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ROBERT BROWN, late of Lower Makefield, deceased, was born on the old homestead where he spent most of his life and where his widow and two daughters still reside. This homestead is a part of a plantation that has been in the family for two hundred and twenty-five years, having been originally taken up by George BROWN, who came from Leicestershire, England, and landed at New Castle in 1679, proceeding thence up the Delaware to Bucks county. His wife Mercy came over on the same ship with him and they were married at New Castle on their arrival. Tradition states that he had been courting her sister in Leicestershire, but that on her refusal to accompany him to America, he proposed to Mercy to accompany him. They were members of the Society of Friends, and among the first members of Falls Meeting. They were the parents of fifteen children, several of whom died in infancy. Eight sons and three daughters survived; of the latter one married a Titus, another a STACKHOUSE, and the third, Mercy married Robert SOTCHER, son of William PENN’s trusted steward, John SOTCHER, many years a member of colonial assembly. George BROWN was born in 1644, and died in 1726.

Samuel BROWN, son of George and Mercy, was born 9-11-1694, and married, 5-9-1717. Ann CLARK and had five children, viz.: George, who married (first) Martha WORRELL and (second) Elizabeth FIELD; John, see forward; Mercy, who married Joshua BALDWIN; Ann, who married Joseph LOVETT; and Esther, who married Daniel LOVETT, Samuel BROWN died 10-3-1769.

John BROWN, second son of Samuel and Ann (CLARK) BROWN, was born 8-29-1724. He was known as "Fox Hunting John BROWN" to distinguish him from his cousins of the same name, and was a prominent man in the community. He settled on the Newport road, near Emilie, where he died 1-1-1802. His wife was Ann FIELD, daughter of Benjamin FIELD, a trustee of the loan office in 1743 and a member of colonial assembly 1738-1745. John and Ann (FIELD) BROWN were the parents of nine children: Samuel, the eldest, born 11-1-1751, died 1813, married Abi WHITE and was the father of General Jacob BROWN; 2. John, born 1753, died 1821, married Martha HARVEY; 3. Benjamin, born 1754, married Jane WRIGHT; 4. David, born 1756, died 1777, 5. Sarah, born 6-11-1758, married Samuel ALLEN; 6. Mary, born 1761, died 1777; 7. Charles, born 3-27-1762, see forward; 8. William, born 1764, died 1764; 9. Elizabeth, born 12-11-1765, died 1824, married Mahlon YARDLEY in 1787.

Charles BROWN, the seventh child of John and Ann, resided on the Milford road, two miles from Fallsington. He married in 12 mo., 1784, Charlotte PALMER. He was a farmer and a member of Falls Meeting. He died 9-20-1834. Charles and Charlotte were the parents of thirteen children, five of whom died in infancy and three daughters, Mary, Martha and Mercy, died in early life, unmarried. Those who survived were; Joshua, born 1785, married Sarah LOVETT; Benjamin, born 8-18-1787, see forward; Joseph, born 1789, never married, was drowned in the Neshaminy in 1863; Alice, born 1792, married John MOON.

Benjamin BROWN, second son of Charles and Charlotte, born 8-18-1787, married 6 mo., 1811, Mary, daughter of Isaac BARNES and Martha BROWN, his wife, the latter being a daughter of George BROWN (3), above mentioned, who had married Elizabeth FIELD. After his marriage Benjamin BROWN went to live on the old homestead which for two generations had been in the branch of the family to which his wife belonged, and died there 9-10-1879. Benjamin and Mary (BARNES) BROWN were the parents of nine children, three of whom died young. Isaac, the eldest son, born 2-5-1815, married Sarah C. SMITH, and is still living in Newtown; William, born 10-25-1817, married Huldah PETTIT, of Philadelphia, and died 4-17-1877; Robert, see forward; Joseph, born 12-28-1824, died in 1903, he married Phebe STACKHOUSE; Joshua, born 2-3-1831, is still living in Philadelphia, he married Sarah HANCE; Charlotte, born 1834, married Herbert GALBRAITH, of Philadelphia, and died in 1879.

Robert S. BROWN, the third son of Benjamin and Mary (BARNES) BROWN, was born on the old homestead, 1-24-1820. He married, 10-19-1871, Caroline BARNES, daughter of John R. S. and Mary D. (LOUD) BARNES, and granddaughter of Isaac BARNES, who was a cousin to Isaac BARNES, the grandfather of her husband. Her maternal grandfather, Thomas LOUD manufactured the first upright piano ever built in this country; it is now on exhibition at Memorial Hall, Philadelphia. Before his marriage Robert S. BROWN removed to Philadelphia and carried on the milk business for some years, and then returned to the old homestead, where he died February 17, 1903. His widow and children still reside there. His children are; Mary, born 9-7-1872, and Charlotte, born 1-19-1876. The latter married, 6-12-1900, Nicholas Brewer DAVIS; they have two children; Lynn David, born August 1, 1901, and Dorothy Wayne DAVIS, born May 17, 1904. The family are members of the Society of Friends.

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Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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