History of Bucks County, Pa Volume 3 by William H. Davis
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MARGARET WATERMAN RICKEY, of Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, is a descendant of early settlers in Bucks county, Pennsylvania. Alexander Rickey, her great-great-grandfather, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the year 1688, and died in Lower Makefield township in 1758, at the age of seventy years. He came to Pennsylvania when a young man, and married in 1715, Anne KEIRL, daughter of Thomas and Julian KEIRL, of Lower Makefield, and and in 1725 with his wife and children brought a certificate from Abington (Philadelphia county] Monthly Meeting of Friends to Falls Meeting, Bucks county, and settled in Lower Makefield, where he was a prominent farmer and wool grower. Alexander and Anne [KEIRL] RICKEY were the parents of ten children: Thomas, born 2 month 15, 1716, married Hannah DOWDNEY; John, born 11 month 17, 1717, married Mary HUTCHINSON; Katherine, born 8 month 20, 1720, married, first, Randal HUTCHINSON, and [second] Joseph MILNOR; Alexander, born 10 month 26, 1723; Rachel, born 12 month 26, 1726, married Sims BETTS; James, born 9 month 3, 1729; Anne, born 1 month 26, 1732, married Mahlon KIRKBRIDE, Jr.; Mary, born 10 month 10, 1734, married John DERBYSHIRE; Sarah, born 5 month 24, 1737; Keirl, born 6 month 2, 1740, marrried Sarah MILNOR.

John RICKEY, second son of Alexander and Anne [KEIRL] RICKEY, born January 17, 1717/18, died in Trenton, New Jersey, September 3, 1798. He lived in Trenton during its occupancy by the Hessians in 1776, and several of them quartered themselves in his house. When they were attacked and defeated by Washington's army on the morning of December 26, 1776, a party of the Hessians surrendered to Washington's troops in John RICKEY'S orchard. John RICKEY married Mary HUTCHINSON, daughter of John and Sarah [BURGES] HUTCHINSON, of Falls, born February 28, 1728. Her maternal ancestry is given in this volume, in "The BURGES Family." Her father, John HUTCHINSON, was for many years and up to his death in 1745 an overseer of Falls Meeting of Friends. Je married first Phebe KIRKBRIDE and had children: John, married Ann STANALAND; Thomas, married Elizabeth HIGGS; Joseph, married Esther STANALAND; Michael, married Ann LUCAS; Randal, married Katherine RICKEY as his second wife, his first being Elizabeth HARVEY; Hannah, married a MURPHY. John HUTCHINSON married [second] 3 month 24, 1726, Sarah BURGES, daughter of Samuel and Eleanor BURGES, of Falls, who died in 1748. They were the parents of four children - Samuel, Priscilla, Mary, above mentioned, and Phebe. Thomas HUTCHINSON married Dorothy STORR, at Beverly, Yorkshire, England, and came to New Jersey in the ship "Kent" in 1677, and was one of the proprietors of West Jersey. He and his wife Dorothy lived and died at Hutchinson Manor, on the eastern bank of the Delaware, above Trenton, New Jersey. He died about 1698, leaving a large landed estate to his son John, whom Miss RICKEY claims as the John HUTCHINSON, before mentioned, who settled in Bucks county.

Randal RICKEY, son of John and Mary [HUTCHINSON] RICKEY, was born near Trenton, New Jersey, December 4, 1766, and died at Trenton, December 3, 1802. He was a hardware merchant at Trenton, and a member of Friends' Meeting. He married September 11, 1794, Margaret WATERMAN, daughter of Benoni and Sarah WATERMAN, born at Barbadoes, West Indies, and a member of the Episcopal church.

Randal Hutchinson RICKEY, son of Randal and Margaret [WATERMAN] RICKEY, was born in Trenton, New Jersey, February 19, 1790, and died in Cincinnati, Ohio, August 6, 1855. He was for twenty years city and county engineer at Concinnati. In religion he was a Friend. He married in Philadelphia, March 25, 1825, Susannah McAULLEY, and they were the parents of Margaret Waterman RICKEY.

Text taken from page 727 of:
Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania (New York - Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905).

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