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CHARLES FOULKE STRAWN of Quakertown is a representative of one of the oldest Pennsylvania families. He is a great-grandson of Jacob and Christine (PURCELL) STRAWN, who were residents of Pennsylvania in its early colonial period. Daniel STRAWN, son of Jacob and Christine (PURCELL) STRAWN, was born near Applebachsville, in Haycock township, and was a farmer and also a teacher in the subscription schools. He was an active member of the Society of Friends. He was thrice married, and was in all the father of eighteen children, sixteen of whom grew to maturity and reared families. His second wife was Margaret PURCELL, by whom he was the father of a son, Thomas, mentioned at length hereinafter. There were no children by the third wife.

Thomas STRAWN, son of Daniel and Margaret (PURCELL) STRAWN, was born July 4, 1789, and received his education in the subscription school presided over by his father. He learned the cabinetmakerís trade and also the carpenterís, carrying on the business of a builder in conjunction with the labors of a farmer. He married Mary, daughter of Casper and Jane JOHNSON, and after her death he married April 30, 1829, Jane FOULKE, who belonged to a family which is traced through the following generations: Hugh FOULKE, born July 6, 1685, son of Edward FOULKE of Penllyn, married Anna---------, born in 1693, and they were the parents, of a son, Theophilus. Hugh FOULKE died May 21, 1760, and his widow passed away in 1793. Their son Theophilus, mentioned above, was born December 21, 1726, married Margaret FOULKE, who was born April 3, 1734, and he died November 4,1785, the death of his wife occurring March 30, 1802. Their son Benjamin was born August 16, 1766, and married March 26, 1789, Martha ROBERTS. Their daughter Jane became the wife of Thomas STRAWN, as mentioned above. Benjamin FOULKE died February 28, 1821, at Harrisburg, being then in his second term as a member of the legislature. Mr. and Mrs. STRAWN were the parents of the following children: 1. Rachel Foulke, born July 30, 1831, died October 14, 1885. 2. Martha F. born July 4, 1833, died 1841. 3. Charles Foulke, mentioned at length hereinafter. The death of Mr. STRAWN occurred January 11, 1857.

Charles Foulke STRAWN, son of Thomas and Jane (FOULKE) STRAWN, was born April 9, 1836, on the homestead in Richland township which was situated two mile- south of Quakertown, on the Bethlehem turnpike. He attended the Friends meeting school and also a subscription school after which he learned the cabinetmakerís trade and also the carpenterís at the same time rendering assistance on the home farm. After the death of his father he conducted the business for six years, and took up more land adjoining the farm. In the spring of 1890 he sold the estate to Edward N. CONN. During the civil war he was an enrolling officer, and served in that capacity during the war, for Richland township, and subsequently held office for six years in the postoffice. He is a Republican in politics and has always taken an active interest in party affairs. Mr. STRAWN married, April 7, 1862 Mary S. daughter of Charles F. and Margaret (SCHULTZ) WARWICK, of Philadelphia, and they were the parents of two sons and a daughter: 1, Harry Warwick, born June 9, 1863, died June 11, 1904 unmarried; 2. Frederick Percy, born April 16, 1867, engaged in the livery business at Quakertown, and died July 20, 1891. 3. Jane Foulke, born October 2, 1869, married, May 25, 1904, David H. son of David H. and Dorothy (BONES) THOMAS, of Philadelphia, and resides in that city.

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Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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