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            WILLIAM PENROSE.  Pennsylvania owes an inestimable debt of gratitude to those English Friends who were among the first settlers of the province.  William PENROSE, of Quakertown, is a descendant of one of these pioneers, who brought to their home in the New World principles which they not only professed but practiced, and which have thus been a lasting and powerful influence for good in the province of Penn.

            Robert PENROSE (1), son of Robert and Jane PENROSE, was born in Yorkshire, England, moved to Ireland in 1669, and married Anna RUSSELL, by whom he was the father of three children.  His son Robert PENROSE (2), was born in 1670 in Blackane, married Mary CLAYTON in 1695, and had thirteen children.   With part of his family he came in 1717 to Pennsylvania.  His son Robert PENROSE (3), who was born in 1697, came to America after his father, and about 1731 married Mary HEACOCK.  They were the parents of eleven children, one of whom, John PENROSE (4), was born in 1740, in Richland township, married Anna ROBERTS in 1764, and died in 1813.  He was the father of ten children.  The ninth son, Evan PENROSE (5), born in 1782, married Rebecca BALL, and the following children were born to them: Jane; Aaron (deceased); Evan, mentioned at length hereinafter: and Margaret, who became the wife of Eli W. STRAWN.

            Evan PENROSE (6), son of Evan (5) and Rebecca (BALL) PENROSE, was born May 8, 1813, on the homestead in Richland township, attended the subscription schools of his birthplace, and afterward became a pupil in the school taught by Richard HOOPES, of West Chester.  He then learned the carpenter’s  trade, which he followed for some time, but the greater part of his life was devoted to the management of the homestead.  He was a Republican in politics, but never took an active part in the affairs of the organization.  By birthright he was a member of Friends’ meeting, but was not prominently identified with the society.  Mr. PENROSE married, March 20, 1851,  Anna ROBERTS, daughter of George and Anna (PENROSE) HICKS born November 28, 1817.  The family of Mr. and Mrs. PENROSE consisted of the following children: 1. Charles Robert, born March 10, 1853, died December 27, 1877.  2. Mary Jane, born March 7, 1836, married, in 1877, William, son of William and Sarah (GORMAN) McDEVITT, of Philadelphia.  3. And 4. Evan Ellwood and George Howard (twins), born October 22, 1857; the former died April 5, 1858, and the latter August 17, same year.  5. William, mentioned at length hereinafter.  Mr. PENROSE, the father, retired from the active labors of the farm in 1884,  and his death occurred December 24, 1888.  The mother of the family expired January 29, 1903, at the advanced age of eighty-five.

            William PENROSE (7) , son of Evan (6) and Anna Roberts (HICKS) PENROSE, was born September 16, 1861, on the homestead in Richland township, and received his primary education in a school held under the auspices of the Friends’ meeting and presided over by Anna BLAKEY.  Later he became a pupil in a public school, and afterward attended the Quakertown high school until his seventeenth year.   He then became the assistant of his father on the home farm.  For many years he was the owner of this estate, which for more than a  century was the property of the PENROSE family, and proved himself an able, energetic and successful farmer.  In 1901 he sold the estate and took up his abode in Quakertown.  In politics he is a Republican, but has always refused to hold office, preferring to devote his time to the cultivation of his farm.  He is a member of the Reformed church of Quakertown.

            Mr. PENROSE married, in 1886, Jennie TRUMBAUER, and they are the parents of the following children:  1. John Evan, born May 26, 1888, and attended the Quakertown public schools.  2. Henry Speakman, born September 13, 1895.  3. Annie Elizabeth, born October 11, 1899.  4. Alfred, born October 29, 1903.

            Mrs. PENROSE is a granddaughter of John and Elizabeth (BAUM) TRUMBAUER, whose son John, was born in 1808, in Richland township, attended the subscription schools, learned the shoemaker’s trade, and later engaged in farming.  He was a member of the Lutheran church at Trumbauersville, in which he served as elder and deacon.  Mr. TRUMBAUER married, in 1843, Lydia B. SCHOLL, daughter of Michael and Lydia (DONOHUE) SCHOLL, the former a farmer near Telford, and their children were: 1. Henry S. born in 1845, is a carpenter at Fairview, and married May STONEBACK,  of Richland township.  2. Milton, born in 1848, is unmarried, and lives on the homestead.  3. Michael S., born in 1850, lives in Quakertown, and married Eliza MOYER, of Milford township.  4. Levi S. born in 1853, is a farmer and unmarried. 5. Lydia Ann, born in 1855, and became the wife of Gideon GROFF, of Trumbauersville.  6. Mary Elizabeth, born in 1859, and married Nathaniel KEELY, of East Greenville, Montgomery county.  7. Jeannie, who became the wife William PENROSE, as mentioned above.  Mr. TRUMBAUER, the father of the family, died February 2, 1898, having attained to the great age of ninety years.


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Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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