History of Bucks County, Pa Volume 3 by William H. Davis
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SAMUEL    SNYDER   HILLPOT, Samuel Snyder HILLPOT, a prosperous farmer and old resident of Bucks county, Pennsylvania, was there born in Tinicum township, November 20, 1802, the son of Barnard and Barbara (SNYDER) HILLPOT, and grandson of Barnett HILLPOT. Samuel received what education the subscription schools of that period af­forded, leaving school at the age of twelve years. He then turned his at­tention to fanning and has since fol­lowed that occupation with considerable success. He “was born and reared in Tinicum township. He was a Democrat in politics, and although he took & live­ly interest in the affairs of that organi­zation, and always advocated its princi­ples with great enthusiasm, he never aspired to public office. He was a regu­lar attendant of the Lutheran church in Lower Tinicum.

March 9, 1830, Mr. HILLPOT was united in marriage to Christena, daughter of George and Catherine (HAGER) SHIVE, weavers of cloth and blankets, of Nockamixon township. The following named children, eight in number, were born to Mr. and Mrs. HILLPOT: William Barnett, July 2, 1831, died October 10, 1879; 2, Elizabeth Shive, born May 26, 1833, died May 19, l855; 3. Thomas Shive, born June 4, 1835, married Amanda, daugh­ter of Thomas and Lydia (LANDIS) LANDIS; 4, Jonas George, born July 16, 1837, died October 15, 1865; 5. Mary Ann Shive, born June 6, 1840, married, June 6, l865, William KEEP, of Allentown, who died in February, 1884, and had the following children; 1. Anna, born February. 25, 1866, died March 12, l889; 2. Samuel George, born October 9, 1874, resided at Salt Lake City, Utah, where he was instructor in bookkeeping in Brown’s School of Correspondence. He died In Salt Lake City in February, 1905. 6, The sixth child born to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel HILLPOT was Leah Shive, born April 11, 1844. married John KING, a wheelwright of Plumstead town­ship; 7. Fannie B., born December 1, 1846, married May 12; 1870, to Lewis, son of John and Mary FLUCK, farmers of Richland township. He was a Demo­crat in politics and was postmaster of Richland Center during Grover Cleve­land’s second administration. He died February 20, 1888, and Mrs. FLUCK mar­ried, August 28, 1890, William H. MININGER, son of Joseph and Mary MININGER, a carpenter and builder at Zion Hill, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, and lives in Quakertown. By her first husband Mrs. MININGER had two children: John Samuel born April 16, 1878, married Addie MOYER. He is engaged as car tracer for the Reading railroad, and lives at Lansdale, Pennsylvania; Arthur FLUCK, born March 28, 1881, lives at home, unmarried, and is assistant freight agent to the North Pennsylvania Railroad of Quakertown. The eighth child born to Mr. and Mrs HILLPOT was Clarissa, born October 6, 1849, died November 17, 1857.

Text taken from page 230-231

Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: the Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] volume III

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