History of Bucks County, Pa Volume 3 by William H. Davis
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            THEODORE L CASE

THEODORE L. CASE, proprietor of the Gardenville Hotel, also one of the prominent and influential citizens of the township of Plumstead , Bucks county, Pennsylvania , where he was born November 10, 1860 , belongs to one of the old families of the county.

            Peter Case (grandfather) was a native of Bucks county; was educated in the common schools thereof, followed the trade of tailor throughout his active career, and his death occurred in the vicinity of his birthplace. Among his children was a son, Alexander Johnson Case (father), who was a native of Bucks county and resided there during the greater portion of his life. He served an apprenticeship at the trade of shoemaker, followed the same for a number of years, abandoning it in order to engage in the hotel business, becoming proprietor of the hotels at Ottsville, Raven Rock and Quakertown. He also engaged in the restaurant business in Doylestown for several years, later turned his attention to agricultural pursuits in Plumstead township, and subsequently was proprietor of a shoe business in Lumberville, continuing as such for three years. At the expiration of this period of time he removed to Carverville and established a cigar and tobacco store, and later conducted the same line of trade at Germantown and Philadelphia , his death occurring in the latter named city in February, 1899. By his marriage to Mary Morris, daughter of Theodore Morris, of Plumstead township, the following named children were born: Leonard L., deceased; Laura, widow of Oliver Jacoby; Theodore L., mentioned hereinafter; Howard Willson, Charles and Emma Case.

            Theodore L. Case is indebted to the common school system of Bucks county for his educational advantages. He gained his first experience in business life by establishing a shoe store in Doylestown, on the site of the present Hotel Pollock, which he successfully conducted for several years, and prior to this purchase of the Gardenville Hotel was engaged in a number of enterprises which yielded him a goodly return for his labors. Since becoming proprietor of the Gardenville Hotel, Mr. Case has made many improvements which add greatly to its attractiveness and also to the comfort of its numerous patrons and the traveling public, and at the present time (1904) it is one of the most popular resorts in this section of the county. Mr. Case was united in marriage to Miss Ida Geyer, and their children are Dorothea, Minnie, and Emma Case.

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