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DR. NERI BARNDT WILLIAMS, of Perkasie, physician and druggist, was born in Easton, Pennsylvania, February 12, 1863, and is a son of Dr. Cyrenius and Margaret (BARNDT) WILLIAMS, of Easton, both of whom are natives of Bucks county.  On the paternal side he is of Welsh descent, the earliest ancestor of whom he (sic) have any definite record being John WILLIAMS, who in 1737 purchased two hundred acres of land in New Britain township, near GRIER’s corner, on the Hilltown township line, and in 1747 purchased one hundred and fifty acres additional in Hilltown, and one hundred and thirty-five acres adjoining in New Britain.  Both  he and his wife died prior to 1787, leaving five children: John, an invalid; Isaac; William; Sarah, wife of John PARKER; and Rebecca, wife of William JAMES, of New Britain, William being a Baptist minister.  The last three children in 1787 conveyed their interest in their father’s real estate to their brother Isaac on condition that he care for their elder brother, John.  Isaac WILLIAMS, married Elizabeth THOMAS, daughter of Thomas and Mary (WILLIAMS) THOMAS,* and lived all his life on the part of the homestead lying in Hilltown.  In 1800 he conveyed the land in New Britain to his sons, Thomas and Benjamin.  Elizabeth THOMAS was a granddaughter of Elder William THOMAS, who came from Wales in 1712 and settled in Hilltown in 1724.  (See THOMAS Family).

Thomas WILLIAMS, son of Isaac and Elizabeth (THOMAS) WILLLIAMS, born in Hilltown township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, May 14, 1776, was the grandfather of Dr. WILLIAMS.  April 8, 1800, his father conveyed to him fifty acres of the land purchased by his grandfather, John WILLIAMS, in 1737, lying in New Britain township, on the stump road.  Here he lived until 1834, when he purchased at sheriff’s sale the farm of Nathan THOMAS near Silverdale, in Hilltown township, part of the Ephraim THOMAS homestead whereon his wife was born, consisting of ninety acres, and lived thereon until his death, December 8, 1844.  He married about 1800 Eleanor THOMAS, born November 10, 1779, died March 31, 1856.  They were the parents of the following children; Anna, born May 13, 1804, died June 23, 1822;  Eleanor, born October 3, 1805, died March 8, 1817; Joseph, born February, 1808, died, August 2, 1808; Nathan Thomas, born August 21, 1818, died at Allentown, Pennsylvania, January 18, 1901; Cyrenious, born January 26, 1821, died 1881; Amy, born 1824, died 1865, unmarried; and Thomas, who removed to Reading, where he has descendants.  Eleanor (THOMAS) WILLIAMS was a daughter of Joseph and Sarah (BRITTAIN) THOMAS, and a descendant on both maternal and paternal side from Elder William THOMAS, above mentioned, her father, Joseph THOMAS, being a son of Ephraim (born 1719, died 1776) and Eleanor (BATES) THOMAS, and her mother a daughter of Nathan and Ann (THOMAS) BRITTAIN, and granddaughter of Rev. John THOMAS, born December, 1713, died 1790, for many years pastor of Hilltown Baptist church, and the eldest son of Elder William.  His wife was Sarah JAMES of Radnor.

Dr. Cyrenious WILLIAMS, father of Dr. N. B. WILLIAMS, was born in New Britain township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, January 26, 1821.  He received a good academic education and entered Jefferson Medical College, from which he graduated.  He located in Easton, Pennsylvania, where he practiced medicine until his death in 1885.  He was a member of the Lehigh Valley Medical Society and other medical associations.  He was a member of the Baptist church, as had been all his ancestors since their settlement in Bucks county.  In politics he was a Democrat.  He married Margaret Barndt, born in Hilltown, Bucks county, June 15, 1842, and still living at Easton, Pennsylvania.  She was a daughter of Neri and Hannah BARNDT, the former was born in Bucks county, February 9, 1818, and died March 23, 1902, and he was a farmer in Hilltown and Rockhill townships, and a son of Samuel BARNDT.  His wife, Hannah BARNDT, died in August, 1903, aged eighty-five years, and both are buried at Indian Field Cemetery, Montgomery county.  They were the parents of two daughters: Margaret, above mentioned; and Elizabeth, the wife of William H. SHERM, of New Britain, Dr. Cyrenious and Margaret (BARNDT) WILLIAMS were the parents of eleven children as follows: Courtland B., born June 12, 1861, married Elmira SCHEETZ, of Quakertown, Pennsylvania; Neri B., the subject of this sketch; Naomi B., born September 8, 1864, widow of Peter HILL, of Frankford, Indiana; Percy B., born April 12, 1867, married a lady of New York city and resides there: William B., born June 14, 1869, married a lady from New Jersey and resides with wife and three children at Easton, Pennsylvania; Hannah B., born July 14, 1871, married William EDGAR, of Chicago, where they reside and have one child; Cyrenious B., of Frankford, Indiana; Margaret B., born May 5, 1876, unmarried; Nathan B., born October 15, 1877, married Margaret HILGERT, of Williamsport; Elizabeth B., born February 12, 1880, wife of Arthur SMITH, of Easton, Pennsylvania; and Ruth B., born October 16, 1884, unmarried.

                Dr. Neri B. WILLIAMS is the second child of Cyrenious and Margaret (BARNDT) WILLIAMS, and was born February 12, 1863.  He was educated at the public schools of Hokedaqua, Lehigh county, Pennsylvania, and subsequently entered the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, from which he graduated in 1885.  After his graduation he took charge of a drug store at Pittsburg, where he remained for three years and then went to New York city, where he had charge of a drug store for three years.  He had meanwhile taken up the study of medicine and graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1891.  He began the practice of his profession at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, where he remained for two years, and then removed to Philadelphia where he practiced for one year.  In 1894 he located at Perkasie, Bucks county, where he has built up a lucrative practice.  In 1899 he erected a brick dwelling and store at the corner of Fifth and Market streets and opened a drug store, and being thoroughly skilled and experienced as a pharmacist and physician is doing a fine business.  He has always taken an active interest in the affairs of the town, and has filled the position of school director for six years.  He is a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity, having taken the thirty-second degree.  He is affiliated with Bethlehem Lodge No. 283, F. and A. M.; Zinzendorf Chapter, No. 216, R.A.M., of Bethlehem; Bethlehem Council, No. 36, R. S. M.; Allentown Commandery No. 20, K. T.; Philadelphia Consistory; and the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of Mystic Shrine, Lu Lu Temple, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He is also a member of Perkasie Lodge, K. of P. Religiously he is a member of the Lutheran church, and politically a Republican.

                He married March 21, 1888, Jennie A. PAUL, daughter of Richard C. and Susan (DAWES) PAUL, of Brooklyn, New York.  Richard C. PAUL was captain of a company during the civil war, and was shot through the hip and died in a Philadelphia hospital from the effects of his wound.  Dr. N. B. and Jennie Alethea (PAUL) WILLIAMS are the parents of three children;  Beatrice Labira, born October 5, 1895; and Gladys and Dorothy W., Twins, born September 8, 1901.

*The “History of the THOMAS Family” says Elizabeth married Henry GODSHALK.  She was the wife of Isaac WILLIAMS when her mother made her will in 1781

Test taken from page 497-498 of:

Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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