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ALLEN ROBERT MITCHELL, of Langhorne, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, is a representative in the seventh generation of a family that have resided in that vicinity since 1699.  He was born in Middletown township, Bucks county, August 22, 1852, and is a son of the late Gove and Catharine Mather (CROASDALE) MITCHELL.

            The first American ancestor of the family was Henry MITCHELL, of Marsden Lanes, Lancashire, England, who was married May 6, 1675, to Elizabeth FOULDS, at the house of Stephen SAEGER, Marsden Lanes, under the auspices of Marsden Monthly Meeting of Friends.  On 12 mo. (February) 16, 1698-9, a certificate was granted by Marsden Meeting to Henry MITCHELL, his wife Elizabeth, and their three children,  Henry, Richard and Margaret, to Friends in Pennsylvania.  They sailed in the “Brittanica.” With a number of other Friends on their way to Penn’s colony and Elizabeth and the children arrived in the Delaware river 6 mo. (August) 25, 1699, Henry, the father, having died on the voyage.  Elizabeth survived but two months after her arrival, dying 8 mo 10, 1699.  The certificate was read and accepted at Middletown Meeting 10 mo. 7, 1699, and the children taken under the care of that meeting.  Richard MITCHELL, with the approval of the meeting, found a home with John SMITH.  He married in 1712 Mary MILNOR, two years later Alice SHIRES, and late in life married a third wife, Agnes WARNER (nee CROASDALE).  He Settled in Wrightstown, where he operated a mill for many years at Rush Valley.  He became a very prominent man, serving his county as justice and in the colonial assembly for many years.  Margaret MITCHELL married Stephen TWINING in 1709.

            HENRY MITCHELL, son of Henry and Elizabeth (FOULDS) MITCHELL, was born in Marsden Lanes, Lancashire, England, in 1680, 9 mo. 17, and died in 1726 in Bristol, Bucks county.  He was a carpenter, and soon after his arrival entered the employ of Joseph GROWDON, with whom he remained until after his marriage to Sarah GOVE, daughter of Richard GOVE, of Philadelphia.  He was one of the builders and owners of Milford Mills, at Hulmeville.  In 1714 GROWDON conveyed to him 125 acres of land in Bristol township, adjoining the Middletown line, which remained in the family for several generations.  Henry and Sarah (GOVE) MITCHELL were the parents of six children:  Henry; John; Martha, who married Thomas JANNEY; Sarah, who married Joseph CLARK; Mary, who married Renald BURDEN; and Elizabeth, who married James BARBER.

            John MITCHELL, second son of Henry and Sarah, was born 3 mo. 10, 1711, and married 12 mo. 19, 1738, Margaret STACKHOUSE, born 3 mo. 16, 1714, died 5 mo. 3, 1774.  He died 4 mo. 31, 1789.  He was also a carpenter, and later a farmer, and resided in Middletown on land taken up by his father-in-law.  They were the parents of seven children: John, Richard, Henry, Samuel, Margaret, Sarah and Pearson.

            Pearson MITCHELL, youngest son of John and Margaret (STACKHOUSE) MITCHELL, was born in Middletown township and resided there all his life.  He married Rebecca ALLEN, daughter of John and Rebecca  (GIBBS) ALLEN, and granddaughter of Samuel and Jane (WALN) ALLEN, and had four children: Gove, an eminent physician, John Allen, William and Achsah.  Pearson MITCHELL died in 1834.  John Allen MITCHELL inherited from his father a farm in Middletown, upon which he lived till late in life, and then removed to the village of Attleborough, now Langhorne, where he died.  He married Tacie STACHOUSE, and had five children: Pearson; John S.; Gove; Sarah, who married Rowland MATHER; and Rebecca who married James W. NEWBOLD.  Tacie Mitchell died in 1866.

            Gove MITCHELL was born in Middletown 2 mo. 10, 1825, and was reared in the simple faith of the Society of Friends, his parents, John Allen and Tacie (STACKHOUSE) MITCHELL, both being elders in Middletown Meeting.  After a few years of mature life as a farmer he removed to Philadelphia where he was actively engaged in business for a number of years.  He returned to Middletown in 1883, and at the organization of the People’s National Bank of Langhorne he was made its cashier and retained that position until his death, June 17, 1904.  He was twice married; first to Catharine Mather CROASDALE, by whom he had two sons-Isaac S., who died in early manhood, and Allen Robert, the subject of this sketch.  He married (second) Anna CROASDALE, who survives him, and had by her two sons-Horace G., born 8 mo. 23, 1869, for several years assistant cashier and now cashier of the People’s National Bank; and George Rowland, born 10 mo. 18, 1873, an electrical engineer.

            Allen Robert MITCHELL was born in Middletown, but spent his boyhood days in Philadelphia and acquired his education at the Friends’ school at Fifteenth and Race streets, Philadelphia, and at BRYANT and STRATTON’S Business College. On leaving school he secured a position in the store of KEIM & BIDDLE, jobbers and importers of woolen goods, and, after filling responsible positions in their employ for several years, in 1879 became a member of the firm and assumed the management of its financial affairs and has continued in the business ever since.  The present firm name is J. R. KEIM & Co., who in addition to the importing business are proprietors of the Shackamaxon Worsted Mills, and manufacture a fine grade of worsted goods, running over one hundred looms and employing five hundred hands, and have established a market for their goods in all parts of the United States.  He is a member of the Manufacturers’ Club of Philadelphia.

            Mr. MITCHELL married February 20, 1879, Ada BEGLEY, of Philadelphia, daughter of Thomas Smith and Sarah Phipps (MARTIN) BEGLEY, and granddaughter of Thomas and Sarah (SMITH) BEGLEY, her maternal grandparents being Benjamin and Jemima (PHIPPS) MARTIN.  Mr. and Mrs. MITCHELL are the parents of three children: Edith Maud, born November 25, 1879; Allen Robert, Jr., born April 11, 1882; and Ada Begley, born March 7, 1885, died February 20, 1892.  Edith M. and Allen Robert were educated at the Friends’ Central school, Philadelphia, and the latter entered Swarthmore College, from which he graduated in the class of 1902.  He is now employed in his father’s establishment.  He is a member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity, the Swarthmore Club and the University Club, of Philadelphia.  Edith Maud married Henry Ridgway KNIGHT, of Philadelphia.

            Mrs. MITCHELL is a descendant of Joseph PHIPPS, from Reading, Berkshire, England, who came to Pennsylvania in 1681 and settled in Chester county, removing later to Abington township, Philadelphia county, where he died in 1716.  He was one of the organizers of Abington Friends’ meeting, and especially active in public affairs.  He served as member of the first provincial assembly held in Philadelphia in 1682, and again in 1685 from Chester county.

Test taken from page 520 to 521 of: 

Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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