History of Bucks County, Pa Volume 3 by William H. Davis
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OLIVER PARRY, GENTLEMAN, of Philadelphia and Bucks county, Pennsylvania, only son of Benjamin PARRY, born 1757, was born at "The Old Parry Mansion," Coryell's Ferry, now New Hope, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, December 20, 1794, and married May 1, 1827, Rachel RANDOLPH, daughter of Captain Edward F. RANDOLPH, a patriot of 1776, who served in many of the pricipal battles of the Revolutionary was and who became an eminent citizen of Philadelphia. His portrait in oil, painted by Robert STREET, hangs upon the walls of the "Historical Society of Pennsylvania," at Philadelphia. Oliver and Rachel RANDOLPH PARRY had twelve children, four sons and eight daughters, all born between March 24, 1828, and August 17, 1848. Of the sons, Oliver Paxson PARRY, born June 20, 1846, died in 1852, aged 6 years, and the others will be noted later. Oliver PARRY, the elder, born 1794, was a large landholder and his name appears upon the records of Philadelphia county oftener perhaps, than that of any other person of his day. A part of his property was a large tract of the once famous "Bush Hill Estate" long the residence of Governor Andrew HAMILTON, in colonial days. This property Mr. PARRY owned jointly with his nephew, Nathaniel RANDOLPH. In Watson's "Annals of Philadelphia." much mention is made of the "Bush Hill Estate." Rachel RANDOLPH PARRY. the wife of Oliver PARRY, died at "The Old Parry Mansion," New Hope, September 9, 1866, his own death occurring February 20, 1874, at his residence, 1721 Arch street, Philadelphia, and both are buried in the family lot at Solebury Friends' burying ground, Bucks county, Pennsylvania. The close of an obituary notice of Oliver PARRY in a Philadelphia newspaper of the day, thus pays tribute to his high character, and standing: "Born a member of the Society of Friends, he lived and died in that faith, walking through life with a singleness and direct honesty of purpose which made the name of Oliver PARRY synonymous with truth and honor." [Edward, Richard, George and Oliver, the four sons of Oliver, are noted separately.]

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David, Willian W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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