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SUMMERS FAMILY.  Hance George Summers (Sommer in German), the ancestor of the Summers family, and great-great-grandfather of William Summers, of Conshohocken, with his wife Elizabeth and children Johannes, Hans Martin, George, Peter and Margaretha Elizabeth, arrived in Philadelphia from Germany on September 22, 1752, in the ship “Brothers,” Captain William Muir.  Philip and Henry, also sons, arrived September 22, 1754 , in the ship “ Edinburg ,” James Russel, master.  Hance George Summers resided in Lower Dublin township in 1769.

    Johannes, born 1737, married January 24, 1764 , Elizabeth Reidannauer; at the date of his marriage his residence was near New Hanover.  (There was a John in Moreland in 1774.)  Children:  John, born February 24, 1765 .

    Martin died in March, 1804; married July 6, 1769 , Anna Barbara Geiss; children:  Philip; Henry; and Elizabeth, married Loedwyk Sharp.  Martin lived in Lower Dublin in 1769; he was an employe in the United States mint from its organization to 1804, as were also some of his descendants down to 1899; he was a private in Captain Ezekial Lett’s company in the war of the Revolution; muster roll, August 25, 1779.

    Peter died November 24, 1783 ; married August 3, 1769 , Catharine Maenchen.  Children:  Ernest, Margaret and Catharine.  He lived in North Ward, Philadelphia, in 1774; he served in the war of the Revolution, filling the following positions in the Fourth Pennsylvania Regiment; ensign, second lieutenant, first lieutenant and quartermaster.

    George, born, April 5, 1745 ; died October 14, 1825 ; married Ann ____, born 1752, died March 16, 1829 .  Children:  John, died 1781; Eli; David and Martin.  George was a drummer in the Sixth Pennsylvania Regiment in the war of the Revolution.  He resided at the time of his death in Warrington township, Bucks county.  He and his wife and son John are interred in the churchyard of Upper Dublin Evangelical Lutheran church, Montgomery county, Pennsylvania .

    Henry died October, 1798; married, May 6, 1766 , Catharine Dessinger.  Children:  Mary, married Daniel Linker; Henry Summers Linker, (sic) and Elizabeth, who married ‘Squire Clevenger.  Henry was enrolled as a private in Captain Isaac cooper’s company, muster roll dated November 2, 1778 , war of the Revolution.  He resided in the city of Philadelphia .

    Philip Summers, great-grandfather of William Summers, was born October 2, 1728; died May 2, 1814; married February 24, 1764, by the Rev. Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg, pastor of St. Michael’s and Zion’s Lutheran church, Philadelphia, to Salome Reibel, daughter of Nicholas and Susannah.  Salome, born 1739, died May 20, 1817 .  Philip and his wife are interred in the churchyard of St. John’s Lutheran church, Race street , Philadelphia .  Philip purchased November 24, 1774 , a farm of 165 acres in Horsham township, Philadelphia (now Montgomery ) county, of Charles Steadman, and here resided until March 29, 1796 , when he sold his homestead to Job Spencer and removed to Philadelphia .  Previous to purchasing his farm he resided in the following places:  Douglass, Cheltenham , and Manor of Moreland in 1769.  Philip was enrolled as a private in Captain David Marpole’s company, 1777-1780.  His name is in the depreciation pay roll, Pennsylvania Archives, vol. 13, p. 721.  Children:

1.       Martin Summers, grandfather, born December 5, 1764 , died July 27, 1845 .  (See forward.)

2.       Nicholas Summers, born September 10, 1767 , died March 24, 1854 ; married Ann Hoover, born November 8, 1776 , died August 8, 1827 .  Children:  John, Sarah, Isaac and Enos.

3.       Philip Summers, born 1770, died July 3, 1834 ; married Catharine Hurst, born December 18, 1772 , died June 18, 1827 .  Children:  Henry, John, Philip, William, Anna, Mary, Jesse and Charles.

4.       John Summers, born 1770, died April 10, 1846 ; married Catharine Kneedler, born 1777, died February 12, 1835 .  Children:  Jacob, John and Elizabeth.

5.       Anthony, born 1773, died August 22, 1816 , single.  He enlisted May 4, 1812 , for five years in the Fourth Regiment United States army, and died at Creek Agency.

6.       George Summers, born 1775; married Elizabeth Dotts.  Children:  John, George, Jacob, Henry, Samuel, Mary and Elizabeth.

7.       Henry Summers, born 1775; married Maria Magdalena Shearer, died May 24, 1802 .  Children:  Henry and Samuel.  Married (second) Susannah Johnson.  Children:  Elizabeth and Elijah.

8.       Peter Summers, born 1778, died March 12, 1865 ; married Susanna Schwenk, born Jul 24, 1770 , died March 10, 1865 .  Children:  Eva Maria, Sarah and Noah.

9.       Elizabeth Summers, born September 1, 1781 , died October 12, 1803 .

    Martin Summers (grandfather,) named above, born December 5, 1764 , died Jul 27, 1845 ; married Elizabeth Houpt, born August 4, 1766 , died November 4, 1822 .  Issue:  Sarah, married George Bossert; George, married Sarah Hilkerd; Martin, married Elizabeth Freed; Anna Margaret, married Nicholas Gouldy; Philip, married Ann Shutt; Elizabeth, married Andrew Keel; Samuel, married Eliza Whitby; Hannah, married Philip Shambough.  Martin married (second) December 11, 1823 , Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Sterigere, born January 1, 1770 ; died June 21, 1853 .  She was the widow of Peter Sterigere, sister to his first wife.  He and first wife are interred in the churchyard of St. John’s Episcopal church, Norristown , Pennsylvania .  His first place of residence was in Horsham township, second Gwynedd township, third Providence township, 1803; fourth Norriton township, where he purchased, April 5, 1810 , a farm of 104 acres of John Brown.  He was a member of St. Peter’s Lutheran church, North Wales (known as “the yellow church”).  He was elected a deacon of this church November 16, 1796 .  His residence at that time was Gwynedd township.

    Samuel Summers (father), son of Martin and Elizabeth (Houpt) summers, was born in Providence (now Upper Providence) township September 27, 1804; died July 18, 1881; married March 22, 1832, by Rev. George Wack, to Eliza Whitby, born March 22, 1899, died November 16, 1898.  She was the daughter of Anthony and Mary (Berkheimer) Whitby .  He resided in the borough of Norristown , and for several years was employed by the borough; in later years he bought and sold country produce.  He and his wife are interred in Montgomery cemetery, Norristown , Pennsylvania .  Children: 

  William (subject), born May 30, 1833 .  Martin, born November 2. 1836; died May 12, 1872 ; was a soldier in the Civil war, Company G, One Hundred and Fourteenth Pennsylvania Regiment.  Charles, born December 2, 1839 ; died January 14, 1874 ; employed as a clerk with his brother William, at Conshohocken , Pennsylvania .  Anna Elizabeth, born January 7, 1843 ; resides at Norristown , Pennsylvania .  George M., born July 19, 1845; died November 12, 1872; was a soldier in the Civil war, Company D, Ninety-fifth Pennsylvania Regiment.  Albert, born April 24, 1848 ; resides at Norristown , Pennsylvania ; married Theresa Manes; no issue.

    William Summers, the eldest son of Samuel and Eliza ( Whitby ) Summers, was born May 30, 1833 , in Norristown , Pennsylvania .  He received his education in the public schools.  In the year 1851 he was employed as a clerk in a general store at Conshohocken , Pennsylvania .  In 1858 he commenced business as a dealer in general merchandise on the corner of Fayette and Washington streets.  In 1880 he erected the store on the corner of Fayette and Elm streets, where he continued business until the year 1900, when he retired.  He took an active part in promoting the growth and improvement of the borough.  He was elected burgess of the borough of Conshohocken for two terms, and also served as a member of town council and school director for several terms.  He also served as a director in the Conshohocken Gas and Water Company.  At the present time he is librarian of the Montgomery County Historical Society and a member of the Pennsylvania German Society.  On October 10, 1858 , he married Henrietta Yost, born March 26, 1833; died May 18, 1887 , daughter of Abraham and Maria (Christman) Yost.  She was a great-great-granddaughter of Jacob Yost, born March 16, 1696 ; married July 1732, Elizabeth Shambough.  He emigrated to this country from Zwibrucken , Germany , landing in Philadelphia , September 21, 1727 .  Children:

  William E. Summers, born June 6, 1860 , died March 9, 1897 ; married, February 8, 1888 , Anne Donnelly, born June, 1866.  Children:  William, born November, 1888; died July, 1889; Frances , born July 9, 1891 .

  Clara E. Summers, born July 16, 1865 ; married July 26, 1900 , John Murray, born Jul 14, 1865 .  They resided at Wharton , New Jersey .

  Lillian E. Summers, born December 5, 1875 .

Text taken from pages 490-492 of:

Davis, William W.H., A.M. History of Bucks County , Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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