidick McGuigan Rita L.  4/10/1922 New York NY  92 3/31/2015 Bethlehem PA Sebastian McGuigan Elizabeth (Willse) McGuigan The Morning Call 4/3/2015
Michael Singley Florence S.  11/6/1922 Beaver Township PA 92 7/12/2015 Allentown PA Ambrose A. Singley Helen (Harger) Singley The Morning Call 7/13/2015 Charles P. Michael Mansfield University Asbury United Methodist Church, Allentown
Miller Batman Beulah 1/13/1919 Rittersville PA 96 4/29/2015 Zionsville PA Joseph W. Batman Elsie May (Kulp) Batman The Morning Call 4/30/2015 Salem United Methodist Church, Zionsville
Miller Vincent Catherine Allentown PA 92 8/19/2015 Allentown PA  John Vincent Lillian (Spaar) Vincent The Morning Call 8/21/2015 St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Allentown
Miller Earl  B.  Lynnport PA 90 5/30/2015 Lynnport PA Ralph Miller Margaret (Billig) Miller The Morning Call 5/31/2015 Mildred R. (Sawyer) Miller
Miller Irene J.  90 4/6/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 4/7/2015 John Stofko
Mingora John G.  Bethlehem PA 91 6/16/2015 Bethlehem PA John W. Mingora Anna (Petrik) Mingora The Morning Call 6/18/2015 Margaret T. "Peg" (Donchetz) Mingora St. Anne's Catholic Church, Bethlehem Siblings Edward and Francis Mingora, Mary Gaydos and Philomena "Phyl" Sukitch US Army veteran of WWII
Minner Clotilda A.  94 2/13/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 2/16/2015
Mitchell Moyer Emma M.  Kreidersville 95 2/4/2015 Allentown PA Herman Moyer Agnes (Yandrasits) Moyer The Morning Call 2/6/2015 George Mitchell  St. Ursula's Catholic Church, Fountain Hill
Moll Bryan Florence M.  91 7/16/2015 Allentown PA Milton Bryan Ruth Bryan The Morning Call 7/19/2015 John Moll
Molnar Sedlock Mary C.  Allentown PA 100 8/3/2015 Bethlehem PA Michael Sedlock Mary (Holic) Sedlock The Morning Call 8/4/2015 Stephen J. Molnar
Morgan Paul E.  Pittman PA 98 3/11/2015 Allentown PA Joseph Morgan Lottie (Herring) Morgan The Morning Call 3/13/2015 Lillian B. (Smith) Morgan Rivers of Life Seibert Church, Allentown US Army veteran of WWII
Morth Kormucik Virginia A.  Sproul 101 4/6/2015 Allentown PA Michael Kormucik Elizabeth (Onzik) Kormucik The Morning Call 4/11/2015 Francis Feddor St. John the Baptist Slovak Catholic Church, Allentown
Moyer Pritz Isabelle M. Bethlehem PA 104 2/27/2015 Allentown PA Louis H. Pritz Elizabeth (Miller) Pritz The Morning Call 3/1/2015 Alfred D. Moyer Edgeboro Moravian Church, Bethlehem
Moyer Steeb Mabel North Wales PA 97 8/6/2015 Coopersburg PA Fred Steeb Mary (Neubert) Steeb The Intelligencer 8/9/2015 Albert A. Moyer St. Stephen's United Church of Christ, Perkasie
Moyer Foose Miriam I. 4/28/1921 Orwigsburg PA 93 1/20/2015 Breinigsville PA George Foose Ida (Yeager) Foose The Morning Call 1/22/2015 J. Gordon Moyer Macungie Christian Church Owned Schnecksville General Store for over 25 years
Moyer Sr Kenneth Thomas Allentown PA 5/18/2015 Allentown PA Raymond S. Moyer Anna (Eichelberger) Moyer The Morning Call 5/20/2015 1942 graduate of Allentown High School / 1951 graduate of East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Allentown US Navy veteran of WWII
Muehlhauser Neidig Anna M.  Quakertown PA 92 4/7/2015 Allentown PA Joseph Neidig Annie (Benner) Neidig The Morning Call 4/10/2015
Munsch Kenneth W.  Cherryville PA 95 6/10/2015 Whitehall PA Warren C. Munsch Laura J. (Herman) Munsch The Morning Call 6/13/2015 Theresa "Terry" V. (Varhula) Munsch St. John Lutheran Church, Coplay US Navy veteran of WWII
Munshaur Serfass Mary M.  Gilbert PA 98 4/24/2015 Bethlehem PA Jesse Serfass Elimenia (Ruhf) Serfass The Morning Call 4/28/2015 Irvin L. Munshaur son, Irvin L. "Sonny" Munshaur Jr
Muth Maude P.  96 8/11/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 8/13/2015
Nastasee Frank P.  10/10/1924 Hazleton PA 90 Before 8/13/15 Bethlehem PA Frank Nastasee Rose (Rentz) Nastasee The Morning Call 8/13/2015 son, James Nastasee Served in the 17th Airborne Division - Battle of the Bulge
Nederostek Michael E.  Cementon PA 100 3/9/2015 Allentown PA Andrew Nederostek Catherine (Kachmarcik) Nederostek The Morning Call 3/10/2015 Whitney Anna R. (Mathesz) Nederostek Queenship of Mary Catholic Church, Northampton US Army Air Corp veteran of WWII
Neff Zellner Ruth Walnutport PA 90 3/7/2015 Emmaus PA Raymond Saylor  Anna (Schneck) Serfass The Morning Call 3/9/2015 Willard Neff / Alton Zellner 1939 graduate of Slatington High School St. John's UCC, Emmaus
Nemchick Matthew M.  2/17/1919 Hazleton PA 96 6/5/2015 Bethlehem PA John Nemchick Anna (Kontrosh) Nemchick The Morning Call 6/7/2015 Mary I. (Dulina) Nemchick St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Pen Argyl US Army veteran of WWII
Neubauer Reverend Glenn G.  2/2/1918 Allentown PA 97 7/29/2015 August Neubauer Eva (Kelchner) Neubauer The Morning Call 8/1/2015 Elisabeth F. "Betty" (Farber) Neubauer 1936 graduate of Allentown High School / 1943 graduate of Muhlenberg College / 1945 graduate of Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg Interm Pastor at St. John's Lutheran Curch, Catasauqua / St. John's Lutheran Church, Farmersville / St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Easton brother, Warren Neubauer
Nickel Edelman Marie E.  1/24/1923 Lower Nazareth Township PA 92 5/31/2015 Nazareth PA Howard J. Edelman Emma (Kelchner) Edelman The Morning Call 6/5/2015 William Henry Nickel 1941 graduate of Nazareth High School / 1944 graduate of Allentown School of Nursing St. John's UCC, Nazareth
Nizio Julia Allentown PA 94 2/28/2015 Peter Nizio Agnes (Malek) Nizio The Morning Call 3/8/2015 Allentown High School / Sacred Heart School of Nursing St. Peter and Paul Polish Catholic Church, Allentown Army nurse during WWII
Noga Peter Allentown PA 94 7/7/2015 Allentown PA Frank Noga Helen (Halagy) Noga The Morning Call 7/8/2015 St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Allentown US Army veteran of WWII
Nonnemacher Mildred J.  2/3/1921 Allentown PA 94 4/8/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 4/11/2015 Paul son, Thomas Swartz
Novak Sr Joseph  H.  8/9/1922 Plains Township 92 5/14/2015 Bethlehem PA Frank Novak Edna (Terascavage) Novak The Morning Call 5/16/2015 1953 graduate of Lafayette College St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Bethlehem US Marine Corp veteran of WWII
O'Donnell Margaret J.  106 2/27/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 3/2/2015 Hugh J. O'Donnell Sr 1929 graduate of Sacred Heart Hospital School of Nursing Cathedral Church of St. Catharine of Siena
Osipowicz Emil  R.  Sellersville PA 99 8/2/2015 Coopersburg PA Walter Osipowicz Anastasia (Kosura) Osipowicz The Morning Call 8/4/2015 The Church of the Assumption BVM, Bethlehem US Navy veteran of WWII
Palenchar Helen M.  95 1/30/2015 Bethlehem PA Adam Palenchar Margaret (Krizovensky) Palenchar The Morning Call 2/1/2015 Incarnation of our Lord Roman Catholic Church
Palik Albert 12/28/1920 Bethlehem PA 94 8/19/2015 Lower Saucon Township PA Joseph Palik Julia (Kline) Palik Holitz The Morning Call 8/21/2015 Evelyn A. (Weirback) Palik US Army veteran of WWII
Palmere Berkowitz Ruth 103 2/14/2015 Allentown PA Bernard Berkowitz Rose Berkowitz The Morning Call 2/20/2015 Joseph Palmere
Perl Otto G.  12/2/1923 Coplay PA 91 3/1/2015 South Whitehall Township Frank Perl Rose (Palmer) Perl The Morning Call 3/3/2015
Peters Woroniak Josephine Allentown PA 94 1/19/2015 Allentown PA John Woroniak Anna (Ciuna) Woroniak The Morning Call 1/21/2015 Edison T. "Buster" Peters St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Peters Robert B.  Hanover PA 97 7/19/2015 Bethlehem PA Abe Peters Mamie G. (Bock) Peters The Morning Call 7/22/2015 Helen "Scotty" (Rubasky) Peters US Army veteran of WWII
Petko Anderko Irene A.  6/30/1922 Bethlehem PA 92 5/19/2015 Bethlehem PA Joseph Anderko Mary (Simo) Anderko The Morning Call 5/23/2015 Joseph "Pat" P. Petko Ss. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church
Petraitis Martin  S.  12/26/1922 92 6/7/2015 Allentown PA Martin Petraitis Mary Petraitis The Morning Call 6/11/2015 Ann (Skrip) Petraitis Ss. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church, Bethlehem US Army veteran of WWII
Piekutowski Tracz Marien Coplay PA 97 7/25/2015 Bethlehem PA Karl Tracz Anne Tracz The Morning Call 7/27/2015 Edward Piekutowski 1934 graduate of Whitehall High School St. Stanislaus Catholic Church / Incarnation of Our Lord Parish, Bethlehem
Pinkerton Moore Winifred M.  Caln Township PA 91 7/10/2015 Allentown PA Harry L. Moore Ada (Gibson) Moore Conover The Morning Call 7/11/2015 Winnie Paul E. Pinkerton 1942 graduate of Parkesburg High School
Pinter Gross Evelyn C.  Allentown PA 95 1/23/2015 Bethlehem PA Russell Gross Anna (Bender) Gross The Morning Call 1/26/2015 Adam Pinter
Platt Dorothy 90 2/1/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 2/3/2015 Murray Platt Temple Beth El, Allentown
Pokojni Miller Dorothy E.  6/9/1921 Philadelphia PA 93 5/28/2015 Bethlehem PA William K. Ellis Anna M. (Adams) Ward The Morning Call 5/30/2015 Carl F. Miller / Paul Pokojni  1939 graduate of Southern High School Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
Politi Edilo F.  Sykesville 98 4/11/2015 Bethlehem PA Augusto Politi Amalia (Pencarelli) Politi The Morning Call 4/14/2015 Henrietta (Smith) Politi Epworth Methodist Church, Bethlehem Defense Warden during WWII
Popowycz Lymych Chrystyna 12/17/1923 Ukraine 91 7/5/2015 Bethlehem PA Nicholas Lymych Maria (Quick) Lymych The Morning Call 7/6/2015 Baba George Popowycz St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Povalac Rose A.  Allentown PA 94 4/10/2015 Bethlehem PA John P. Povalac Anna (Suchanek) Povalac The Morning Call 4/11/2015 Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church, Allentown
Pressmann Bartholomew Patricia Ann Allentown PA 95 2/14/2015 Allentown PA Dr. Claude Bartholomew Clara (Gilbert) Bartholomew The Morning Call 2/16/2015 Edward Pressmann 1936 graduate of Allentown High School / 1939 graduate of Temple School of Nursing, Philadelphia / 1973 graduate of East Stroudsburg University / 1977-Masters of Education from Lehigh University Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, Allentown
Pristash Helen 3/5/1922 Northampton PA 92 2/6/2015 Whitehall PA Fedor Pristash Tanka (Salasky) Pristash The Morning Call 2/10/2015 St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church, Northampton
Prockup Gurgick Marcella E.  Ashely PA 94 8/21/2015 Allentown PA  James Gurgick Margaret Gurgick The Morning Call 8/23/2015 Michael Prockup St. John the Baptist Slovak Catholic Church, Allentown
Quigg Geneva Anne 95 1/7/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 4/29/2015 John M. Quigg
Quinn Leona B.  6/10/1919 95 3/24/2015 Bethlehem PA Leo Quinn Bernardine Quinn The Morning Call 3/26/2015 Moravian College
Reccek Bowman Weinperl Rose T.  Bethlehem PA 95 7/20/2015 Freemansburg PA John Weinperl Katalin (Kila) Weinperl The Morning Call 7/22/2015 John Reccek Trinity United Church of Christ, Freemansburg
Reibman Charles 10/6/1917 New York City NY 97 2/27/2015 Bethlehem PA Louis Reibman Eda (Kibansky) Reibman The Morning Call 3/1/2015 Helen (Gold) Reibman 1935 graduate of Easton High School WWII Army veteran
Reichenbach Jr H.  Stanley Allentown PA 95 3/9/2015 Allentown PA H. Stanley Reichenbach Sr Florence M. (Eddinger) Reichenbach The Morning Call 3/12/2015 Jack Frances P. (Everitt) Reichenbach First Presbyterian Church, Allentown 1st Lt US Army served during WWII
Reinert Jean M.  Topton PA 90 1/18/2015 Breinigsville PA Oswin H. Reinert Viola F. (Kemp) Reinert The Morning Call 1/21/2015 Huff's Union Church, Alburtis
Reis Charles D.  Bethlehem PA 99 4/20/2015 Coconut Creek FL David Reis Eva Reis The Morning Call 5/16/2015 Sara S. (Simon) Reis 1934 graduate of Liberty High School Veteran of WWII
Reph Coffin Elva M.  Danielsville PA 92 8/9/2015 Danielsville PA George Coffin Emma J. (Minnich) Coffin The Morning Call 8/11/2015 John A. Reph 1941 graduate of Berlfinsville High School Salem United Methodist Church, Danielsville
Resetco Ritz Lois Bethlehem PA 92 6/20/2015 Bethlehem PA Forrest Ritz Macie Ritz The Morning Call 6/25/2015 1941 graduate of Liberty High School Christ Church UCC, Bethlehem
Rituper Jr Stephen Bethlehem PA 90 6/3/2015 Elizabethtown PA Stephen Rituper Sr Vilma (Barbarics) Rituper The Morning Call 6/9/2015 Natalie (Weber) Rituper Muhlenberg College / Lehigh University Messiah Lutheran Church, Bethlehem Sons Noel J. and David D. Rituper US Army veteran of WWII
Robatin Michael E.  Shamokin PA 91 2/19/2015 Allentown PA Michael F. Robatin Sophie (Zawalich) Robatin The Morning Call 2/21/2015 Bernice B. (Fischer) Robatin served in the US Navy during WWII
Roberts Backenstoe Irene B.  Allentown PA 94 1/12/2015 Allentown PA Clarence Backenstoe Minerva Backenstoe The Morning Call 2/1/2015 Warren W. Roberts 1940 graduate of Allentown High School
Roche Sr Daniel A.  12/26/1924 New York City NY 90 7/3/2015 Bethlehem PA Daniel Roche Mary (Cunningham) Roche The Morning Call 7/5/2015 Mary (Messen) Roche / Edna E. (Rover) Roche St. Joseph the Worker Roman Catholic Church, Orefield US Marine Corps veteran of WWII
Roddick Ian D.  Lockerbie Scotland 93 5/19/2015 Macungie PA Ella Roddick The Morning Call 5/21/2015 Scotty served with the British Army during WWII
Roessler Nemchik Mary E.  Catasauqua PA 95 1/17/2015 Allentown PA John Nemchik Elizabeth (Gazda) Nemchik The Morning Call 1/24/2015 William Roessler
Rohr Sr Theodore J.  3/26/1921 Best Station, Washington Township 94 6/28/2015 Orefield PA Harvey J. Rohr Lillie M. (Rupp) Rohr The Morning Call 6/29/2015 Jean K. (Kocher) Rohr 1939 graduate of South Whitehall High School Ziegels Union Church UCC, Breinigsville US Army veteran of WWII
Rohrbach Jr Herbert George Lanark PA 91 8/18/2015 Alburtis PA Herbert George Rohrbach Sr Elsie (Fogel) Rohrbach The Morning Call 8/20/2015 Herky Solomon's U.C.C., Macungie
Rosar Laky Marie L.  11/28/1924 Upper Black Eddy PA 90 6/10/2015 Fountain Hill PA Ignatz Laky Ernestine Laky The Morning Call 6/11/2015 Holy Ghost Church, Bethlehem
Ross Louis G.  96 2/3/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 2/4/2015 Rose (Salabsky) Ross Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Roth Monro Northampton PA 92 7/26/2015 Allentown PA Abe Roth Helen Roth The Morning Call 7/27/2015 Northampton High School / Muhlenberg College / UCLA / NYU Temple Beth El, Allentown US Army Air Forces veteran of WWII
Roundtree Jay Naomi A.  Allentown PA 96 6/1/2015 Allentown PA Charles Jay Mary (Hopkins) Jay The Morning Call 6/4/2015 Ookie Louis B. Roundtree Sr 1936 graduate of Allentown High School Faith Baptist Church, Allentown
Rounsaville Dalrymple Marie B.  6/19/1923 Kingwood Township NJ 91 6/1/2015 Whitehall PA Clewell Dalrymple Mabel (Parks) Dalrymple The Morning Call 6/2/2015
Rubertone George Fay M.  Trenton NJ 97 3/2/2015 Bethlehem PA Joseph George Catherine (Grosso) George The Morning Call 3/4/2015 Vincent J. Rubertone
Ruch Howard P.  92 7/23/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 7/25/2015 Elizabeth J. (Schlough) Ruch Evg Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Allentown US Army Air Forces veteran of WWII
Ruhf Laudenslager Emily  M.  4/18/1915 Emmaus PA 99 2/21/2015 Allentown PA Howard J. Laudenslager Naamah J. (Reinhard) Laudenslager The Morning Call 2/22/2015 Truman J. Ruhf Jr Emmaus High School / Allentown Business College Lutheran Congregation of Jerusalem Western Salisbury Union Church
Russup John  G.  Scranton PA 94 5/15/2015 Allentown PA Andrew Russup Sadie (Rogers) Russup The Morning Call 5/16/2015 US Army Air Corps veteran of WWII
Ruth Stanley Milford Township PA 95 2/9/2015 Allentown PA Oliver Ruth Elsie (Fry) Ruth The Morning Call 2/11/2015 Leah E. (Rhoads) Ruth Served in the National Guard during the Korean War
Sabatino Benko Mary A.  Northampton PA 90 7/11/2015 Bethlehem PA George Benko Mary (Laky) Benko The Morning Call 7/13/2015 Frank B. Sabatino Sr
Sabolcik Helen D.  Bethlehem PA 91 5/27/2015 Bethlehem PA Michael Sabolcik Mary Sabolcik The Morning Call 5/28/2015 Auntie Liberty High School Incarnation of our Lord Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Sadrovitz Schantzenbach Edna M.  Limeport PA 95 5/11/2015 Coopersburg PA Blair Schantzenbach Salome (Keck) Schantzenbach The Morning Call 5/14/2015 William Sadrovitz St. Paul's Blue Church, Coopersburg
Sadrovitz Frank S.  Allentown PA 91 2/16/2015 Emmaus PA Victor Sadrovitz Angela (Hauser) Sadrovitz The Morning Call 2/18/2015 served in the US Army during WWII
Sagasitz Mittura Rose Johnstown PA 90 5/14/2015 Allentown PA John Mittura Mary Mittura The Morning Call 5/16/2015 William Sagasitz St. Paul's Catholic Church, Allentown
Salinger Jerome New York NY  90 3/17/2015 Easton PA Sidney Salinger Bertha (Pasline) Salinger The Morning Call 3/18/2015 Charlotte (Hamburg) Salinger US Army veteran of WWII
Salvatori Louis J.  8/6/1924 Bethlehem PA 90 3/24/2015 Bethlehem PA Joseph P. Salvatori Philomena "Mamie" (Tocci) Salvatori The Morning Call 3/27/2015 Josephine (Gigliotti) Salvatori 1943 graduate of Bethlehem High School / Bethlehem Business College Served in the US Army during WWII - Battle of the Bulge
Santa Maria Jancosko Anna Bethlehem PA 96 8/12/2015 Bethlehem PA Phillip Jancosko Helen (Palencar) Jancosko The Morning Call 8/13/2015 Vincent Santa Maria St. Anne Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Saylor Borger Ethel S.  8/18/1918 Allen Township PA 96 5/18/2015 Whitehall PA John H. Borger Erma I. (Miller) Borger The Morning Call 5/20/2015 Edgar H. Saylor Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Kreidersville
Scannell Yanik Irene M.  Coplay PA 95 4/11/2015 Whitehall PA John Yanik Mary (Sidor) Yanik The Morning Call 4/14/2015 John J. Scannell St. Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church, Catasauqua
Schaedler Zovko Antoinette F.  Fountain Hill PA 96 7/2/2015 Hellertown PA Michael Zovko Anna (Folkman) Zovko The Morning Call 7/3/2015 Anthony C. Schaedler St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church, Hellertown 
Schaeffer John E.K.  Tamaqua PA 96 6/7/2015 Bethlehem PA Guy Schaeffer Olga (Knierim) Schaeffer The Morning Call 6/8/2015 Jack Miriam (Weber) Schaeffer) Bethany Church UCC, Bethlehem
Scharf Fietkau Gerda Louise Danzig Germany 98 8/4/2015 Allentown PA August Fietkau Herthe (Rudat) Fietkau The Morning Call 8/7/2015 Charles Peter Scharf Christ Lutheran Church, New Hyde Park NY
Schessler Connelly Patricia M.  Bradford PA 91 3/21/2015 Allentown PA Patrick Connelly Marion (Cook) Connelly The Morning Call 3/24/2015 Peter A. Schessler Bradford High School St. Bernard Church, Bradford
Schleifer Hoskins West Ann W.  Philadelphia PA 99 8/24/2015 Allentown PA Francis D. West Frances (Metzger) West The Morning Call 8/25/2015 Erwin H. Schleifer / Robert E. Hoskins
Schmoyer Curtis W.  Allentown PA 93 2/14/2015 South Whitehall Township Franklin G. Schmoyer Meda M. (Wert) Schmoyer The Morning Call 2/17/2015 Jean M. (Frankenfield) Schmoyer 1939 graduate of Allentown High School Hope UCC, Allentown / Faith UCC veteran of WWII
Schneck Gruber Dorothy M.  6/22/1921 Lynnport PA 94 6/29/2015 Sarasota FL Richard P. Gruber Maude (Kramer) Gruber The Morning Call 7/2/2015 John S. Schneck Salem United Methodist Church, Slatedale
Schocker Solomon 93 7/7/2015 Bethlehem PA Isaac Schocker Bella (Caplan) Schocker The Morning Call 7/8/2015 Easton High School Temple Beth El, Allentown US Army veteran of WWII
Schoemaker William H.  12/31/1920 Coplay PA 94 8/19/2015 Tuscarora PA Elmer Schoemaker Hattie (Kilgaski) Shoemaker The Morning Call 8/25/2015 Reds
Schrantz Green Betty Marie 5/13/1923 Lehighton PA 91 1/20/2015 Spring Township PA Alvin R. Green Mabel E. (Steigerwalt) Green The Morning Call 1/22/2015 Harold R. Schrantz Zion Spies Evangelical Reformed Church, Alsace Township
Schultz Bauer Mary A.  90 2/13/2015 Allentown PA John Bauer Katherine (Kreiger) Bauer The Morning Call 2/16/2015 Robert N. Schultz Cathedral Church of St. Catharine of Siena
Schwartz Breyfogle Evelyn Mae Stroudsburg PA 94 3/9/2015 Bethlehem PA William Breyfogle Celia (Lewis) Breyfogle The Morning Call 3/11/2015 Robert L. Schwartz
Schwarz Kruse Catherine M.  Allentown PA 93 2/19/2015 Lehighton PA Charles Kruse Mamie (Hersh) Kruse The Morning Call 2/24/2015 Vincent E. Schwarz graduate of Allentown High School
Scudner Jr Frank G.  91 4/9/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 4/14/2015 Geraldine Scudner veteran of WWII
Seagreaves Raubenhold Elsie M.  Allentown PA 90 6/9/2015 Allentown PA Clarence Raubenhold Lilly (Hartman) Raubenhold The Morning Call 6/11/2015 William Hutter Sr / Robert Seagreaves St. Mark's UCC
Seagreaves Bruckner Theresa M.  95 2/14/2015 Allentown PA Stephen Bruckner Theresa (Weiss) Bruckner The Morning Call 2/17/2015 Walter F. Seagreaves
Sedlock Seitz Irene M.  3/12/1922 Utica NY 92 2/21/2015 Bethlehem PA George Seitz Mary (Haggerty) Seitz The Morning Call 2/23/2015 Joseph P. Sedlock St. Anne's Catholic Church
Segan John Omrod PA 96 3/24/2015 Allentown PA Anthony Segan Mary (Drociak) Segan The Morning Call 3/26/2015 Anna C. (Chankey) Segan St. Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Allentown
Seidick Pfeiffer Ann E.  Bethlehem PA 99 7/23/2015 Adam Pfeiffer Nora (Bresnahan) Pfeiffer The Morning Call 7/24/2015 Michael F. Seidick St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Whitehall / St. Simon and Jude Church, Bethlehem
Sell Stewart J.  5/18/1920 Schnecksville PA 94 5/1/2015 New Tripoli PA Fred N. Sell Florence Grace (Bittner) Sell The Morning Call 5/2/2015 Helen (Valora) Sell Heidelberg Union Church, Slatington US Army veteran of WWII
Semprini Matura Bernadine A.  Emmaus PA 90 4/6/2015 Emmaus PA Stephan Matura Valentina (Golsody) Matura The Morning Call 4/8/2015 St. Ann's Catholic Church, Emmaus
Shabot Fischl Rose Nadine 90 7/25/2015 Allentown PA Edwin Fischl Sr Rosa (Kracher) Fischl The Morning Call 7/29/2015 John Shabot 1942 graduate of Allentown High School
Shafer Breinig Evelyn H.  Egypt PA 93 7/16/2015 Nazareth PA Raymond Breinig Maude (Newhard) Breinig The Morning Call 7/19/2015 Hilton H. Shafer
Shiner Bertram 1/4/1920 Bethlehem PA 95 1/22/2015 Lee's Summit, MO Bertram Shiner Mary Shiner The Morning Call 1/24/2015 WWII Navy veteran served on USS Lexington
Shipe William A.  92 6/20/2015 Catasauqua PA / Fort Lauderdale FL The Morning Call 8/1/2015
Shirer Sherman Louise W.  Schultzville PA  91 2/13/2015 Whitehall PA Louis Sherman Frieda (Miller) Sherman The Morning Call 2/17/2015 William H. Shirer Jr Calvary Bible Fellowship Church, Coopersburg
Silfies-Leibenguth Shover Ellen J.  Beersville PA 93 5/10/2015 Allentown PA Clinton Shover Mary (Smith) Shover The Morning Call 5/15/2015 Harold E. Leibenguth Emmanuelsville Evangelical Church, Petersville
Sipics Laufik Helen T.  2/10/1923 Cementon PA 92 5/24/2015 Cementon PA Matthew Laufik Mary (Bolcar) Laufik The Morning Call 5/26/2015 Frank I. Sipics Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, Northampton
Six Nieuwkerk Margaret Beverwyk Netherlands 94 7/17/2015 Emmaus PA Johannes Nieuwkerk Catherine Elisabeth (Adelaar) Nieuwkerk The Morning Call 7/18/2015 Peter A. Six 
Skvoretz Stefancik Margaret Northampton PA 98 3/18/2015 Catasauqua PA Peter Stefancik Mary (Geryak) Stefancik The Morning Call 3/19/2015 Stephen Skvoretz St. John Fisher Catholic Church, Catasauqua
Slavish Kowalczk Sophie K.  Nazareth PA 91 Bethlehem PA Jakym Kowalczk Anna (Procak) Kowalczk The Morning Call 1/21/2015 Alex Slavish St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Allentown
Smith Bushner Angeline 9/30/1923 Coplay PA 91 Before 8/8/2015 West Palm Beach FL Nicholas Bushner Angela (Batiska) Bushner The Morning Call 8/8/2015 Angie H. Rodman Smith 1942 graduate of Whitehall High School Mary Immaculate Church, West Palm Beach FL
Smith Crago Rhoda O.  Houtzdale PA 97 5/12/2015 Emmaus PA Howard J. Crago Esther Mary (Calbert) Crago The Morning Call 5/14/2015 Ernest C. Smith St. Matthew's EC Church, Emmaus
Smull Miller Gertrude M.  Bethlehem PA 100 2/3/2015 Bethlehem PA William T. Miller Mabel (Brunner) Miller The Morning Call 2/5/2015 Judson G. Smull Jr 1932 graduate of Moravian Preparatory School West Side Moravian Church
Snyder Stump Roma E.  Greenwich Township 90 8/16/2015 Allentown PA  Herbert L. Stump Anna L. (Wisser) Stump The Morning Call 8/17/2015 Walter L. Snyder St. Timothy Evangelistic Lutheran Church, Allentown
Snyder Sherwood W.  8/23/1924 Slatington PA 90 2/13/2015 Tucson AZ The Morning Call 5/30/2015 Grace Snyder US Navy veteran of WWII
Solga Alexander M.  Northampton PA 102 6/13/2015 Whitehall PA John Solga Mary (Majtan) Solga The Morning Call 6/14/2015 Helen M. (Ondrovic) Solga US Army veteran of WWII
Solito McElderry Kathleen M.  6/4/1923 Brooklyn NY 91 3/11/2015 Bethlehem PA Harry McElderry Catherine (Smith) McElderry The Morning Call 3/13/2015 Lewis T. Solito 1942 graduate of Allentown Business College Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Solliday Faust Marian F. 9/16/1919 Allentown PA 95 1/19/2015 Bethlehem PA William H. Faust Jr.  Daisy E. (Peters) Faust The Morning Call 1/21/2015 Earl I. Solliday First United Church of Christ, Hellertown 
Sopko Zavecz Gizella M.  100 7/8/2015 Bethlehem PA Frank Zavecz Mary (Libricz) Zavecz The Morning Call 7/10/2015 Grace Nicholas P. Sopko St. John Capistrano Church, Bethlehem
Spence Bahr Gladys I.  10/27/1922 New York City NY 92 7/3/2015 Bethlehem PA Harry Bahr Anna Bahr The Morning Call 7/18/2015 Sydney P. Spence Roosevelt High School / Centenary College for Women / Kean College
Spirk Soda Mary L.  2/4/1922 Pottsville PA 93 3/29/2015 Bethlehem PA Theodosio Soda Rose (Loprete) Soda The Morning Call 3/30/2015 John F. Spirk Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Stacy Drusba Czapp Dorothy Ann 8/24/1921 Northampton PA 94 5/4/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 5/8/2015 Philip Stacy Jr / Elmer Drusba St. Anne of Grace Church, Seminole FL / Trinity Episcopal Church, Bethlehem
Stahl Jr.  Herbert W.  Allentown PA 92 2/15/2015 Allentown PA Herbert W. Stahl Sr.  Helen M. (Seip) Stahl The Morning Call 2/17/2015 graduate of Allentown High School Emmanuel UCC, Allentown / Salem UCC, Allentown
Stancick Jr Stephen Quakertown PA 94 1/31/2015 Allentown PA Stephen Stancick Sr Mary (Kerchmar) Stancick The Morning Call 2/3/2015 Pauline C. (Spiewak) Stancick Served in the Army Air Corps during WWII
Stansfield James R.  93 4/11/2015 Emmaus PA Percival E. Stansfield Caroline A. (Iobst) Stansfield The Morning Call 5/8/2015 1943 graduate of Oberlin College / Syracuse University / Columbia University
Steiner Willibald P.  Vera Cruz 90 4/30/2015 Bethlehem PA Emil Steiner Mary (Kowald) Steiner The Morning Call 5/2/2015 Wally the Butcher Notre Dame of Bethlehem R.C. Church US Army Air Corp Sargent served during WWII
Stern Pfluegler Elizabeth A.  Bethlehem PA 92 1/23/2015 Bethlehem PA George Pfluegler Elizabeth (Wagner) Pfluegler The Morning Call 1/24/2015 Libby John M. Stern
Sterner Seislove Betty M.  Macungie PA 91 5/28/2015 Macungie PA Raymond H. Seislove Verna E. (Mack) Seislove The Morning Call 5/30/2015 Russell K. Sterner The Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, Emmaus
Sterner Russell K.  Dillingersville PA 92 1/30/2015 Macungie PA Alvin H. Sterner Alice (Weller) Sterner The Morning Call 2/1/2015 Betty M. (Seislove) Sterner The Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, Emmaus
Stetler-Wanko Altemose Myrtle H.  3/21/1923 Easton PA 92 4/25/2015 Nazareth PA Servatus Altemose Flo (Snyder) Altemose The Morning Call 4/28/2015 Edward B. Stetler / Andrew A. Wanko
Steyert Jr William D.  Allentown PA 92 5/31/2015 Nazareth PA William D. Steyert Sr Lyda E. (Keller) Steyert The Morning Call 6/2/2015 Bubby Grace (Phillips) Steyert / Dorothy (Frey) Steyert Presbyterian Church, Catasauqua US Army Air Corps veteran of WWII
Stoneback Dallas A.  97 4/6/2015 Whitehall PA Charles Stoneback Annie Jane (Breisch) Stoneback The Morning Call 4/27/2015 Doris J. (Reichenbach) Stoneback St. John's UCC, Fullerton
Stoudt Kocher Helen A.  Allentown PA 95 6/16/2015 Topton PA Guy V. Kocher Anna (Slight) Kocher The Morning Call 6/21/2015 son, Robert Stoudt
Stradling Alberta G.  96 7/28/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 7/29/2015 Alvin N. Stradling son, Amos N. Stradling
Strapak Lydia E.  Washingtonville NY 94 4/2/2015 Allentown PA Joseph Rubin Louise Mary (Johns) Treese The Morning Call 4/3/2015 Joseph Strapak
Strisovsky Edward J.  Cementon PA 91 3/26/2015 Allentown PA Emory Strisovsky Mary (Bankos) Strisovsky The Morning Call 3/28/2015 Our Lady help of Christians Catholic Church, Allentown US Army Air Corpsman in WWII
Strohl Vernon Margaret I.  Bluefield WV 93 1/17/2015 Bethlehem PA Charles N. Vernon Margaret W. (Brown) Vernon The Morning Call 1/21/2015 Charles P. Strohl First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem
Stufflet Hilbert Esther B.  Allentown PA 99 2/7/2015 Breinigsville PA William J. Hilbert Sally L. (Bossler) Hilbert The Morning Call 2/10/2015 Arthur J. Stufflet St. John's Lutheran Church, Fogelsville
Sukenik Steidel Anna L.  East Mauch Chunk PA 90 4/2/2015 Allentown PA Edward Steidel Amelia Steidel The Morning Call 4/4/2015 James D. Sukenik
Sumerfield Metzler Marjorie M.  Paoli PA 90 5/2/2015 Bethlehem PA Earl Metzler Daisy (Pennypacker) Metzler The Morning Call 5/4/2015 Harold Sumerfield Calvary Baptist Church, Bethlehem
Susa Kuzma Mary 1/2/1918 97 3/4/2015 Bethlehem PA Joseph Kuzma Vilma (Subul) Kuzma The Morning Call 3/6/2015 Louis Hassay / Paul Susa St. John's Windish Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Szczepanski   Bednarik Helen R.  12/10/1923 91 4/25/2015 Bethlehem PA Frank A. Bednarik Margaret B. (Novotny) Bednarik The Morning Call 4/26/2015 Casmir T. Szczepanski Ss. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church
Szczepanski Sr Edward J.  Bethlehem PA 92 1/25/2015 Bethlehem PA Zigmung Szczepanski Apolonia (Wierzbicka) Szczepanski The Morning Call 1/27/2015 Theresa (Csaszar) Szczepanski St. Stanislaus Catholic Church Served in the US Army during WWII - Battle of the Bulge
Szep Hohe Lorraine Irene 7/28/1923 91 2/1/2015 Allentown PA Elmer Hohe Alberta (Litzenberger) Hohe The Morning Call 2/5/2015 Ludwig Szep 1941 graduate of Emmaus High School St. John's ECC, Allentown
Tarola Albert R.  Bethlehem PA 90 7/18/2015 Allentown PA Anselmo Tarola Philomena (Williams) Tarola The Morning Call 7/20/2015 St. Ursula's Catholic Church, Fountain Hill US Marine Corps veteran of WWII served at Iwojima
Tepes Margaret Barnbauch Germany 91 2/4/2015 Coplay PA Alois Stranzl Josefa (Uhl) Stranzl The Morning Call 2/6/2015 Louis Tepes Sr St. Peter's Catholic Church, Coplay
Terfinko Peter 94 3/20/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 3/22/2015 Mary Terfinko US Marine Corps veteran of WWII
Ternigan Pekaar Catherine N.  4/15/1917 Clifton NJ 97 2/6/2015 Allentown PA John Pekaar Delia Pekaar The Morning Call 2/8/2015 Frank Ternigan First Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem
Thomas Cerullo Genoveffa C.  3/23/1916 Haywood WV 98 1/28/2015 Catasauqua PA Gaetano Cerullo Carmella (Saccone) Cerullo The Morning Call 1/31/2015 James P. Thomas
Thomas Desrosier Lorraine Rita 2/11/1925 Worcester MA 90 6/27/2015 Macungie PA Ernest Desrosier Helen (Lippe) Desrosier The Morning Call 7/8/2015 William Robert "Bob" Thomas Bucknell University St. Ann's Catholic Church, Emmaus
Thornburg Robert B.  11/1/1920 Hagerstown MD 94 3/9/2015 Allentown PA Robert Coover Thornburg Nellie Brenner Thornburg The Morning Call 3/11/2015 1942 graduate of Gettysburg College / University of Pennsylvania Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem Served as translator for the Army Security Agency in WWII
Tordy Elizabeth 90 2/18/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 2/20/2015 Stephen Tordy
Toth Kowalski Hedwig T.  Perth Amboy NJ 95 2/18/2015 Allentown PA Frank Kowalski Rose (Lada) Kowalski The Morning Call 2/20/2015 Louis P. Toth Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church, Allentown
Toth Kurtz Julie McAdoo PA 90 6/14/2015 Bethlehem PA Andrew Kurtz Mary Kurtz The Morning Call 6/16/2015 Stephen M. Toth St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Bethlehem
Trach Dalrymple Pauline D.  2/26/1924 Clinton NJ 90 2/22/2015 Macungie PA Clifford B. Dalrymple Nellie C. (Stires) Dalrymple The Morning Call 2/24/2015 Lester R. Trach Sr Trinity Great Swamp UCC, Spinnerstown
Trebat Jones Doris J.  Chicago IL  92 4/23/2015 Bethlehem PA Arthur R. Jones Violet (Craw) Jones The Morning Call 4/24/2015 University High School, Eugene OR / University of Oregon / Columbia University
Turk Frank 91 1/27/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 1/29/2015 Binkie
Uherchik Plusar Helen R.  2/28/1925 Allentown PA 90 3/18/2015 Allentown PA Samuel Plusar Rose (Bienthics) Plusar The Morning Call 3/20/2015
Unger Sr Frederick A.  Bethlehem PA 93 8/16/2015 Allentown PA The Morning Call 8/18/2015 Margaret (Kopena) Unger St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Allentown brother, John Unger
Vajda Frank 10/27/1922 92 5/16/2015 Bethlehem PA Stephen Vajda Rose (Kerchmar) Vajda The Morning Call 5/19/2015 Bethlehem Vo-Tech St. John's Windish Lutheran Church, Bethlehem
Valenti Grosso Mary Carmela 9/8/1919 South Philadelphia PA 95 4/20/2015 Vincent Grosso Rose (Furlano) Grosso The Morning Call 4/25/2014 Al Valenti
Varricchio Jr Louis 7/26/1914 Allentown PA 100 1/26/2015 Allentown PA Luigi Varricchio Grazia (Gallo) Varricchio The Morning Call 1/28/2015 1932 graduate of Allentown High School Holy Name Society at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church
Vincent Osinkosky Elizabeth A.  Stiles PA 98 3/13/2015 Allentown PA Michael Osinkosky Mary (Hancharik) Osinkosky The Morning Call 3/15/2015 Betty Charles L. Vincent Cathedral Church of St. Catharine of Siena, Allentown
Vogel Ralston L.  Allentown PA 90 7/7/2015 Allentown PA Earl Vogel Pauline (Desch) Vogel The Morning Call 7/9/2015 Grace UCC, Allentown US Army veteran of WWII
Vrooman Bernard H.  95 4/21/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 4/23/2015 Temple University Calvary Baptist Church, Bethlehem US Army veteran of WWII
Wagner Franklin C.  10/7/1923 Bethlehem PA 91 4/3/2015 Bath PA Frank M. Wagner Florence E. (Schaffer) Wagner The Morning Call 4/5/2015 Mac Florence C. (Miller) Wagner Christ Church of Bath UCC US Army Air Corp veteran of WWII
Wagner William 93 7/26/2015 Allentown PA / Cedarburg WI James Wagner Sara (Heath) Wagner The Morning Call 7/30/2015 Allentown High School
Wall Muller Aloisia H.  Vienna Austria 94 3/15/2015 Macungie PA Adolf Muller Hermine (Pedal) Muller The Morning Call 3/17/2015 Edward R. Wall
Warschauer Alexander Anne Berlin Germany 94 5/2/2015 Allentown PA Isidor Alexander Anna (Hirschensohn) Alexander The Morning Call 5/3/2015 Dr. Erwin Warschauer / Egon Werner Temple Beth El, Allentown
Watt Shurts Madalynn G.  Allentown PA 93 3/22/2015 Bethlehem PA Harold Shurts Agnes (Peters) Shurts The Morning Call 3/27/2015
Wear Samuel E.  Allentown PA 92 2/15/2015 Allentown PA Samuel Wear Emma (Marsh) Wear The Morning Call 2/18/2015 WWII Army veteran
Weber Fox Margaret A. 1/29/1916 Allentown PA 98 1/22/2015 Allentown PA Charles Fox Stella (Unger) Fox The Morning Call 1/24/2015 Edward T. Weber
Wegner Anna E.  100 8/7/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 8/8/2015 Russell H. Wegner
Weinperl Jacob S.  Bethlehem PA 7/21/2015 Yardley PA John Weinperl Katalin (Kila) Weinperl The Morning Call 7/23/2015 Jack Margaret J. (Kusicza) Weinperl Saint Frances Cabrini Church, Fairless Hills sister, Rose Bowman (1 day prior) US Navy veteran of WWII
Weiss Druckenmiller Pauline M.  Allentown PA 98 2/17/2015 James Druckenmiller Sally (Hinkle) Druckenmiller The Morning Call 2/22/2015 Polly Arthur T. Weiss
Welch Klatt Malinda New Posen Germany 91 7/19/2015 Allentown PA Edward Klatt Loise (Junke) Klatt The Morning Call 7/21/2015 Christ Lutheran Church, Allentown
Werkheiser Kenneth E.  8/1/1921 Lower Saucon Township PA 93 5/26/2015 Lowhill Township PA George A. Werkheiser Blanche M. (Kline) Werkheiser The Morning Call 5/29/2015 Madalyn R. (Adams) Werkheiser US Army veteran of WWII
Werner Zweifel Ida L.  Bethlehem PA 90 7/17/2015 Bethlehem PA William Zweifel Lizzie (Gerhart) Zweifel The Morning Call 7/20/2015 Earl R. Werner St. Thomas UCC, Bethlehem
Werst Gerald B.  Bethlehem PA 104 8/21/2015 Forks Township PA Frank J. Werst Martha S. (Breisch) Werst The Morning Call 8/23/2015 Jean Werst / Hazel (Leatherman) Benner Werst Emmanuel EC Church, Bethlehem
Wieder Stephen O.C.  Emmaus PA 93 7/31/2015 Topton PA Fred H. Wieder Katie E. (Schaup) Wieder The Morning Call 8/2/2015 Edna E. (Nester) Wieder Trinity Lutheran Church, Topton US Army veteran of WWII
Williamson Lorenzini Virginia L.  8/15/1923 Sierra Madre CA 91 2/14/2015 Bethlehem PA John Lorenzini Catherine (Marasca) Lorenzini The Morning Call 2/17/2015 BA degree from California State University / Masters in Education from Lehigh University Church of the Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary, Bethlehem
Wilson Blanche Betty Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 4/16/2015
Witman Housholder Betty Jane Harrisburg PA 94 2/24/2015 Allentown PA Morris C. Housholder Ruth E. (Tyson) Housholder The Morning Call 2/27/2015 Melvin S. Witman Lemoyne High School / Thompson Business School Alsace Lutheran Church, Reading
Wolfe Chester A.  Tamaqua PA 98 2/28/2015 Allentown PA William John Wolfe Mabel (Godshall) Wolfe The Morning Call 3/1/2015 Ruth A. (Wagner) Wolfe Tamaqua High School Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Tamaqua served in the US Army during WWII
Wolfe Eugene Martin 92 5/26/2015 South Whitehall Township Alois G. Wolf Ellen C. (Sweeney) Wolf The Morning Call 6/2/2015 RoseMarie C. (Gehringer) Wolf Allentown High School / Radio School in NYC US Navy veteran of WWII and Korean War
Woodbridge Caspar L.  Philadelphia PA 93 3/14/2015 Caspar L. Woodbridge Elizabeth (Wilson) Woodbridge The Morning Call 3/17/2015 Cas 1947 graduate of Davidson College / 1949  & 1952 graduate of Penn State University Central Moravian Church, Bethlehem US Army veteran of WWII
Wrigley Ward Christine M.  Newark NJ 98 7/29/2015 Allentown PA  Edward J. Ward Tillie Ward Jones The Morning Call 7/30/2015 Richard L. "Dick" Wrigley Allentown High School / Allentown Business College St. Francis of Assisi Church, Allentown
Yagojinski Lulo Elizabeth 9/17/1923 Swoyersville PA 91 5/18/2015 Bethlehem PA Nicholas Lulo Stephania (Myhal) Lulo The Morning Call 5/23/2015 Betty George S. Yagojinski Jr Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Bethlehem
Yankoski Yenalavage Katherine M.  99 5/3/2015 Allentown PA William Yenalavage Eva Yenalavage The Morning Call 5/8/2015 Vincent E. Yankoski Kingston High School St. Anne's Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Yapsuga Stroinski Dorothy M.  Wilkes-Barre PA 99 3/23/2015 Allentown PA Felix Stroinski Caroline (Kochuba) Stroinski The Morning Call 3/28/2015 Joseph J. Yapsuga Meyers High School, Wilkes-Barre Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Allentown
Yerk Tegyi Julia 10/13/1922 Allentown PA 92 3/28/2015 Coopersburg PA Joseph Tegyi Mary (Labo) Tegyi The Morning Call 3/29/2015 Delbert G. Yerk Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Coopersburg
Yocum Dorothy K.  Fountain Hill  97 1/23/2015 Bethlehem PA Edward Kunkle Mary (Barlett) Kunkle The Morning Call 1/25/2015 Ralph W.S. Yocum Church of the Manger UCC US Army sergeant
Yost Walter P.  Allentown PA 93 3/19/2015 Allentown PA Paul Yost Anna (Binder) Yost The Morning Call 3/21/2015 Dorothy Yost Muhlenberg College First Presbyterian Church, Cranford NJ US Army sergeant during WWII
Young Jaindl Anna M.  Allentown PA 93 4/12/2015 Allentown PA Andrew Jaindl Anne (Plessl) Jaindl The Morning Call 4/14/2015 Hughie A. Young
Zamadics Ridgick Mary 90 5/31/2015 Bethlehem PA The Morning Call 6/2/2015 Steve Zamadics
Zavilla Vasel Anna V.  Phillipsburg NJ 97 2/6/2015 Allentown PA John Vasel Mary (Verholy) Vasel The Morning Call 2/10/2015 John P. "Lefty" Zavilla Protection of the BVM Greek Orthodox Church
Zboyovsky Catherine A.  Bethlehem PA 90 6/19/2015 Bethlehem PA James Frances Zboyovsky Elizabeth (Meschan) Zboyovsky The Morning Call 6/21/2015 Bethlehem Catholic High School brother, James F. Zboyovsky
Zelasko Slaninka Helen E.  12/14/1923 Bethlehem PA 91 3/25/2015 Bethlehem PA Joseph Slaninka Agnes Slaninka The Morning Call 3/26/2015 Edmund "Butch" Zelasko Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bethlehem
Zettelmoyer Dorothea J.  Allentown PA 93 4/7/2015 Allentown PA Clarence L. Zettelmoyer Helen Blanche (Sechler) Zettelmoyer The Morning Call 4/9/2015 Dot Bethany Evangelical Congregational Church, Allentown
Zettlemoyer Jr Erwin S.  Waverly NY 96 5/26/2015 Erwin S. Zettlemoyer Sr Helen V. (Ruth) Zettlemoyer The Morning Call 5/28/2015 Emmanuel E.C. Church, Bethlehem
Zulick Gogotz Mildred St. Clair PA 92 2/4/2015 Allentown PA John Gogotz Anna (Yadlowsky) Gogotz The Morning Call 2/6/2015 Fred Zulick 1940 graduate of St. Clair High School