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WALLACE DUNGAN, one of the successful and active businessmen of Doylestown, was born in Doylestown township, Bucks county, July 8, 1845. John DUNGAN, son of Thomas (4) and Mary (DRAKE) DUNGAN, and grandson of Rev. Thomas DUNGAN, was the ancestor of Wallace and Mahlon K. DUNGAN, of Doylestown. He had sons Thomas, John, Joseph and Jesse. Thomas DUNGAN, son of John, above mentioned, married Deborah DOAN, daughter of Daniel and Sarah, born March 25, 1757, died December 7, 1829. Thomas DUNGAN died intestate August 30, 1803. He had issue James, born January 22, 1778, died January 20, 1840: Isaac, see forward; and Daniel, born December 30, 1784, married Catherine ADAMS of Warminster.

Isaac DUNGAN, son of Thomas and Deborah (DOAN) DUNGAN, born July 14,1779, died January 27, 1844, married Mary DYER, daughter of Joseph and Christine DYER, born May 10, 1781, died June 23, 1849. Their sons were: 1. Thomas, born September 30, 1803, died January 13, 1869; married Rebecca U. MONTANYE; he was county treasurer in 1847; and lived late in life in Plumstead. 2. Jesse, see forward: 3. John, born May 5, 1805, died July 18, 1868; married Eliza REED, and lived and died in Northampton township, Bucks county; had children; Harman Y., DYER C., and John T., deceased, and Mary, wife of David S. FETTER.

Jesse DUNGAN, son of Isaac and Mary (DYER) DUNGAN born February 5, 1802, died May 4, 1892, married Adriana CORNELL. He was a successful farmer, and a man much esteemed by his neighbors. He filled the office of director of the poor of Bucks county for the term 1866-68, and a few years later retired from active life, and lived to the age of ninety years. Religiously he was a Presbyterian and politically was a staunch Democrat of the old school. He died at Churchville and is interred in the churchyard there. Jesse and Adrianna (CORNELL) DUNGAN, were the parents of four sons and five daughters, viz: Isaac, George, John K., David, Mary Jane, Ann Eliza, Louisa, Sarah and Adelaide.

Isaac DUNGAN, son of Jesse DUNGAN, was born on his father’s farm in Northampton township and spent practically all his life in that and the adjoining township of Southampton. He was a farmer, and an active and prominent man in the community, holding at different times different township offices. Politically he was a Democrat, and took an active part in the councils of his party. He was an earnest and consistent member of the Davisville Baptist church. He died in Southampton township in 1887, at the age of sixty-five years. His first wife was Rebecca BOOS, by whom he had two sons Wallace, to be further mentioned, and Mahlon K., of Doylestown. The mother died at Richboro in 1849, and Isaac DUNGAN married (second) Cynthia Ann DOAN, and two children were born to them that grew to maturity: Sarah, wife of Albert FESMIRE of Hartsville, and William DUNGAN, of Southampton.

Wallace DUNGAN, son of Isaac and Rebecca (BOOS) DUNGAN, though born in Doylestown township, removed with his parents to Northampton township when a child. At the age of thirteen years he went to Tinicum township, where he lived for three years. Returning to Southampton, he lived with his father until twenty-one years of age. He received a fair common school education in the schools of the neighborhood, and at the age of twenty-two years he began farming on his own account and followed that vocation for five years. In 1872 he engaged in the hide and tallow business in a building near the Doylestown flour mill, and in the following year built a factory near the present Doylestown electric light plant. By strict attention to business he built up a prosperous business, and prospered in spite of repeated reverses. His factory was totally destroyed by fire June 29, 1880. Undismayed by this untoward disaster, he at once erected another factory near his present residence, just east of the borough line, and equipped it with the most improved machinery for utilizing the several products of dead animals. In 1892 he purchased a tract of seventy-five acres, one mile west of Doylestown, and moved his factory thereon and added a fertilizer plant, both of which he conducted on a large seale. He now experienced another great loss in the destruction of his plant by fire on April 8, 1897, but he again rebuilt it immediately, and has since conducted the business with entire success, assisted by his son-in-law. William WORTHINGTON, Mr. DUNGAN erected his present residence on Maple Avenue in 1878, and has resided there ever since. In 1899 Mr. DUNGAN had the misfortune to lose his left arm by having it drawn into the machinery in his factory, necessitating an amputation near the shoulder. He has, however, accustomed himself to the loss and continues to personally conduct his business. In politics Mr. DUNGAN is a Democrat. He is a deacon of the First Baptist Church of Doylestown. He is a member of Doylestown Lodge No. 245, F. and A.M. Doylestown Chapter No. 270, R.A.M., and Mary Commandery, No. 36, Knights Templar, of Philadelphia. He was married February 21, 1867, to Rachel HEATON, of Moreland, Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, and the union was blessed with one child, Effie F. H., now the wife of William WORTHINGTON. Rachel Heaton DUNGAN died December 22, 1898, aged fifty-eight years, and Mr. DUNGAN married, March 11, 1903. Anna, daughter of George MARTIN, of Doylestown, township.

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Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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