History of Bucks County, Pa Volume 3 by William H. Davis
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            MAHLON M. FRETZ, 

Mahlon M FRETZ of Bedminster township, is among the representatives of one of the oldest families of the county. He is a descendant of John Fretz, who emigrated from Baden, Germany, between 1710 and 1720, was accompanied by two brothers, Christian, and another whose name has not been preserved, and who died at sea. It is not known at what port they landed, but it is certain that John, at least, made his home in Bucks county. The land which he took up there is still in the possession of his descendants. In 1734 his son Christian was born there, and married Barbara Oberholtzer, and they were the parents of a son Abraham, mentioned at length hereinafter. Christian Fretz died May 1, 1803 .

            Abraham Fretz, son of Christian and Barbara (Oberholtzer) Fretz, wasc born March 30, 1769 , in Bedminster, and was an influential man in the community. The family all adhered to the Mennonite faith, and Abraham Fretz was a deacon of that church. He married Magdalena Kratz, and among their children was a son Christian, mentioned at length hereinafter. Abraham Fretz died March 7, 1844 .

            Christian Fretz, son of Abraham and Magdalena (Kratz) Fretz, was born January 13, 1801 , in Bedminster township, and married Mary Leatherman. They were the parents of four children: Eli, mentioned at length hereinafter; Abraham; Eliza Ann; and Mary. The death of Christian Fretz occurred September 5, 1874 .

            Eli Fretz, son of Christian and Mary (Leatherman) Fretz, was born September 9, 1825 , in Bedminster township, and has passed his life on the homestead, combining the miller's trade with the pursuit of agriculture. He is a director of the Sellersville National Bank, and, like all his ancestors, is a Mennonite, a member of the board of trustees of the Second Mennonite church at Deep Run, and treasurer of the board. He married, in 1850, Mary Myers, born in 1830, daughter of William Myers, of Bedminster, and their children are: Allen M., pastor of the New Mennonite church at Souderton; Lucinda, wife of Edward Yost, of Plumstead township; Emeline F., wife of Henry D. Detweiler, of Souderton; Mahlon M., mentioned at length hereinafter; Francis, who lives in Bedminster township; Barbara, wife of Irwin Wasser, of Bedminster; Susan and Mary Etta (twins), the former of whom married Abraham S. Moyer, of Chalfont, while the latter is the wife of Jacob M. Landis, of Richlandtown.

            Mahlon M. Fretz, son of Eli and Mary (Myers) Fretz, was born August 20, 1859 , in Bedminster township, and received his education in the public schools and at the Sellersville high school. In the spring of 1882 he moved to his present home farm, which was then owned by his father, and where he has since led the life of a successful farmer. The estate consists of seventy-two acres. He is a director of the Bedminster branch of the Philadelphia & Easton Electric Railway company. He manifests an active interest in community affairs, has served as school director, and is the present town clerk of Bedminster. His political advocacy and support are given to the Republican party. He is a member of the New Mennonite church at Deep Run. Mr. Fretz married, December 22, 1883 , Amanda, daughter of John and Hannah ( Cassel ) Fretz, of Richland township. Mr. and Mrs. Fretz are without children.

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