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GEORGE W. SCHEIP, among the younger generation of agriculturists, who still retain the land tilled by their ancestors for several generations, is George W. SCHEIP, of New Britain township.  He was born on the farm where he still resides, March 11, 1856, and is a son of John L. and Maria (SCHOLL) SHEIP.

            George SCHEIB (as the name was originally spelled), the paternal ancestor of the subject of this sketch, emigrated from Germany in the last half of the eighteenth century, and in the 1770 purchased one hundred acres of land in New Britain, of which the farm occupied by the present George SCHEIP is a part.  In 1792 he purchased an additional one hundred acres adjoining on the southeast side, which he conveyed to his eldest son John four years later.   George SCHEIB died in 1815, leaving a widow Elizabeth and five children; John, Margaret, Elizabeth, Catharine and George, the latter being the grandfather of the late Levi C. SCHEIP, of Doylestown.  Prior to the execution of his will in February, 1803, George SCHEIB made an agreement with his eldest son John by which he conveyed the homestead to him on condition that John convey to the younger son George the lower farm, and provide for his father and mother during the remainder of their lives.

            John SCHEIB was probably born in Montgomery county, where, like nearly all the early German emigrants, his parents made their first American home.  He was reared in New Britain, Bucks county, and on arriving at manhood, married Catharine HELLER, of Montgomery county, and took up his abode on the farm purchased for him by his father, adjoining the homestead.  In 1803 he took possession of the homestead farm which was in that year conveyed to him, and lived thereon until his death in August, 1818, purchasing in 1813 twenty-five acres of his former farm of his brother George.  His children were George; Elizabeth, wife of Andrew BARDT; Catharine, Margaret and Joseph.

            George SCHEIB, eldest son of John and Catharine (HELLER) SCHEIB, was born in New Britain township about 1795, and reared to the life of a farmer on the old homestead purchased by his grandfather in 1770, which he inherited at his fatherís death in 1818, and died there at the age of eighty-nine years.  He married about 1820, Elizabeth LEIDY, daughter of John LEIDY, of Hilltown, who bore him six children, five of whom grew to maturity. 

            John L. SCHEIP, eldest son of George and Elizabeth (LEIDY) SCHEIP, is the father of the subject of this sketch.  He was born and reared on the old New Britain homestead, and married Maria, daughter of Jacob and Catharine (LEIDY) SCHOLL, who was born in Upper Salford township, Montgomery county, May 19, 1825.  John L. was born August 9, 1824.  Both are still living in New Britain.  To them were born two children: Isaiah S. deceased; and George W.

            George W. SCHEIP was born and reared on the old homestead in New Britain which he now owns.  He has always followed farming, with its attendant industries on fruit culture and stock and poultry raising, taking especial pride in the production of choice fruits of all kinds.  Living a quite pastoral life, he has dignified the calling of his forefathers.  In politics he is a Democrat, but has never sought or held public office.  He and his family are members of the German Reformed church.  He married in 1876 Lydia, daughter of Henry ALBRIGHT, Esq. also of German ancestry, and this union has been blessed with eleven children, of whom three died in infancy; those who survive are:  William F., born May 13, 1877, married Anna Mary BIEHN, daughter of Peter. and has one child, Pearl; Estella, born July 14, 1880, married Evererd R. ULMSTEAD, and has two children, Martha and Herbert;  Martha, born March 2, 1883; Viola, born February 20, 1885; Mary, born November 21, 1886; Catharine, born June 8, 1889; Anna, born November 22, 1890; and Titus A., born November 3, 1894.



Text taken from page 541 to 542


Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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