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DR. NOAH S. NONAMAKER, a well-known physician of Bedminster, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, was there born March 23, 1854.  He is a descendant of Adam NONMAKER, a native of this county and of foreign parentage.  His parents came ot this country about 1747.  Adam NONAMAKER was born April 21, 1759, lived in Hilltown township, and was a farmer throughout the active years of his life.  He married Miss Barabara KRAMER, born March 5, 1763, died April 27, 1821.  They had one child, Henry, the grandfather of Noah S.  Adam NONAMAKER died August 28, 1843, and is buried at the Tohickon church burying ground.

Henry NONAMAKER was born in Hillstorn township, July 31, 1786.  He carried on for many years the business of undertaker and cabinetmaker very successfully in Bedminister.  He, with all his family, was noted for skill as workers in wood.  He married Miss jElizabeth ROSENBERGER, born November 25, 1785,  died in Bedminister township, April 7, 1845.  There were seven children born of this union, four sons and three daughters:   Charles, died at he age of about seventy-two; Henry died at the age of seventy-five; Maria died at the age of seventy-five, was the widow of Peter STOUT; Elias, died at the age of about seventy-two from injuries sustained from a falling tree; Rebecca died at the age of sixty-five; Elizabeth died in early childhood; and Aaron, father of Noah S., died March 17, 1885, in the seventy-first year of his age.  Henry NONAMAKER, father of these children, died in Bedminnister township, September 16, 1871.

Aaron NONAMAKER, the father of Noah S., was born in Rockhill township, June 26, 1814.  He was brought up to farming and for fouteen years after his marriage farmed the home place in Bedminister township, and then purchased a small pleace near Perkasie, where  he lived for nearly thirty years.  He was an honest and upright man and though without education enjoyed the confidence  and respect of the entire community.  His wife was Anna SHUTT, of Horsham township, Montgomery county.  She was born March 5, 1815, and died in 1894, in the seventy-ninth year of her age.  Their children are:  1.  Debaroh, widow of Charles Wise, resides in Perkasie; 2.  Elizabeth, deceased; 3.  Jacob, a resident of Perkasie; 4.  Noah S.  Aaron NONAMAKER laid down the burden of life at his home in Perkasie, March 17, 1885, in the seventy-first year of his age.

Noah S. NONAMAKER attended the districk school until he was thirteen years old, then worked at farming and later engaged in mechanical pursuits for ten years.  He ws a great reader and student, and whil working in the vicinity of Doylestown attracted the attention of Dr. F. SWARTZLAIDER, who enabled him to satisfy his love for the study of medicine, and while continuing to work industriously he began reading for the profession under the instruction of Dr. SWARTZLAIDER.   He began his collegiate course in 1877, graduating from the Jefferson Medical School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1879.   He at once came to Bedminister, where he has built up for himself a large and enviable, practice.  Dr. NONAMAKER, is identified with the Doylestown lodge No. 245, F. and A. M., the Bucks County Medical Society.   He is emphatically a self-made man, starting in life without advantages of any kind, supporting himself by industrious work in the daytime, and assiduous study at night.  With rare energy, perseverance and indomitable courage he has become a well read and successful member of the honored profession.  March 15, 1883, Dr. NONAMAKER married Lizzie, a daughter of Abraham BEANS, of Sellersville.  She was born September 8, 1857.  Six children were born of this union:  Annie Lucretia, deceased; Edgar Vasco, who graduated from Perkiomen Seminary in 1905, and is going to prepare for the ministry at Muhlenbury College: Claudius Howard, deceased; Bessie Gertrude, deceased; Mattie Pauline, deceased; and Celia Helen.  The mother of these children died June 26, 1895.

Text taken from page  239

David, William W. H.,  A. M. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago:  The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905]  Volume III

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