History of Bucks County, Pa Volume 3 by William H. Davis
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WILHELMUS CORNELL, born at Flatbush, Long Island, July 13, 1722, probably came to Bucks county with his elder brother Adrien and their parents prior to 1740. He was married at the Southampton church, April 14, 1744, to Elshe (or Alice) KROESEN. His first purchase of land was in connection with his younger brother Gilliam in 1755, and consisted of three tracts of land near Churchville, eighty-two acres on the Northampton side of the Bristol road, and 115 acres opposite in Southampton, including the present site of the church. In 1762 he conveyed his interest in these tracts to Gilliam, and purchased of Jacob DUFFIELD 233 1/2 acres in Southampton, and subsequently acquired considerable other land there. He died October 14, 1783, and his wife Elshe died October 8, 1802, at the age of seventy-seven years; they are buried side by side in the old grave yard at Feasterville. They were the parents of seven children: Gilliam, born January 2, 1745, died August 17, 1755; John, born January, 1750, died January 24, 1811, leaving sons Gilliam, Wilhelmus, Jacob, John and Isaac and daughters Elizabeth, wife of Henry FEASTER, and Cornelia, wife of Gilliam CORNELL; Cornelia, baptised February 11, 1753, married William CRAVEN; Margaret, baptised December 14, 1755, married Henry COURSON; Elizabeth, baptised June 7, 1761; and Gilliam, baptised September 17, 1758, married Jane CRAVEN. The latter was known locally as "Yompey CORNELL." He was buried on his farm at Southampton Station.

Gilliam CORNEL, born on Long Island in 1724, married there May 23, 1750, Margaret SCHENCH, and

removed to Bucks county. He purchased land as above recited in 1755 in connection with his brother, Wilhelmus, and purchased the latter's interest therein six years later. He died in Northampton, July 17, 1785, and his wife Margaret died September 5, 1805. They had seven children: 1. Phebe, who married her cousin Cornelius CORNELL, the son of Simon. 2. Cornelia, baptised April 11, 1757, married William BENNETT. 3. John, baptised December 31, 1758, married Catharine SLEGHT. 4. Abraham, baptised January 28, 1760, died August 31, 1801, married Agnes BBENNETT. 5. Gilliam, baptised August 27, 1764, married Rachel_______ and left Bucks county. 6. Margaret, baptised 1767. 7. John, baptised June 12, 1774, died young. 8. Maria, baptised August 24, 1778.

Simon CORNELL, born on Long Island in 1729, married Adrienne KROESEN and settled in the neighborhood of Southampton, though probably in Philadelphia county; his sons Cornelius and John were baptised at Southampton church in 1761 and 1772 respectively. The former married Phebe, daughter of his uncle Gilliam, and had children Gilliam, John, Cornelius, Isaac, Jane, who married Peter BAILEY, and Margaret.

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Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago:The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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