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STEPHEN B. TWINING, deceased, was born at Dolington, in Upper Makefield township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, January 19, 1844, and was the oldest son of Charles and Elizabeth (West) Twining. The pioneer ancestor of the Twining family was William Twining, who came from England to Massachusetts about 1640, and in 1643 settled at Yarmouth, removing later to Eastham, Massachusetts, where he died in 1659. He took an active part in the affairs of the Puritan colony, and held many offices of public trust. He married Anne Doane, who died February 27, 1680. They were the parents of two children, William, Jr., and Isabel, who married Francis Baker.

William Twining, Jr., married Elizabeth Deane, daughter of Stephen Deane, of Plymouth, in 1652, and had children as follows: William, born February 28, 1654, married Ruth Cole; Eliza, married John Rogers, of Eastham; Anne and Joanna, both of whom were successively the wives of Thomas Bills; Stephen; Susanna, who died young and Mehitabel, who married Daniel Doane, and settled in Bucks county, Pennsylvania. William was a deacon of Eastham church in 1677, but in 1695 became converted to the principals of Friends, and removed to Newtown, Bucks county, where he died November 4, 1703. His wife died December 28, 1708.

Stephen Twining, son of William and Elizabeth (Deane) Twining, was born at Eastham, Massachusetts, February 6, 1659, and died at Newtown, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, April 8, 1720. He married, January 13, 1682-3, Abigail Young, daughter of John and Abigail Young of Eastham, Massachusetts, and came to Bucks county with his father in 1695, where he became a large landholder and a prominent and influential citizen. He was one of the original members of Wrightstown Friends’ Meeting, and meetings were frequently held at his house prior to the erection of the meeting house. He had children: Stephen, Nathaniel, Eleazer, John, Rachel, Mercy, Joseph, David and William. His wife Abigail died April 9, 1715.

Stephen Twining, eldest son of Stephen and Abigail (Young) Twining, was born at Eastham, Massachusetts, December 30, 1684, and died at Newtown, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, June 28, 1772. He married in 1709, Margaret Mitchell, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Foulds) Mitchell, who was born at Marsden’s Lane, Lancashire, in 1686, and came to Bucks county with her mother in 1699; her father having died on the ill fated “Brittanica,” on the way to America. She died July 9, 1784, in her ninety-ninth year. Stephen and Margaret (Mitchell) Twining, were the parents of seven children: William, who died in infancy; Elizabeth, who married Isaac Kirk; Abigail, who married Samuel Hillborn; Stephen; Mary, who married John Chapman; another William, who also died young; and Margaret, who married Thomas Hambleton.

Stephen Twining, son of Stephen and Margaret (Mitchell) Twining, was born in Wrightstown, April 20, 1717. His father purchased in 1738 a tract of five hundred and fifty acres in Springfield township, Bucks county, upon which he resided with his family for a number of years, returning to Wrightstown about 1761, Stephen, the son, being left in charge of the Springfield farm for some years. At his father’s death in 1772 he was devised a farm in Wrightstown of one hundred and eighteen acres on the Neshaminy, where he died on September 3, 1777. He married, in 1773, Sarah Janney, widow of Richard Janney, and daughter of Joseph Worth, of Stony Brook, Burlington county, New Jersey, where Sarah was born in 1741. She married a third time, in 1782, James Burson, and died in Wrightstown, August 20, 1833, at the age of ninety-two years. Stephen and Sarah (Worth) Twining, were the parents of two children, Mary, born September 16, 1774, married Joseph Burson, died March 3, 1815, and Stephen, born in 1776.

Stephen Twining, son of Stephen and Sarah, left an orphan at a tender age, was reared in Wrightstown. He learned the trade of a tanner at the Chapman tannery in Wrightstown, and followed that business in Wrightstown and Newtown in connection with farming until about 1818, when he married Elizabeth Baldwin, an eminent minister among Friends, who had been a preacher since the age of nineteen years, and with the approbation of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting went as a teacher and counsellor to the Cattaraugus Indians, on their reservation near Troy, New York, where he remained for nine years. His wife dying in 1827, he returned to Newtown, where he resided until 1835, when he purchased a farm of one hundred acres in Upper Makefield, and, having remarried, lived thereon until his death in 1849. Stephen and Elizabeth (Baldwin) Twining were the parents of two children: Charles; and Sarah B., who married Isaac Simpson, and removed to Independence, Kansas.

Charles Twining, only son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Baldwin) Twining, was born at Troy, New York, August 9, 1820. Returning to Bucks county with his father after the decease of his mother, he was reared in Newtown and Upper Makefield. At the death of his father he inherited the homestead in Upper Makefield, upon which he lived for a time, removing later to Yardley, Lower Makefield township, now Yardley borough, where he engaged in the lime and coal business. He died February 10, 1902. He married, December 7, 1842, Elizabeth West, daughter of Mahlon and Mary (Trego) West, of Harford county, Maryland, who was born January 29, 1821, and died at Yardley, February 3, 1884. Mr. Twining married (second) on September 1, 1886, Hannah Y. Bunting. The children of Charles and Elizabeth H. (West) Twining are: Stephen B., to be further mentioned hereinafter; Edward W., of Yardley; Mary E., born March 27, 1849, wife of Franklin Eastburn, of Philadelphia; Emma, born August 5, 1851, married R. Franklin Schofield; Charles P., who died at the age of ten years; Rebecca, born March 7, 1856, wife of Watson G. Large of Yardley; William R., Adeline, and Sarah, who died in childhood.

STEPHEN B. TWINING was born in Upper Makefield township on the farm near Dolington, January 19, 1844. He was reared in the Makefields, and received the major part of his education at the Friends’ Central School, at Fifteenth and Race streets, Philadelphia, later taking a course in Bryan & Stratton’s Business College in Philadelphia. After the completion of his education he engaged with his father in the lime and coal business at Yardley. Stephen B., in partnership with his brother, under the firm name of S. B. and E. W. Twining, began the stone business at Yardley, first opening a quarry on the home farm, and subsequently purchasing the extensive quarries at Prallsville, New Jersey, which they operated on a large scale, furnishing large quantities of stone for bridges and other buildings, and for macadamizing and paving purposes. The large business built up by them is now conducted by their nephew, Charles Twining Eastburn, and gives employment to a large number of men. Mr. Twining was one of the organizers of the Yardley National Bank, of which he was a director and vice-president. He was also one of the organizers and an officer of the Yardley building and Loan Association. During his whole life he was prominently identified with all the local enterprises of Yardley and vicinity, having for their object the upbuilding and improvement of the town and community. He and his family were members of the Society of Friends. He died July 26, 1894. Mr. Twining married, January 17, 1866, Letitia Warner, daughter of Abraham and Sarah Ann (Taylor) Warner, of Penns Manor, Bucks county, who survives him. They were the parents of two children: Sarah W., wife of T. Sidney Cadwallader, of Yardley; and Elizabeth, wife of Professor Edward C. Wilson, of Baltimore, Maryland.

EDWARD W. TWINING, of Yardley borough, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, was born in Upper Makefield township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, March 4, 1846, and is the second son of Charles and Elizabeth (West) Twining, and a lineal descendant of William Twining, of Eastham, Massachusetts, through the four Stephen Twinings, as related in the preceding sketch of his elder brother, Stephen B. Twining. Edward W. Twining was reared in Upper and Lower Makefield and acquired his education at the public schools and Westtown Boarding School, under the care of the Society of Friends, in Chester county, Pennsylvania. At the age of twenty-two years he entered into partnership with his brother, Stephen B. Twining, in the stone business at Yardley, Pennsylvania, and Stockton and Prallsville, in Hunterdon county, New Jersey, being junior member of the firm of S. B. & E. W. Twining, and contributed largely to the success of the business. He has been interested in the various local enterprises of Yardley and vicinity, and is one of the well known business men of that locality. After the death of his brother he retired from active business, the stone business being conducted by his nephew and successor, Charles Twining Eastburn. Mr. Twining married in 1878, Mary S. Walker, daughter of Phineas and Deborah (Mitchell) Walker, of Makefield, granddaughter of Phineas and Sarah (Holcomb) Walker, great-granddaughter of Robert and Mary (Linton) Walker, of Solebury, and great-great-granddaughter of Joseph and Sarah (Heaton) Walker, of Middletown, Bucks county, and great-great-great-granddaughter of Robert and Grace (Pearson) Heaton, both natives of England, the former having come to America with his parents Robert and Alice Heaton, in the “Welcome,” in 1682, with William Penn. Edward and Mary (Walker) Twining are the parents of one son, Stephen B. Twining.

Text taken from page 408-409

Davis, William W. H., A. M. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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