History of Bucks County, Pa Volume 3 by William H. Davis
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WILLIAM H. LA RUE, deceased, who throughout his entire life followed farming, was born in New Jersey, February 19, 1823, his parents being Uriah and Elizabeth (Rockafellow) LaRue, in whose family were six children, namely: Asa, whose wife's name was Rachel; Hackett; William H.; Jonathan, who married Miss Kiphart; Calvin, who married Miss Ruth Tice; and Rebecca, who married Charles Kiphart.

            William H. LaRue was reared in Huntington county, New Jersey, pursuing his education in its public schools. A portion of his boyhood was spent in the home of his uncle, William Heis. At an early age he engaged in farming and followed that vocation throughout his entire life. Mr. LaRue was married twice, his first union being with Jane Parks, by whom he had three children: George H., who married Mary Moore; Susanna; and Elizabeth, who became the wife of Nathaniel Briton. For his second wife Mr. LaRue chose Margaret Thompson. Her ancestry can be traced back to Mrs. Mary Thompson, who came to this country with her four sons: John, Hugh, William and Robert. Of this family John settled in Wrightstown, making his home near Chain Bridge in Northampton township. His house, an old biproofed one, is still standing, but some of it was town down and rebuilt in later years. He was treasurer of the colonies at that time, and while holding the office was robbed, the bullet holds being seen in the house until repaired. He married and had seven children: Hugh, born in 1764; William, who was a doctor, married and settled in Chester county, Pennsylvania; Thomas, who married Elizabeth Wilson; James; Elizabeth, who became Mrs. McClellen, and had a son, Charles, who died in the south; Robert, who married Jane Wilson, and settled near Chain Bridge, Bucks county; and John, who wedded Mary Wilson.

            Hugh Thompson, son of John Thompson, was born in 1764, and died in August, 1847. He wedded Mary Houston and they had five children: Elizabeth, born December 2, 1791, died April 25, 1843, was the wife of James Gaine; John, born January 17, 1795; Charles, born August 11, 1797, married Ann Johnson; Samuel, a physician, born February 15, 1800, died February 21, 1863, was married twice; his first wife was Martha Burson, and his second wife was Hannah Thomas; and Maria, born September 26, 1803, died August 11, 1865, was the wife of William Poole.

            John Thompson, son of Hugh and Mary Thompson, was born January 17, 1795, and married Ann Lefferts, a daughter of Abraham and Margaret Lefferts. Her father was born February 17, 1754, and died March 18, 1863, while Mrs. Margaret Lefferts was born February 9, 1761, and died August 4, 1831. Abraham Lefferts was married twice. By the first marriage there were two children, John and Alice. The former, born March 14, 1784, married and had children: Susan, who married Isaiah Delaney and had two children: Mary Helen, who married Lambert Cornell, and Annie wife of Peter Dyer; 2. Simon, married Susanna States and had a son, John, who married Helen Rich and had two children: Walter and Helen; 3. Mary Ann, became the wife of Harry Search and had two children: Susannah and Theodore; 4. Jonathan, married a Miss Cornell and had three children, one of whom was Helena, wife of Jacob Cornell; 5. Charles, married a Miss Cornell, and had two children: John and Julia; 6. Mary Catharine, became the wife of John C. Fetter and had one child, Emma, wife of Joseph M. Cornell. Alice Lefferts, daughter of Abraham Lefferts, was born October 28, 1790, and married Samuel Winner. Abraham and Margaret Lefferts had the following children: Simon, born April 14, 1793, died August 11, 1805; Abraham, born July 17, 1794, died August 24, 1862; James, born September 26, 1797; and Ann, born October 7, 1800, became the wife of John Thompson.

            John and Ann (Lefferts) Thompson had nine childen; 1. Albert, born November 21, 1822, married Susan W. Carey and their children were Warner C. and Amos, the latter now deceased.  2. Abraham L., born March 28, 1824, died February 17, 1902. He married Letitia Collins and their children were: Edward, who married Ella Ingall; Clara, John, who married Miss Worthington; Emma, who became the wife of Charles Cope; and Hugh, who is living in Doylestown. 3. Mary Ann, born February 26, 1826, died September 12, 1903. 4. Benjamin Franklin, born October 3, 1827, married Emeline Johnson, and had two children, Harry and J. Wesley. 5. Charles, born July 18, 1829, married Emily Van Horn and they have two children: George H. and Anna Mary. 6. John Praul, born January 15, 1831, died in the winter of 1882. His wife was Lydia Knipe and they had the following children: Albert, deceased, and who married Sarah Holland, now deceased, and their children were: Albertta and Lydia; Kate, deceased who was the wife of James McGrath; Charles, who married Henrietta Russel, and three children were born to them: Charles R., Warner C., deceased; and Norman, deceased; Annie, who married Herbert Alrich. 7. Henry, born May 2, 1833, married Mary Elizabeth Mathews and their children were: Alice, who married William Sacket; Bertha, unmarried and Harry, who married Marietta Carter and their children are: Elizabeth, John and Alice. Henry Thompson died April 15, 1901. 8. Margaret, born May 6, 1837, is the wife of William H. LaRue and they have a daughter, Jennie. 9. Elizabeth, born August 16, 1840, is the wife of Charles Bemis. John Thompson and his cousin Hugh Thompson, son of Robert Thompson, were each captains of the militia and went to escort General Lafayette from Briston to Philadelphia when he visited this country in 1824. John was captain of the Wrightstown militia and Hugh of the Northampton; each rode a white horse, and the blue plume tipped with red worn by John Thompson is still in the possession of his descendants.

Text taken from 183-184

Davis, William W. H.,  A. M. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago:  The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905]  Volume III

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