History of Bucks County, Pa Volume 3 by William H. Davis
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RICHARD LAFAYETTE DOLTON. Among the progressive and prosperous farmers of Southampton township, who make a specialty of dairy farming, may be mentioned the name of Richard L. DOLTON, a native of Newtown, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, the date of his birth being October 21, 1847. His parents were Charles and Emma (POULTERER) DOLTON, and his grandparents were Charles and Tamar (TOMLINSON) DOLTON, whose family consisted of two children: Fanny, who became the wife of a Mr. WALKER, who was a printer in the Ledger office, and they were the parents of two children; and Charles, born October 28, 1811.

Charles DOLTON (father) aforementioned was a ship carpenter, and for many years followed a seafaring life. It was during one of his voyages that he met his wife, an English girl, whose name was Emma POULTERER, born February 23, 1824. After his marriage he continued his seafaring life for some years, and in 1867 turned his attention to farming at Newtown, Bucks county, but shortly afterward, however, retired from active occupation, spending his life in Newtown until his death, seven years later, which was the result of an injury received from the kick of a horse. He served during the Mexican war as a carpenter, probably in an engineer corps, and was severely hurt, having both legs broken by a falling timber. He also served in the war against the Seminole Indians in Florida, and was one of the men who helped bury Major DADE and his men. The children of Mr. and Mrs. DOLTON are as follows: Eliza, born 1844, became the wife of Franklin FENTON, son of Benjamin FENTON; Richard Lafayette, born October 21, 1847, mentioned hereinafter; Charles T., born in April, 1850, married a lady in Chicago, and they have one son, Richard; they reside in Chicago; John; Elwood, deceased; Frank, died in infancy.

Richard L. DOLTON attended the schools of Newtown, Bucks county, until the age of ten years, after which he went to work on the farm owned by Isaac Chapman, at Wrightstown, where he remained for three years. He then went to Holland and worked for Joseph W. and James C. CORNELL, and from Holland joined his father in New Britain, where they cultivated a farm leased from Richard HAMILTON. In the sixties he went with his father to Illinois, where they only remained a short period, returning to Bucks county in September, 1865, after having disposed of their property in the west. He then went to work for John K. TALBOT in Upper Makefield, where he remained until the spring of 1866, when he went to farming for himself, renting the property of David TWINING. This land he farmed for about one year and then joined his father at Newtown, with whom he remained until his marriage, when he moved to the farm of Aaron KNIGHT, his father-in-law, which farm he cultivated for twenty-five years, renting it until it was sold. In April, 1904, he removed to the farm on which he now resides in Southampton township and since than has made a specialty of dairy farming. Mr. DOLTON was united in marriage to Phoebe T. KNIGHT, who was born in Southampton township, September 29, 1856, a daughter of Aaron and Hannah (TOMLINSON) KNIGHT. Seven children were the issue of this union, six of whom are: Aaron, born August 10,1880, married Blanch ATKINSON and they are the parents of two children; Aaron and Florence. Emma, born August 10, 1882, wife of George T. WHITE. Bertha, born July 25, 1884, died August 9, 1885. Mary E., born December 26 1885. Mabel, born January 28, 1887. Richard, born April 6, 1888.

Test taken from page 348-349 of:

Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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