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HARRY R. TREGO, of Pineville, Wrightstown township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, was born March 2, 1866, on the farm upon which he still resides, and which had been the property of his ancestors for several generations, having been purchased by John TREGO, the ancestor of the Bucks county branch of the family of George NEWBURN, October 10, 1743. The family of TREGO is of French origin, the ancestors Peter and Judith TREGO emigrating from France about 1685, and settling in Middletown township, now Delaware county, where Peter purchased land in 1690. The children of Peter and Judith TREGO were: Jacob, born 8 mo. 17, 1687; James, born 4 mo. 26, 1690; William, born 6 mo. 3, 1693; Ann, born 8 mo. 28, 1702, married Dr. James RUSHTON; John, born 12 mo. 15, 1696; Peter, born about 1700. Peter, the father, died in Middletown at the age of seventy-five years, in 1730.

Jacob TREGO, the eldest son of Peter and Judith, born in 1687, married at Darby Meeting of Friends in 1710, Mary CARTLEDGE, daughter of Edmund and Mary CARTLEDGE, who had come from Darby, Derbyshire, in 1683. Mary was born at Darby, Chester county, Pennsylvania, 8 mo. 25, 1685. Jacob resided in Merion, Chester county until 1717, when he moved to Darby, where he died 4 mo. 10, 1720, his eldest daughter Hannah dying on the same day. He left two children: John, born 5 mo. 6, 1715: and Rachel, born 7 mo. 27, 1719. On October 5, 1722, his widow, Mary TREGO, married John LAYCOCK, who had emigrated from Lancashire, England, and settled in Wrightstown, Bucks county. Their only child, Mary LAYCOCK, married Daniel WHITE, of Buckingham. 9 mo. 12, 1751.

James and William TREGO, sons of Peter and Judith, married sisters by the name of MOORE, and remained in Chester county, the former rearing a family, and the latter dying soon after his marriage, childless. Peter, Jr. married Ann WHITAKER, and reared a family. John, the youngest son, followed the sea for many years. Rachel, the surviving daughter of Jacob and Mary TREGO, married Joseph JOHNSON, of Wrightstown, and left four sons and a daughter.

John TREGO, only son of Jacob and Mary (CARTLEDGE) TREGO, born in Chester county, 5 mo. 6, 1715, was reared from the age of seven years in Wrightstown, Bucks county. He married Hannah LESTER, of Richland, her ancester, Peter Lester, being one of the first settlers in the "Great Swamp." In 1736 his stepfather and mother, John and Mary LAYCOCK, conveyed to him140 acres in Upper Makefield, a part of which remained the property of his descendants until the present generation, the last owner of the name being Morris W. TREGO, his great-grandson. This farm was near the line of Wrightstown, and its Northeast line was that of Buckingham township. The children of John and Hannah (LESTER) TREGO were: Jacob, died in Wrightstown, on the old homestead, without issue; Sarah, married Joseph WIGGINS, of Wrightstown, and removed to Harford county, Maryland, in1771; Joyce, died young; Rachel, married a SKELTON; Mary, married Meshach MICHENER, of Plumstead; Hannah, married David STOCKDALE, and removed to Harford county, Maryland; and William.

William TREGO, second son of John and Hannah (LESTER) TREGO, was born on the Upper Makefield homestead, March 16, 1744, married 9 mo. 19, 1768, Rebecca HIBBS, and on June 18, 1770, his father conveyed to him aout (sic) sixty acres of the homestead farm, the balance of which reverted to him and his six sons at the death of his brother Jacob, in accordance with his father’s will, probated in 1791. William TREGO died in 1827. He and his wife Rebecca were the parents of eleven children, as follows: 1. Thomas, born 8 mo. 15, 1769, married Sarah DUFFIELD, and removed with his family to Harford county, Maryland, in 1812, dying there 8 mo. 7, 1837: 2. Mahlon, born 11 mo. 25, 1770, married Rachel BRIGGS, and died 3 mo. 22, 1849: 3. Joseph, born 11 mo. 10, 1772: 4. William, born 9 mo. 29, 1774, married Rachel TAYLOR, and died 7 mo. 14, 1850: 5. John, born 2 mo. 20, 1776, * died 10 mo. 16, 1832: 6. Mary, born 10 mo. 1, 1778, died 10 mo. 6, 1784: 7. Jacob, born 10 mo. 28, 1780, married Letitia SMITH, and lived in Wrightstown until 1846, when he removed to Illinois, where he died, 10 mo. 3, 1870: 8. Jesse, born 1783, died 1784: 9. Hannah, born 10 mo. 23, 1784, married Isaac BEANS, and settled in Harford county, Maryland, in 1812: 10. Rebecca, born 8 mo. 21, 1786, married John BEANS, and (second) Thomas BRIGGS: 11. Mary, born 10 mo. 3, 1788, married her cousin, Mahlon Hibbs WEST, in Harford county, Maryland, his mother and hers being sisters.

John TREGO, fifth child of William and Rebecca (HIBBS) TREGO, born 12 mo. 20, 1776, * on the Upper Makefield homestead, inherited sixty-five acres thereof and spent his whole life there. He also inherited the Wrightstown farm now occupied by his great-grandson, the subject of this sketch. He died 10 mo. 16, 1832, and the Upper Makefield homestead was adjudged to his second son, Morris W., his eldest son, John K. TREGO, the grandfather of the subject of this sketch, electing to take the Wrightstown farm, where he then resided. The other children of John TREGO, were Seth and Lydia.

John K. TREGO was born on the Upper Makefield homestead, but on his marriage or soon after settled on the Wrightstown farm, where he spent the remainder of his life, dying March 23, 1886. He was an active and prominent man in the community. Like all his American ancestors, he was a member of the Society of Friends. He was one of the trustees of the Pineville school, established for the use of the neighborhood long before the time of the common school, and filled other positions of trust. He married Wilhelmina KIRK, daughter of Amos and Charity (DOAN) KIRK, of Buckingham, the former of whom was born in Buckingham 2 mo. 10, 1782, and died 9 mo. 24, 1863. He was a son of Thomas and Ocea (KINSEY) KIRK, grandson of Isaac and Rachel (FELL) KIRK, great-grandson of John and Joan (ELLIOT) KIRK, the former of whom came from Alderton, Derbyshire, England, in 1687, and settled near Darby, from whence his son John removed to Buckingham in 1729. The children of John K. and Wilhelmina (KIRK) TREGO, were Angelina, now widow of S. Smith KIRK, still living in Wrightstown, and Amos K.

Amos Kirk TREGO, only son of John K. and Wilhelmina, was born on the Wrightstown homestead, March 27, 1838, and still resides on a portion of it, having resigned the management of the farm to his son, the subject of this sketch, several years ago. He married Emily A. McKINSTRY, daughter of Henry and Hannah (HILLBORN) McKINSTRY, who was born in Montgomery county, July 21, 1840. Henry McKINSTRY, died in 1845, and his widow, Hannah (HILLBORN) McKINSTRY, survived him fifty-nine years, dying in Wrightstown in April, 1904, at the age of eighty-six years. Amos K. and Emily A. (McKINSTRY) TREGO are the parents of two children: Harry R., the subject of this sketch: and Miriam, wife of Jonathan A. WARNER, of Edison, Bucks county.

Harry R. TREGO was born and reared on the Wrightstown homestead, which he now occupies, and was educated at the public schools. He was reared to the life of a farmer, and on his marriage in 1889 took charge of the farm. In politics he is a Republican, but has never sought or held other than local offices. He is a member of Northern Star Lodge, No. 54, I.O.O.F. of Richboro; Penns Park Council, No. 973, Jr. O. U. A. M., and of Northern Star Castle, No. 121, A. O. K. of the M. C. of Newtown. On January 10, 1889, he married Anna D. TWINING, daughter of Elias TWINING, of Wrightstown, and a descendant of the oldest and most prominent families of that section. They have no children.

*John TREGO, birth dates don’t match.

Test taken from page 350-352 of:

Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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