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THOMAS K. GUMPPER, of Newtown, Pennsylvania, is the son of John J. GUMPPER, of Germany, who settled in Philadelphia when quite young. John J. GUMPPER was a man of more than ordinary ability. He began his active career by learning the barber trade, and in early manhood opened a shop in Philadelphia, and a few years afterwards by energy, perseverance and thrift was the owner of several barber shops in the city. For a number of years prior to his retiring from business he was busily employed in looking after these shops, although he did not work at the chair himself. He was the Republican candidate for congress in the third Philadelphia district, his Democratic opponent having been the Hon. Samuel RANDEL, who was elected from this district several terms. He was counsel at Ghent under President GRANT. He was a member and one of the organizers of the Union League of Philadelphia. For several years prior to his death, which occurred in 1896, he was engaged in various business enterprises and accumulated a handsome fortune. He married Susan W. ELTON, and their children were: Joseph E., deceased; and Thomas K., mentioned hereinafter, Thomas KEYSER, the maternal grandfather of Thomas K. GUMPPER, was a Dunkard minister, and was among the early settles of Germantown. He donated the ground occupied at Germantown by the Dunkard graveyard.

Thomas K. GUMPPER was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 1, 1843. He received his education at the common schools of his native city and early in life mastered the trade of barber under his fatherís instruction. In 1873 he moved to Newtown and established himself in the barber business, which he successfully followed for twenty years, since which time he has lived a retired life. He served as mail carrier in Philadelphia from 1862 to 1874, and was also connected with the Philadelphia arsenal for two years. He is a member of the Episcopal church of Newtown. He is also a member of the Mystic Chain, No. 121, of Newtown, in which order he has passed all the chairs. Politically Mr. GUMPPER is a Republican. He served as mayor two terms, as assessor nine years, as tax collector for Newtown borough for about two years, and for quite an extended period was a member of the council. In each place of public and private trust he has proved himself capable and trustworthy. Mr. GUMPPER married, February 24, 1862, Miss Emma HILL, daughter of George M. and Anna HILL. Mr. Hill was a well-known Philadelphia politician; he was city commissioner two terms, tax collector two terms, sergeant-at-arms at Harrisburg three or four years, and also United States detective, having worked on the case of President LINCOLN when assassinated by Mr. BOOTH. The HILLs were among the early settlers of Kensington and were large property holders and prominent people. The issue of this union, was eleven children, as follows: John J., who died in infancy; Mirriam, born October 23, 1864, wife of James GAMBLE; Annie H., who died at four years of age; Sue W., born January 13, 1868, wife of John R. LENNY, of Philadelphia; Thomas K., born May 25, 1871; John J., born June 26, 1873; William K, born December 23, 1875; Joseph E., born February 28, 1877; James P. H., deceased, born August 10, 1880; Ray E., born September 11, 1883; Charles N., born June 17, 1887. Their grandchildren to the date of February, 1905, are: Mirriam E., Clara, James Elton, Thomas Ashton, Harry Erben, Emma and Edna, children of James and Mirriam GAMBLE. Thomas K., Edward, William and Roy, children of John R., and Sue W. LENNY. Emma H., child of Thomas K. GUMPPER. Thomas K., son of John J. GUMPPER. Irene, James G. and Helen, children of William K. GUMPPER. Ruth and Mirriam, children of Joseph E. GUMPPER. All in all he of whom this notice is written may very well count life a success. He has by dint of industry built up for himself a home surrounded with lifeís comforts, and he has the respect of all with whom he mingles. His family, well reared, are an ornament to society and useful to the world.

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Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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