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AARON LEATHERMAN.  Like many of the old families of Pennsylvania, the LEATHERMANS sprang from German ancestry, representatives of the name coming from the fatherland to Bucks county, Pennsylvania, during the pioneer epoch in the history of this part of the state.  The grandfather, Jacob LEATHERMAN, was a farmer of Plumstead township.  His son, Joseph LEATHERMAN, father of our subject, was born in Bucks county, and throughout his business career carried on agricultural pursuits, remaining a life-long resident of Plumstead township.  His political views were in accord with the principles of the Whig party, and enjoying the full confidence and respect of his fellowmen, he was chosen to the office of township supervisor, in which capacity he served for a number of years.  His religious faith was in accord with the teachings of the Mennonite church. He was twice married, his first wife being Miss Sarah MYERS, and there were eleven children by that wife: Joseph; Jacob; Isaac; Christian; Abram; Esther, the wife of Elias FRETZ; Sarah, the wife of John FRETZ; Mary, wife of Jacob SHADDINGER; Catherine, wife of John HALDERMAN; Elizabeth, the wife of Henry D. WISMER; and Annie H., who died at the age of twenty-four years. For his second wife Joseph LATHERMAN chose Mrs. Mary SLOTTER nee GODSHALL.

            Aaron LEATHERMAN, the only child of the second marriage, was born in Plumstead township, March 6, 1837.  Following the completion of his common-school course he gave his undivided attention to the work of the home farm, assisting his father in its operation until he had attained his majority.  He then began teaching school, and for some time followed that profession in Bedminster and Plumstead townships, especially through the winter seasons, while in the summer months he gave his attention to agricultural pursuits.  Among his other educational labors he taught a singing school for some time, having much natural talent in that direction, as well as a good understanding of the principles of the art.  He was also engaged in the butchering business for a number of years in Danboro, Pennsylvania, and subsequently turned his attention to the commission business, which he followed for seventeen years.   His business career has been characterized by laudable ambition, strong and honorable purpose, and what he possesses has been acquired through his own well directed efforts.  He has been a director in the Danboro & Plumsteadville Turnpike Company for a number of years, and at this writing (in 1904) is president.  He was also for some years secretary of the Danboro Livestock Association, and his business affairs have largely been of a character that, while promoting individual success, have also advanced the general prosperity and material development of the county.  Deeply interested in the welfare and progress of his county.  Mr. LEATHERMAN has taken an active and helpful part in many measures contributing to the general good.   In politics he is an earnest Republican and upon that ticket he was elected assessor of Plumstead township when he was but twenty-two years of age, and held the office continuously for seventeen years.  No higher testimonial of his capable service could be given than the fact that he was so long retained in his position.  He was employed by the government as an enrolling officer during the war of 1861-65.  He has also been auditor of his township for some time, and in the spring of 1904 was elected supervisor, which position he is now filling.  Recognizing the obligations which have devolved upon him in his connection with public office, he has faithfully performed his duty as a patriotic citizen, and his efforts have been beneficial to his community.  He is a man of unquestioned honor and integrity, his life being in harmony with his principles as a member of the old Mennonite church.  He has been very active in the Sunday-school at Danboro, and has filled the office of treasurer for nearly thirty years.

            Mr. LEATHERMAN was married on the 26th of May, 1860, to Miss Elizabeth FRY, a daughter of Samuel and Susanna FRY.  They have six children: Susanna, born January 4, 1861, and is the wife of Eli VAN LUVANEE; Mary Emma, born November 3, 1862, and is the wife of John GERHART; Anna, born August 23, 1865, and married A. G. C. WELDON; Lizzie, born December 7, 1867, and married Stanley G. RAPP; Rosie, born April 15, 1870; and Eleanora, born January 2, 1881, and is the wife of Daniel P. FLUCK.  The mother died January 29, 1902.

            Mr. LEATHERMAN is one of Bucks county’s most respected citizens, a broad-minded public spirited man, ever alive to the interests of his community.  Progress has been the keynote of his public and private life, and he has made advancement along lines demanding strong intellectuality, unfaltering purpose and keen discrimination.  He is a man whom to know is to respect and honor, and the circle of his friends in Plumstead township is extensive.




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Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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