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PROFESSOR A. J. MORRISON, one of the best known educators in Philadelphia, was born in Northampton township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania February 14, 1844, and is a son of Judge Joseph and Eleanor (Addis) Morrison.

John Morrison, the great-grandfather of Professor Morrison, was a native of the north of Ireland, and was one of the great army of Ulster Scots who, having fled from religious persecution and internecine strife in their native Scotia, took temporary refuge in the province of Ulster, Ireland, from whence many emigrated to Pennsylvania in the first half of the eighteenth century.    John Morrison settled on the banks of the Brandywine, where his son, John Morrison, was born in 1767.  On attaining manhood he located in Northampton township, Bucks county, where he died March 17, 1858, at the age of ninety-one years.  He married Hannah Yerkes, of Southampton, who was born June 30, 1772, and died February 12, 1844.  Her paternal grandfather, Silas Yerkes, was born in Moreland township, Montgomery county, February 15, 1723, and died there September 25, 1795.    He was a son Herman Yerkes, born 1687, and grandson of Anthony Yerkes, one of the first burgesses of Germantown.  Silas married June 14, 1750, Hannah Dungan, daughter of Thomas and Esther Dungan, and granddaughter of the Rev. Thomas Dungan, who founded the first Baptist church in Bucks county, in 1684.  Their son Elias was born in Warminster (where his parents resided for many years) December 7, 1751, and died in Moreland, January 15, 1828.  Elizabeth (Watts) Yerkes, the mother of Silas, born April 15, 1689, died October 11, 1756, was the daughter of Rev. John and Sarah (Eaton) Watts of Southampton.

The children of John and Hannah (Yerkes) Morrison, were:  Joseph, born October 18, 1794; Hannah, born February 10, 1796, married Joseph Erwin; Benjamin, born 1798, died in infancy; Mary, born February 5, 1799, married Benjamin Longstreth; Martha, twin to Mary, died single in 1882; Eliza, born March 19, 1802 married Charles Blaker; Ann, born May 11, 1803; David and Benjamin, born April 18, 1805; John, born October 28, 1807; Esther, born February 10, 1809, died unmarried; Matilda, born November 5, 1810, married Joseph Erwin; Rebecca Ann, born March 1913, married John Campbell; Jonathan J., born May 4, 1815, married Jane Rapp; and Sarah, born May 30, 1818, married Jonas Yerkes.

Text taken from page 137 of: Davis, William W. H., A. M. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago:  The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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