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OWEN MOON, JR., of the Trenton (New Jersey) Times," is a descendant of James and Joan (BURGES) MOON, the pioneer ancestors of the family, as shown by the preceding narrative, throughout the following line:

William MOON, fifth son and sixth child of Roger and Ann (NUTT) MOON, was born March 6, 1727, and died October 4, 1795.  He married his cousin Elizabeth NUTT, and was treated with therefor [sic] by the Friends' Meeting at Falls, the marriage of first cousins being "against the good order maintained among Friends."  Among the children of William and Elizabeth  (NUTT) MOON were Ann, married, May 17, 1775, Samuel BUNTING; and William MOON, Born February 5, 1765, died May 30, 1827, at the age of seventy-two years.  He was twice married; first to Sarah-----------, who died about 1740, and (second) to Phoebe MOTT, born May 26, 1754, died July 23, 1847, aged ninety-three years.  The children of the first marriage were as follows:  1.  Daniel, see forward;  2.  Phoebe, married Benjamin KELLY, a son of Joseph and Phoebe (BUCKMAN) KELLY, and had three children:  Benjamin; Elizabeth, married Thomas MILLER and Sarah, married John MILLER.  3.  Elizabeth, never married.  4.  Mary, born March 19, 1794, died January 22, 1866, married John STACKHOUSE, and had two children, one of whom, Phoebe, married 1847, Joseph BROWN, of Fallsington, and has two children:  Charles and Edward.

Daniel MOON, eldest child of William and Sarah, born July 5, 1789, died August 21, 1869, aged eighty years.  He married Mercy LOVETT, born July 17, 1789, died December 23, 1840, daughter of Evan LOVETT and Sarah NEELD (nee STACKHOUSE) and they were the parents of eleven children:  1.  William L., born August 25, 1810, died 1900; married in 1839, Elizabeth Y. WILLIAMSON, born July 1, 1819, died July 26, 1891, daughter of Mahlon and Charity (VANSANT) WILLIAMSON, and had eleven children, five of whom survive:  Daniel H., born October 15, 1843; Mary Jane, widow of Andrew Crozer REEVES, whose only child Andrew C. REEVES, is prominent in the business interests of Trenton, New Jersey; Mercy Ann, wife of Frank W. MUSCHERT, senior member of the wholesale grocery firm of Muschert, Reeves & Company, Trenton, New Jersey, and has one child, William M. MUSCHERT; Georgiana WATSON, of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, who has three children, Elizabeth W., Thompson, Elwood WATSON, and Margaret WATSON; and Anna Elizabeth, wife of William B. PARRY, of Langhorne, who have two children.  2.  Evan L. MOON, born August 8, 1812, died April 19, 1898; married (first) Ann PALMER, March 12, 1835, and had one child, Owen, a more particular account of whom is given below.  Evan L. MOON married (second) Mary ATCHLEY, and had two children, Jesse and Daniel, the latter of whom married Mary FELL, daughter of Henry R. and Rachel W. FELL, of Trenton, New Jersey and has four children; Arthur E., Elizabeth F., Rachel W., and Ridgway.  3.  Sarah, born July 9, 1814, died September 7, 1883, married George THOMPSON, who died in 1864, and had four children, three boys and one daughter, Mercy Ann, who married B. Woolston WATSON, in 1862, and has three children.  4.  John MOON, died in infancy.  5.  Owen, born 1817, died at the age of thirteen.  6.  Daniel, died in infancy in 1819.  7.  John Hutchinson MOON, born October 5, 1820, married in 1848, Sarah Ann CROZER, daughter of Robert and Grace (WRIGHT) CROZER, and had six children.  8.  Andrew MOON, born October 16, 1823, died January 2, 1897; married, February 20, 1845, Anna Mary WATSON, and had three children; M. Watson MOON, of Fallsington, who married Charlotte Green MULL, daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah (GREEN) MULL, and has three daughters, Emma, wife of Willets B. FARLEY; Jennie and Annie, unmarried.  9.  Phoebe Ann MOON, born October 5, 1825, married (first) January 20, 1848, William KELLY, who died in 1862, leaving one child, Daniel Edward, who married Mary F. GILKYSON, and had six children; she married (second) in 1865, John HELLINGS, and had no children.  10.  Benjamin, born September 1, 1827, died 1864; married Rebecca B. MILLER, and had one child Ella.  11.  Anna Mary, born July 11, 1829, married, October 24, 1861, William Penn CROZER, and has one child, Mercy.

Owen MOON, only child of Evan L. and Ann (PALMER) MOON, born January 1, 1836; married December 14, 1859, Elizabeth BUCKMAN, daughter of Spencer W. and Sarah (WILLIAMSON) BUCKMAN, and their only surviving child is Owen MOON, Jr., of the "Trenton (New Jersey) Times."  The maternal ancestry of Mr. MOON is given under the heading of the WILLIAMSON Family.

Owen MOON, Jr., son of Owen and Elizabeth (BUCKMAN) MOON, was born at Penn Valley, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, December 6, 1873.  He received his primary education at local schools and graduated at Swarthmore College in June, 1894, with the degree of F. Sc., and is a member of the national college fraternity of Delta Upsilon.  In the fall of 1894 he removed to Trenton, New Jersey, and in conjunction with a course at Trenton Business College, took up the study of law, but relinquished it a year and a half later to devote himself to a number of business interests.  From 1896 to 1900 he was interested in the construction of a number of electric railways in Philadelphia, Trenton, Bucks county and elsewhere, as director and official of the various organizations having them in charge.

He was perhaps more largely interested in trolley development in and about Trenton than any other individual.  He was president of the Trenton, Morrisville and Yardley Street Railway Company, who constructed a line of six miles connecting those towns; was a director and financial agent of the Trenton, Lawrenceville and Princeton Railroad Company, which constructed a trolley line of ten miles connecting those towns;  a director and treasurer of the Trenton City Bridge Company, the owners of the only Delaware river bridge at this point not controlled by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, and which bridge was purchased from the former (Bucks county) owners, on account of it being the key to any trolley connection between Pennsylvania and Trenton.  These two trolley lines, upon their completion, together with the bridge, were sold to the Lehigh Valley Traction Company interest, represented by Mayor Tom L. JOHNSON, of Cleveland, Ohio, and are now successfully operated by that company.  Mr. MOON is also a director and an official in the syndicate which owned the old turnpike extending across lower Bucks county, connecting Trenton with Bristol and Philadelphia, as well as of a half dozen or more railroad corporations, whose object was the completion of a trolley line from Philadelphia to Trenton, which was initiated by General MORRELL in 1891.  The history of the construction of this line represents one of the most stubborn fights between the trolley interests and the railroads ever before the courts of Pennsylvania or any other state, a right-of-way fight of ten years duration, on the line between Bristol and Bridgwater, being ultimately won by the syndicate securing an elevated trolley charter, at Harrisburg, which permitted track connections across the disputed right of way and assured the completion of the Philadelphia and Trenton line.  This road was later sold to a Baltimore syndicate which now operates its cars direct from Philadelphia, over the tracts of the Trenton, Morrisville and Yardley street railway and the Trenton city bridge into Trenton.  Mr. MOON became a director of the Yardley (Penna.) National Bank in 1895, at the age of twenty-two years.  He is a director and secretary of the Philadelphia firm of the Scott Paper Company; a director of the Reeves Engine Company of Trenton, and also a director in a number of other corporations and industrial and business organizations.  In 1901 he became one of the proprietors and treasurer of the "Trenton (New Jersey) Times," and in 1902 became the active business manager of the establishment.  Under his capable management the circulation of "The Times" has nearly doubled, and it is becoming one of the popular and strong newspapers of the state.

Mr. MOON is a member of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the Bucks County Historical Society.  He is also a member of the Young Men's Christian Association of Trenton, the Republican Club of Trenton, and the Trenton County Club.  He married, November 8, 1899, at Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, Margaret SCOTT, born October 20, 1876, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. I. SCOTT, of that place.

Text taken from page  214, 215, 216 of:

David, William W. H.,  A. M. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago:  The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905]  Volume III

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