History of Bucks County, Pa Volume 3 by William H. Davis
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JAMES PATTERSON, D. V. S. Any words of introduction prefixed to the name of James Patterson, of Newportville would be idle and superfluous. Dr. Patterson is a grandson of Jesse Patterson, who was born in England, and in boyhood was brought to this country by his parents, who settled in New Jersey. Subsequently Jesse Patterson moved to Bucks county, where he engaged in farming. During the war of 1812 he served in the army of his adopted country. He married Charity Barr, by whom he had two children: Jesse, mentioned at length hereinafter; and a daughter. Mrs. Patterson died in 1830, and her husband survived her but a few years.

Jesse Patterson, son of Jesse and Charity (Barr) Patterson, was born in 1810, in Warwick township, and on reaching manhood went to Wrightstown, where he purchased a small farm which was his home for the remainder of his life. He was extremely influential in the political affairs of the township, and was elected to various offices, among them that of supervisor. Prior to 1865 he was a Democrat, but in that year associated himself with the Republicans. He and his wife were members of the Society of Friends. Mr. Patterson married Hilda Morgan, born in Bucks county, in 1820, daughter of Samuel Morgan, and their children were: Mary, born May 19, 1838; William, September 6, 1839; Lizzie, September 19, 1841; James, mentioned at length hereinafter; Martha, born March 15, 1846 Anna M., July 23, 1849; Benjamin, May 11, 1851; Henry, September 4, 1857; and Amos, September 26, 1859. Mrs. Patterson died April 1, 1884, and her husband passed away in April, 1886. Both are buried in the Friendsí burying-ground in Wrightstown township.

James Patterson, son of Jesse and Hilda (Morgan) Patterson, was born June 19, 1843, in Wrightstown township, and until he was fourteen years of age attended the common schools. He then began to work for the neighboring farmers, but still found time to prosecute his studies. In 1864 he enlisted in company H, Fifth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, and served until the close of the war. His regiment was immediately sent to the front under the command of General Butler, and participated in many engagements, chief among which were Fort Fisher, South Side Railroad, Petersburg and Richmond. At the battle of Five Forks, April 2, 1865, Mr. Patterson narrowly escaped death by a ball from the gun of a sharpshooter, which passed through his right arm, penetrating his body within an inch of his heart, and lodged in a book which he carried in the pocket of his blouse. He was taken to the Fairmount Hospital, near Washington, and notwithstanding the fact that small hopes were entertained of his recovery he was able to return home by May 26, that being the day on which he received his discharge. The book and bullet are now in his possession and will be preserved by his descendants as priceless relics. Upon his complete recovery Mr. Patterson engaged in farming until 1875, when he entered the School of Veterinary Surgery at Trenton, New Jersey, and after a complete course graduated in 1878. He immediately began the practice of his profession in Newportville, and two years later purchased the estate of two hundred and eighty-five acres where he has since lived and had his office. His patronage is both select and extensive. For several years he had full charge, in his line, of all the stock on the Drexel School Farm, and purchased all the horses and cows for that establishment. Dr. Pattersonís interest in public affairs has always been keen and active and he has been chosen by his fellow-citizens to fill many offices of trust. For nine years he served as school director, and at one time was a member of the Bristol township Republican committee. He has also acted as delegate to many conventions. In 1894 he was elected to the State legislature, and was re-elected in 1896. During his first term he served on the following committees: city passenger railways, corporations, and comparing bills. In his second year, in addition to serving on these committees, he was a member of the committee on military affairs. He was interested in defeating the bill for a bridge to span the Delaware river between Bristol and Burlington. In 1899 he was deputy internal revenue collector for Bucks county, serving about two years. In March, 1903, he was appointed by John C. Delaney to the office of factor inspector and is still serving in that position. He is a member of Captain H. Clay Beatty Post, No. 73, G. A. R., of Bristol, and of Bristol Lodge, No. 25, F. and A. M. He is also an ex-member of Hulmesville Lodge, I. O. O. F., and was one of the organizers of the Bristol Driving Association, to which he still belongs.

Dr. Patterson married, March 17, 1867, Elizabeth Wright, and they are the parents of the following children: Lillian Bertha, who was born October 7, 1868, and is the wife of Isaac Chapman Cooper, of Northampton county; Marie Wright, who was born July 25, 1871, was married, July 31, 1897, to John Byger Embree, of West Chester, and has two children, John Harold, born May 7, 1898, and James Newlin, born February 1, 1902; Charles Rhodes, who was born January 6, 1878; and Alice Taylor, who was born April 17, 1883. Mrs. Patterson comes, like her husband, of English ancestry. She is a granddaughter of Joshua Wright, who was a farmer in Bucks county, and married Beersheba Rue, by whom he had a family of eleven children, of whom Charles Rhodes Wright was the second and was also a farmer. He married Maria Vanzant, also a native of Bucks county, and they were the parents of a daughter, Elizabeth, who became the wife of James Patterson, as mentioned above. Mr. Wright, in his latter years, by reason of failing health, retired from active labor, and moved to Bristol, where his death occurred February 17, 1885. Mrs. Wright died August 6, 1901.

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Davis, William W. H., A. M. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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